Sustainable swimwear and activewear

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RubyMoon is the sustainable brand which offers vibrant, high-quality and affordable swimwear and activewear for women who want more design, functionality and ethics.

While offering products which are ethically manufactured and made from sustainable, cutting-edge materials, they also help women set up and grow businesses across the globe.

The thing which makes RubyMoon ethical is the fact 100% of the net profits are lent out as small loans, to empower women entrepreneurs in 11 nations, while they also have an ethical supply chain.

From GymToSwim, their collection is developed with both uses in mind — for women who enjoy swimming and exercise. You can also wear it as active and leisure wear.

If you want to save yourself some money when buying ethically manufactured RubyMoon swimwear and activewear, we’re giving you the chance to earn an exclusive 10% cashback* on all online purchases.

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About RubyMoon

As the world’s only completely circular, not-for-profit swim and activewear brand, they’ve been cleaning up the oceans and empowering female entrepreneurs around the world since 2010.

The RubyMoon journey begins in collaboration with, an NGO which collects ghost fishing nets from the oceans and protects its biodiversity.

RubyMoon transform ocean waste into activewear, creating half the carbon footprint.

In terms of design, they create activewear which lets you jump straight in to the pool after a workout.

The fabric used in all of their garments is made with ECONYL regenerated nylon from waste, such as fishing nets.

The result is a high-end, durable material which is certified to be twice as strong — and prolonging the life of your clothing is the greatest environmental impact you can make with regards to clothing.

As a registered CIC, they transform ocean waste into beautiful GymToSwim clothing while donating 100% of their profit as micro loans for women entrepreneurs globally.

So far, they’ve helped more than 1,200 women and their families to find a route out of poverty with the help of you, their impact women.

Ruby Football

Circle of impact

At RubyMoon, having as little impact on the planet as possible is at the heart of everything they do.

The company was established to prove a fashion brand can benefit the planet rather than being detrimental, without compromising on aesthetics or practicality.

They have a circular economy business model, which means resources travel round and are always being recycled, reused and repurposed. This, in turn, reduces waste, carbon use, pollution and overall consumption.

They call this their circle of impact.

All of their garments are made using ECONYL, a regenerated nylon which uses recycled fishing nets and other waste materials which would otherwise be polluting the oceans.

RubyMoon want to create local empowerment for women by producing guilt-free garments which are durable and versatile. That’s why they created the GymToSwim collection.

All of their garments are designed to be worn in and out of the water, meaning you can wear them for any sport.

From crossfit, yoga and volleyball to swimming and surfing, their activewear is fit for purpose.

The clothing is made with the intention of lowering consumption by allowing customers to do more with less. This way, you’ll only need one set of activewear for all your sporting desires.

It’s designed as a capsule collection to ensure pieces match perfectly to each other, season after season.

All of their garments are chlorine, UV ray and sun cream resistant, and they’re working towards a 10-year guarantee.

This further lowers consumption, by providing high-quality products which will not break or need to be repurchased.

However, their circle of impact goes even further.

As an all-female business, empowering women is at the forefront of everything they do. They use 100% of their net profits as loans for women entrepreneurs in developing countries, through the London charity

Once this money is returned to them, RubyMoon reinvest it into their products so they can further empower women locally through their versatile products, and globally with more loans.

By creating long-lasting, sustainable activewear, they’re allowing women to contribute to a better world by cleaning up the oceans and driving down consumption.

Ruby Paddle


You can do more with less thanks to the GymToSwim capsule collection.

You’ll discover products which are super soft, made from sustainable stretch fabric, vegan, durable and certified against chlorine, sunlight and saltwater. They’re also made in the circular economy.

The range includes sports bras, crop tops, rash vests, leggings, sports shorts, bikini bottoms and swimsuits.

Don’t forget, buy from RubyMoon through us and you can earn yourself an exclusive 10% cashback*.

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