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Posted on 16 Jan 2023 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates, Fashion
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If you regularly shave, why not do it right with Harry’s, who offer everything from smooth shaves to premium skincare?

At Harry’s, they know that when you’re looking after yourself, you feel your best. This is why they offer every man shaving tools and well-rounded skincare which are thoughtfully made and honestly priced — and come with a quality guarantee.

If you need even more of an incentive to shop with Harry’s this week, other than their top shaving subscriptions and quality products, we have some great deals.

We’re offering an exclusive £3 cashback* when you take out one of their subscriptions, while if you make an online purchase, you’ll earn 20% cashback* this week.

Harry’s Razor and Shave Gel

Subscribe & Save

You can try a Harry’s subscription service for two weeks thanks to their free trial, which allows you to get started with a razor and shave gel for £3.95.

Just build your plan by choosing your refill frequency. It’ll cost you £1.75 per blade and comes with free delivery.

It’s also easy to cancel or change your plan from your Harry’s profile at any time to avoid stockpiling items you don’t need.

To get started, just customise your trial set. You’ll get everything you need for a great shave, including a weighted rubberised handle, a five-blade razor cartridge, foaming shave gel (2oz) and a travel blade cover.

Select your handle colour from the options of Bright Orange, Indigo Blue, Tropical Green and the online exclusive The Winston, which is chrome.

The next step is to choose your ongoing refills. You can opt for either eight blades, eight blades and a foaming gel or eight blades, foaming gel and post-shave balm.

Finally, just tell them how often you shave. Your ongoing shipments will be based on this, though you can easily change the frequency at any time.

If you shave 5-7 days per week, they’ll ship every two months. If you shave 2-4 days per week, you’ll receive a shipment every three months. Shave one day a week or less, meanwhile, and you can expect to receive a delivery every five months.

All you need to do then is review your order, create an account, enter your details, pay and you’re good to go.

Harry’s Post Shave Mist

Buy shaving products online

As well as being able to subscribe to shaving products, you can also buy them from the Harry’s online shop, which offers thoughtful shaving tools and skin-protecting solutions.

Their shave sets give you all you need to start shaving in one tidy box, and they sell razors and blades which are American designed and German engineered.

Set the stage for a smoother shave with pre-shave prep products, while their post-shave protection will cool, soothe and comfort your skin after every shave.

You’ll enjoy complete comfort with their ergonomic handles, precision engineering and soothing skincare, while their products are made using meticulous German craftsmanship and formulated with 0% parabens and sulphates.

Harry’s Nourishing Skincare Essentials

Shop for skincare and much more

If you want products which feel good to use and leave your skin looking healthy, check out Harry’s skincare range.

You’re sure to feel the difference of their invigorating formulas, no matter what your skincare goals are. They’re packed with ingredients designed for lasting benefits and formulated for daily use, so your skin always feels its best.

The skincare collection features well-rounded essentials to exfoliate, protect and hydrate your skin, such as face wash, hydrating night lotion and targeted blemish treatment. Alternatively, you can choose one of their bundles.

Offering evocative scents and creamy lather, their shower collection will transform your experience and leave your skin soft and hydrated. Fresh and bright aromas will lift you up and away, plus they’re full, frothy and made with 0% sulphates, parabens or dyes.

If you want a balanced clean, these gentle cleansers won’t strip your skin’s natural oils.

When it comes to your hair, you can condition with their two-in-one, then complete your look with your choice from their range of styling products.

Get some hold, texture and finish inspiration, or keep your head healthy day in, day out, with scalp scrub or scalp cream.

Keep your grooming routine in tip-top shape with fun accessories too. Stay organised, whether you’re at home or on the go, and keep your essentials looking — and staying — sharper for longer.

Harry’s Dry Scalp Shampoo

About Harry’s

Harry’s was created to be different from other shaving companies.

When it comes to shaving, they believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on the products you use, which is why theirs are designed to be effective and provide a great experience.

The Harry’s team of more than 600 engineers, designers, craftsmen and chemists make their products from the finest materials and ingredients to ensure they perform as well as possible.

The brand’s founders, Jeff and Andy, created Harry’s because they were tired of overpaying for over-designed razors.

Instead, they wanted simple, high-quality products which felt good to use — all at a fair price. When they asked around, they found lots of guys were upset about the situation too, so they decided to do something about it.

Don't forget, we’re offering an exclusive £3 cashback* when you take out one of their subscriptions, while if you make an online purchase, you’ll earn 20% cashback* this week.

* The Cashback rate displayed is what Plus members will receive. The Classic rate may vary.

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