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Posted on 17 Dec 2010 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates
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As the Biggest Free Cashback Website, Top Cashback is always one step ahead of the game at bringing our members the best new cashback innovations! We are delighted to announce that Apps for iPhone and Windows phones are now available! We are proud to be the first cashback site to offer iPhone and Windows phone applications to our members. It gives you all the fantastic benefits of Top Cashback at your finger tips whilst you're out and about. This means that you will always be sure to get what you want at the price you want. The App is also available for download to your iPad and iPod Touch too! You don't need a new account, get started straight away by simply using your existing Top Cashback login details.
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Now it's here, we hope you will enjoy using it and that it helps you get the most out of being a Top Cashback member. See something you like when you're out and about? Wonder if you can get it for less through Top Cashback? Well now you can whip out your iPhone or Windows phone; locate the merchant and the cashback rate - on the spot! This way you can be sure that you are never missing out on cashback again. Simply search on your phone in the same way as you do at home on your PC or laptop. You can even order your goods there and then through your phone. This allows you to combine the benefits of going shopping, such as being able to try clothes on for size, with the benefits online shopping and being able to use Top Cashback. Download TopCashBack Apps Now!

You can also check your account overview and recent transactions whilst on the move! This means you can keep a beady eye on all that cashback you earn, and show your friends and family when they don't believe how much cashback you have earned!

Got an Android phone? Don't worry, we are in the process of launching a Top Cashback App for Android, so you will be able to experience all the benefits of the iPhone and Windows phone App on your Android phone in the very near future.

We'd love to hear your feedback on the new Apps, what you like, what you don't and anything you think we could do to improve. We want to make it as easy to use as we can so you can benefit most from using it!



The Top Cashback Team

colby22 March 2011, 21:34 So what has happened with the Android App that was due in "the very near future"?
jakaraka28 January 2011, 12:28 Another shout for Symbian (s^3 and s60 v5 or v3) please or even generic mobile site for non smart phones??
Delta918 January 2011, 17:22 Please make apps for Nokia/Symbian too, especially Symbian S60 5th Edition and later, which make up a large % Of the mobile market
7 January 2011, 09:41 Just to reiterate other comments already made, there are alot of Nokia users out there so are there any plans for an application for symbian?
Yours in anticipation,
5 January 2011, 11:21 Do you have any plans for an app for nokia smart phones (symbian).? They are used just as much as IPhones if not more!
bgee27 December 2010, 17:20 When I use the iPhone app it doesn't seem to track any cash back?
rpb21 December 2010, 15:17 For those of us using S60 (5th Edition for me!). Would be great.

Loads of us Nokia users out here! 8-)
20 December 2010, 09:22 I was going to email to suggest this the other day, seems you were already on the case. An excellent little Christmas bonus! :-)
20 December 2010, 07:29 I'm actually running windows mobile, but not 7, only 5! So i'm guessing the new app will be no use to me or anyone else who doesn't have a brand new windows based mobile?
19 December 2010, 11:02 Thanks for moving forward and developing smart phone apps but as many have said before - if you are going to do them, then you really should take the time to work out that Android is the market number 1 and work in that priority first.

Never mind you still do a good job saving me money :-)
ukmagic18 December 2010, 15:30 Is there to be a Symbian^3 app for us that went down that route?
cashback218 December 2010, 12:03 Looking forward any news on a Blackberry App. OS5.0 development!
sparky10018 December 2010, 07:57 Took you long enough. This app, along with a price scanner app, is another tool for the savvy shopper to put in their arsenal in the continual fight against the retailers. Before I buy anything I always check this site and now I can take this with me xmas shopping. Home page sparse and lack of availability to add favourite sites but hopefully it will develop throughout 2011. Good reviews already should put this in top 10 and it's free!!!
MBRuss17 December 2010, 23:50 I agree... Odd that WP7 has been chosen, but nice to see that it's getting recognition now. As an Android user, i'll be eagerly awaiting the Android app though.
Member798396041917 December 2010, 23:48 These apps aren't written in a day, you know (at least, not if they're good).
sven25617 December 2010, 23:42 Seems very odd, as though you are behind on times not releasing a android application, when it's has a bigger user base than both those operating systems.
MalvernDan17 December 2010, 23:03 Try not to forget us Blackberry users as well.
17 December 2010, 22:46 Thanks Guys. Yes, I know, it's easier to write software for Windows Phone 7 and iPhones - it will work for all models. Android is a lot harder, as it has to be tested and made compatible with so many different models with different screen resolutions, and processor speeds and different Android os versions ( not everybody is on Froyo 2.2). But at least its in the pipeline!

One thing - please make sure it has App2SD and is compatible with the latest Android os v2.2 ! ! !
Speedy17 December 2010, 22:06 I've been wanting this for some time, so thankyou very much...I think more people use Apps on the iPhone than they do on Android (but I may be wrong) eitherway - my other half will be pleased when the Android one comes out.

Thanks for making my savings that bit easier !
17 December 2010, 21:55 Android is now larger than iOS, yet companies keep falling into the trap of releasing iPhone apps.

Wake up.
caseUnauth117 December 2010, 21:54 Hi cgknight,

Thanks for your comments, we had the resources a lot more available in order to do the Windows 7 phone and iPhone. It is a shame we've not got the Android phone to launch at the same time (and apologies to the Android users) but different programmers were needed. It is in progress though so we should have that available soon.

cgknight17 December 2010, 21:30 Windows 7 phone is a platform with a tiny market share, bit odd that you've done an app for that rather than Android first?
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