Spend Less On Your Summer Stay or Vacay

Posted on 23 Jul 2021 Posted in  Travel, TopCashback Tips & Updates
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From flights and accommodation to parking and extra luggage, the price of that well-earned getaway can add up quickly. Before booking your next break, whether that’s at home or abroad, read our tips and tricks to help you cut the cost of those hefty holiday expenses.

Compare your flights and remember, timing is everything.

It’s common sense nowadays but before purchasing flights for any holiday, it’s important to browse the market first.

There are many websites out there that help you compare the prices from various airlines, and will also show you exclusive packages and deals that could lower the combined spending of flights and accommodation.

You can also increase your potential savings by booking your trips either ahead of time, or on very short notice. Airlines will often provide discounts for last minute flights to fill seats, whilst booking in advance will allow you to avoid increased prices from the summer rush. Always avoid school holidays if you can but either way, be sure to use our best cashback offers to pocket a little extra change on your getaway, including deals from the websites mentioned above and many more.

Don’t cut corners on insurance - find the policy that fits your needs

Finding the cheapest insurance deal might feel like a win in the short term, but you may end up regretting it down the line.

Always ensure that the policy you select meets all of your physical requirements and has a trusted underwriter too. Defaqto is a great resource to refer to before purchasing. Once you have found a reputable insurance provider, consider your future holiday plans too – who are you travelling with, when and where to? It may be cheaper in the long run to opt for an annual plan or one policy for your whole family.

Of course, you can still be savvy with your spending. Thanks to TopCashback Compare you can confidently assess the cost of travel insurance across a variety of different providers. Whoever you book with, make sure you do due diligence and understand what compensation you’re entitled to if your holiday has to be cancelled.

Sort out your spending money well in advance

Although it may feel a bit alien carrying cash nowadays, it’s sensible to take some with you as well as your bank card(s).

Unless you want terrible rates, don’t exchange at the airport. Search for the best rates online in advance of your holiday – you could even earn cashback too if you purchase through the likes of Post Office Travel.

Get your cards sorted in advance too to save stress closer to the holiday. There are plenty of traditional bank options to choose from, but make sure there are no hidden fees in your terms and conditions. Pre-paid travel cards can be more cost effective by lowering your overall exchange rate. Through TopCashback you can shop with brands like FairFx, saving you up to £21 cashback on travel cards, giving you a little more to put towards those beach days and extra drinks.

Spot the hidden costs up front and spend less on accommodation.

Whilst budgeting for your holiday accommodation or hotel, be sure to bear in mind potential hidden costs. Some countries implement various taxes that will have to be paid in conjunction with general booking fees, or you may have to pay upon arrival. Either way, check that you have factored this in, so you don’t end up dipping into your souvenir (or sangria) money down the line.

Whether you’re booking a villa, BnB, guest house, cottage or hotel, it’s a good idea to browse for listings on various comparison sites first, as the pricing may differ accordingly. Sites like Booking.com and Hotels.com are well-known options and come with the added benefit of cashback and free cancellation too, but sometimes it can be cheaper to book direct though your accommodation of choice. Vrbo is another helpful resource that lists many different types of accommodation too . Bottom line – do your homework.

Plan your airport allowances in advance to prevent additional spends

When planning out your holiday, it can be easy to forget those bonus fees that can crop up at the short time you spend travelling to, from and in the airport. A car park fee here, a couple of Chardonnays there, and before you can say ‘final calling’ you’ve spent a small fortune.

To help alleviate food and drink costs, it may be worth investing in an airport lounge pass. These will likely provide unlimited snacks and refreshments as a part of the package price. Note that you don’t need to be flying with the same airline to purchase a pass for their lounge either. This will help you to avoid airport splurges, whilst ensuring your (hopefully brief) stay is as comfortable as possible.

Transfer fees and airport parking can also induce a sharp intake of breath if you pay on the day. To avoid paying top dollar on transport, plan out your journey in advance. Whether this be booking an airport pick-up, train or bus in advance – get organised or be prepared to pay the price. Even better - Essential Travel are currently offering up to 47% cashback on extras like airport car parking fees, which will help you to keep a few extra pennies in your pocket.

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