is voted the Best Cashback Site

TopCashBack is voted the Best Cashback Site, Hooray

Here at TopCashBack we pride ourselves in being the UK's most generous cashback site, providing market leading cashback offers, promotional codes and money saving deals to you, our members.

Top Cash Back aims to grow as a company by building a reputation for being ethical and honest, and by treating our staff, members, customers and suppliers with the respect they all deserve. Or, in other words, always following the policy of  'Fair Play'.

I'm sure you've all heard us quoting the Fair Play Policy and Mission Statement before, but we really do try our hardest to bring you the best cashback deals and ensure we offer the highest level of service we possibly can.

So how do we know we're getting it right?

The independent research company, Brandhook, carried out some research into cashback users for us.

They interviewed approximately 755 cashback users who were members of a broad range of cashback sites and not just We were delighted to discover that we were graded as the best cashback site in nearly all of the categories. Hooray!

Cashback site users were asked to rate their experience across a number of metrics including Overall Customer Service, the cashback rates and range of merchants offered, ease of use and website design and importantly, likelihood of recommending the site to a friend.

So we just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all for your support over the last 6 years as we wouldn't have got to where we are today without you...

So give yourselves a big TopCashBack pat on the back!

We definitely want to continue to be the number one cashback site and your preferred choice, so feel free to send your suggestions our way. If there's anything you think we can do better, shout up! (Please note: Praise is also very welcome).

Kind Regards,

Posted on 26 Jan 2012  |  Posted in  Cashback Diary
I think that the no Annual Fee is what makes Topcashback the best, combine this with the excellent level of Customer Service and Topups offered and you are left with in my opinion the best cashback website of all.
  07 Feb 12 - 14:51

Topcashback Is Top, Its The Best Cash Back Site On The Web.
  27 Jan 12 - 19:11
Well done TopCashback on such a great achievement you truly are the Batman of the cashback world.
  27 Jan 12 - 14:52

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