Mega Tell-a-Friend up to £20 plus a £5 bonus for your friend

Posted on 18 Aug 2019 Posted in  Deals & Competitions
Up to £20 Tell-a-Friend Bonus

Starting today (19th Aug 2019) and running for 2 weeks (until 10am 2nd Sep 19), we've got an extra special Tell-a-Friend bonus for you and your friends. Now's the time to tell your mates about all those cashback savings you've made and earn yourself a little bonus too. Plus, get the chance to earn up to £22.50 cashback this bank holiday weekend with our August Bank Holiday Bonus!

When your friend signs up and earns £10 payable cashback, both you and your friend could earn a hefty bonus (see the breakdown below).

Plus Members – Get a £20 cashback bonus for each referral earning £10 payable cashback
Classic Members – Get a £15 cashback bonus for each referral earning £10 payable cashback

Your friend can get a £5 bonus for signing up and earning £10 payable cashback.

To receive your bonus, follow these instructions:

1. Tell your friend about TopCashback and why they’re missing out! When you do, make sure you use your unique referral link from the Tell-a-Friend page (they must use your unique referral link , if they don’t we won’t know you referred them!).

2. Your friend will then need to sign-up using your link.

3. Once your friend has earned £10 cashback and the cashback reaches payable status, you will receive your Tell-a-Friend bonus.

The increased bonus finishes at 10am 2nd September 2019 – so, make sure you tell your friends soon!

Earn an extra £2.50 cashback this bank holiday weekend on top of your Tell-a-Friend Bonus

Give yourself the ultimate bank holiday treat by earning even more cashback with our August Bank Holiday Bonus and receive an extra £2.50 cashback on a spend of £10 or more! Here's how you and your friend could earn some extra cashback this bank holiday.

You - Make a purchase of £10 or more with your favourite retailer through us, and earn an extra £2.50 cashback on top of the current cashback rate, as well as the up to £20 cashback you'll receive from telling your friend to sign up and shop with us.

Your friend - Once you've told them all about how brilliant cashback is, and referred them using the steps above, when they sign up with your referral link they can earn a bonus £2.50 cashback too when they spend £10 or more through us, as well as their £5 sign up bonus!

Hurry - our August Bank Holiday Bonus ends at midnight 26th August 2019.

* This is a time limited offer, please ensure that you check the cashback bonus rates at time of referring. *

See Terms and Conditions

Member97813061193902 Sep 19 - 01:22Very good
Caitlinmcglynnxx 01 Sep 19 - 20:54Wow I love it
Member97811535601701 Sep 19 - 12:00Sweet! Love it! Best way to save money
Member87797757020431 Aug 19 - 09:15I like to join
JeanRim29 Aug 19 - 19:36I’Ve found a friend but not got my £10 referral they’Ve had their £5. Do they definitely click on my link.

With Tell a friend bonuses, it does work slightly differently for the referred member and if you have referred them you would need to allow your friend to earn £10 eligible payble cashback before your bonus will become payable. Please know that new member offers would not be eligible for the threshold but if you need any help please let out team know via support ticket.

Best wishes Phil
Member87794537153826 Aug 19 - 14:59Ok i'll find a frend
ndvu8323 Aug 19 - 19:14I will find my friends
matthewluck22 Aug 19 - 14:55Do they need to earn £10 payable cashback by the bonus end date 2nd September?
There is no time frame for this :)

Best wishes,
Member87776408000920 Aug 19 - 19:48Hey

I do thank you for you feedback and we do look into giving the most generous bonuses we can.
Member57465571015619 Aug 19 - 16:21Use TopCashback..Its fab
Member67538194414619 Aug 19 - 16:05Great app

Thanks for the kind words

Best wishes

Susiebearxxx19 Aug 19 - 15:54Best app

Thanks for your feedback. We do work hard to bring the best App we can to members

Best wishes

SugarQueen19 Aug 19 - 15:52Believe, 10-10 would be better than 15-5.

I do thank you for you feedback and we do look into giving the most generous bonuses we can.

Best wishes