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Posted on 04 Oct 2021 Posted in  Student Essentials, TopCashback Tips & Updates
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If you’re looking to get your child’s studies back on track after a disruptive 18 months in the world of education, you can arrange for them to have one-to-one, interactive online tuition through MyTutor.

Trusted by both parents and teachers, you’ll find personally interviewed tutors to boost confidence and motivation.

It’s the UK’s most trusted tutoring platform by parents, and while they can’t stop you worrying about your child, their high-quality, expert tutors can help their grades and confidence soar — and help you worry a little less.

There are tutors for every level, including GCSE and A-Level, with lessons available from £20 per hour.

However, you can save on MyTutor online tutoring thanks to us as we’re offering members £18 cashback*.

With MyTutor, you won’t pay anything until you’ve found a great tutor, had a chat with them and booked your first lesson. There’s no sign-up fees and no subscriptions. You just pay as you go.

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Handpicked tutors

MyTutor are very picky about who they let tutor on their platform, with just one in eight who apply making the cut.

They’re experts in more than 30 subjects, from KS2 up to GCSE and A-Level. Because they’re from UK universities, they studied — and aced — the same courses as your teen.

This means they explain tricky concepts in a way teens understand, and they double as cool older role models.

Because their tutors get such good results, schools use them to support their teaching. They work with more than 650 across the UK, targeting learning gaps and helping teens everywhere achieve their goals.

The lessons available are much more than a video call. They all happen in MyTutor’s tailor-made interactive lesson space.

This means tutors can bring tricky concepts to life with interactive exercises, draw diagrams as they go, plus annotate homework and practice questions together.

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Find a tutor

Find your perfect subject tutor and arrange a free video meeting. Then, book one-to-one online lessons to fit your schedule.

If you’re looking for something specific, let their free tutor-matching team do the searching for you.

They can pair your child with the perfect tutor for their needs, from subject and level right down to exam board and personality match.

They’re always on hand to listen, answer questions and give you the tailored support you need.

Simply tell them what you’re looking for and one of their tutor experts will be in touch with a shortlist of tutors just for you.

If you’re looking for someone who can tutor and encourage at the same time, you’re in the right place.

To find the right fit for you, have a look around and if you like the look of someone, book a meeting to see if you gel.

If not, their tutor matching experts are on hand to find the right tutor for you.

MyTutor Parent

How it works

With MyTutor, you can find one-to-one tuition which raises grades, plus lessons to fit your schedule, from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll get one-to-one tuition which allows pupils and tutors to see each other via live video, which is great for building rapport.

You can upload essays or past papers and work through examples together on the whiteboard.

Lessons are also recorded, which means pupils can watch them later for revision.

Online tuition solves the geography problem. There’s no need to settle for a tutor just because they live within driving distance.

Their tutors cover all subjects and levels, so you can find the one which fits you best.

When you find a tutor you like, you can arrange a free 15-minute video chat to ask questions to find out more about their teaching style, try out the lesson space for yourself and, most importantly, make sure they’re someone your child will get on with.

It’s all done online, of course, so you can chat before breakfast, after dinner or any time you like.

MyTutor lessons fit effortlessly into family life. Book sessions one by one — or regularly for however long you like — and pay as you go.

Even better, tuition online means you can cut out travel costs. You also have the same tutor every week, whether you’re at school before football, at a family member’s house or on holiday.

Once personally interviewed, their tutors set their own prices, based on their experience. Most tutors charge between £20-£28 per hour.

If you fancy signing up for some online lessons, don’t forget to take advantage of our cashback offers and save yourself £18*.

* The cashback rate displayed is what Plus members will receive. The Classic rate may vary.

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