Mega Tell-a-Friend Bonus up to £20 with a £5 Debenhams eGift Card for your friend

Posted on 15 Oct 2018 Posted in  Deals & Competitions
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Tell-a-Friend Mega Bonus - Rachel Riley Blog

Tell-a-Friend is one of Rachel Riley's top ways to earn extra cashback throughout the year and from today (15th October) until 10am 29th October 18, we've got a mega Tell-a-Friend bonus for you and your friends. That's an extra way for you to earn up to £20 more cashback this month just for telling your friends about TopCashback, plus a £5 Debenhams eGift.

With Christmas coming sooner than you think, your friend will have reached the threshold for your bonus (£10 payable cashback) in no time, which mean's you'll get your extra Tell-a-Friend reward even sooner.

To make TopCashback even more enticing for friend they'll get a £5 Debenhams eGift Card when they sign-up and earn £10 cashback.

Here's the details on what you and your friend can earn.

Plus Members – Get £20 cashback bonus for each referral earning £10 payable cashback
Classic Members – Get £15 cashback bonus for each referral earning £10 payable cashback

Your friend can get a £5 cashback bonus to spend at Debenhams for signing up and earning £10 payable cashback.



To receive your bonus, follow these instructions:

1. Tell your friend about TopCashback and why they’re missing out! When you do, make sure you use your unique referral link from the Tell-a-Friend page (they must use your unique referral link , if they don’t we won’t know you referred them!).

2. Your friend will then need to sign-up using your link.

3. Once your friend has earned £10 cashback and the cashback reaches payable status, you will receive your Tell-a-Friend bonus.
The increased bonus finishes at 10am 29th October 18 – so, make sure you tell your friends soon!

* This is a time limited offer, please ensure that you check the cashback bonus rates at time of referring. *

See Terms and Conditions


jayjay19227 October 2018, 18:38 Really works
justme12326 October 2018, 17:24 I didn't get this email until 13.10, I would have loved to use the promotion had I received the email in time!
PEDROCBF26 October 2018, 16:30 Top cash back its great, ive saved loads so far :d thanks TCB
hidayaturrehman1110122 October 2018, 09:38 This promo ends at 10am, but you didn't send the email until 11am....???
20 October 2018, 08:30 Just do it.You won't regret it.
Robchowdhury17 October 2018, 10:19 I've brought two people into this over 2 months ago and yet havent recieved cashback!

This will progress once they have earned £10 of eligible payable cashback.

Best wishes,
Member96642189215415 October 2018, 17:45 Great deal on quality goods.
Member96601447290115 October 2018, 16:58 Have a look at this . Money for nothing
thisisalison15 October 2018, 15:11 This promo ends at 10am, but you didn't send the email until 11am....???
Hey Alison,

We will always send emails with as much notice as possible but sometimes inboxes take a long time to process the email. We do currently have a great taf bonus live :)

Best wishes,
Jago2jago15 October 2018, 14:25 Now is a good time :)
Saltysmum15 October 2018, 12:38 Take a look
Paulapo12315 October 2018, 12:35 Sign up
keane1815 October 2018, 12:29 Do it and you will not regret it
Fees_15 October 2018, 12:08 Look at this
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