The perfect wine and food pairings

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Getting the most out of the wines you love is obviously very important, but also an enjoyable challenge — particularly at the moment as we’re eating at home more due to pubs and restaurants being closed.

A guaranteed way to elevate the culinary pleasure of a perfectly poured glass is to pair wine with food which, when understood at a relatively simple level, can enhance any bottle.

We’ve teamed up with Virgin Wines to give you some top tips on pairing the right wine with different foods. They also have a comprehensive wine guide if you wish to find out more.

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Now you know a little more about Virgin Wines, let’s get down to the important stuff.

Virgin Cheese

Pairing wine with cheese

Wine and cheese is a fantastic combo, but with so many varieties of cheese and wine out there, it can be difficult to know where to start.

To get things started, these simple rules will go a long way in helping you pair wine with your favourite cheese.

Cheese & wine house rules


  1. Wine and cheese from the same country tend to work well together.
  2. It doesn’t always have to be red – white wine and sparkling wine can be great options too.
  3. It’s sensible to pair wines with cheese of similar intensity and complexity – a full and complex wine could overpower delicate cheese.
  4. The more acidic the wine, the more it cuts through fattiness in food.
  5. The saltier the cheese, the more it enhances the body of the wine (think texture) and decreases bitterness and acidity.
  6. Sweet wines work very well with strong and salty cheese.

Virgin Wines classic pairing

Pair their Black Flag Winemakers Chardonnay 2018 with a creamy camembert.

The rich mouthfeel will complement the smooth texture of the cheese, the acidity in the wine will cut through the fattiness in the food and the delicate fruit and almond palate of this Chardonnay won’t overpower the mild flavour of the cheese.

Virgin Meat

Pairing wine with meat

Whether you love a Sunday roast, steak or stew, these top tips will guide you through pairing your next meat course.

Next time you visit the butcher, you can also be thinking about which bottle to be cracking open to perfectly complement your meaty masterpiece.

Meat pairing house rules


  1. Red wines tend to pair best with bold, red meats.
  2. White meats typically pair better with white wines, but darker white meat, such as duck and goose, also work with red wines.
  3. A good general rule of thumb to always remember is the leaner the meat, the lighter the wine.
  4. It’s a good idea to counter balance fattier meats with more bitter, acidic wines.
  5. Always match intense flavours. If your meat dish is strong in flavour, it’ll need a powerful, flavoursome wine which can stand up to it.
  6. In most cases, it’s a good idea to pair the wine with the sauce rather than the meat, particularly for lighter meat dishes.

Virgin Wines classic pairing

Pair their Perez Cruz Cot Limited Edition 2018 with a juicy steak.

Chile and Argentina produce some of the best Malbec in the world, and this must-have customer favourite is a fine example of that.

Bold, complex and velvety soft with notes of plum, cherry and wood smoke, this offers the perfect palate for your red meat feast and enough tannins to stand up to fattier cuts.

Virgin Seafood

Pairing wine with seafood

Fresh seafood served with a beautiful glass of wine can only be described as a wonderful thing.

From the simple to the most decadent of seafood dishes, these rules will still apply and are guaranteed to bring enjoyment.

Seafood pairing house rules


  1. White wines tend to be best, although lighter reds and sparkling wines can be good options with some dishes.
  2. Pair based on the texture and weight of the fish – the more delicate the fish, the more elegant the wine should be.
  3. Consider the most prominent element of the dish (often the sauce) and pair accordingly.
  4. Balance spicy with sweet and salty with bubbles, as you typically would with other meats.
  5. Sweeter dishes need a sweeter wine.

Virgin Wines classic pairing

Pair their Mountain View Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2019 with halibut or mussels.

This classic Kiwi is light-bodied with an elegant palate, which will work well with the clean and fresh sea flavours of either of these seafood dishes.

Fragrant white wines like this also express savoury, grassy notes which will pair up nicely with herby sauces.

For even more foodie tips, as well as information on how to master the basics, make sure you check out Virgin Wines’ comprehensive wine guide.

It will tell you everything you need to know, from how to read wine labels to exploring the wonderful wine regions of the world.

Remember to take advantage of our exclusive cashback deals and you can save yourself some money too.

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