Nine easy ways to boost your health

Posted on 21 Jun 2021 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates
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By Kirsty Mason, copywriter at Numan

Taking good care of your health is hard. Time, money and accessibility often get in the way of a healthy lifestyle.

But with the launch of exciting new products at online health clinic, Numan, you can get cashback on all sorts of health care. On top of that, you can have your treatment prescribed entirely online and get it delivered straight to your door.

It’s time to seize back control of your health. But where to begin? Find out what causes conditions such as hair loss and erectile dysfunction, and what you can do to treat them.

Hair loss

Male pattern baldness (MPB) is the most common form of hair loss in men — and don’t be fooled into thinking that it only affects older men. The American Hair Loss Association reports a staggering 25% of men with MPB begin losing their hair before the age of 21. As unnerving as that is, there’s good news: with the right treatment, hair loss is preventable.

And it gets better. With several different ways to prevent hair loss, you can select the treatment that works best for you. As it’s much easier to prevent hair loss than it is to stimulate hair regrowth, it’s best to start treatment as soon as you notice your hair is thinning.

Beard growth

Are you envious of those shaggy beards that could hide a family of seven? For some, growing beard hair is just as important as growing head hair and new treatments are emerging to tackle the issue. Minoxidil is typically a treatment for head hair but after showing promising results for men who used the topical spray on their beards, it’s been repurposed for beard growth. The Beard Growth Kit comes with a derma roller, Activator Gel and a Beard Comb, as well as the Topical Spray.

Gut health

Heartburn affects up to 25% of UK adults. It’s easy to treat with medication and lifestyle changes, but if it’s persistent then you should speak to your local GP about your symptoms. For some people, antacids, which neutralise the acid in your stomach, can prevent symptoms of acid reflux. If acid reflux is persistent, and all underlying health conditions have been ruled out, then ongoing clinical advice and medication will be your best course of action.

Erectile dysfunction

Shockingly common, erectile dysfunction (ED) is destructive to mental health and relationships. The condition can indicate several underlying physical health conditions but is sometimes underpinned by psychological issues such as stress and depression. It’s important to identify the root cause of your ED for a long-term solution. In the meantime, there are several treatments that combat erectile dysfunction. Complete a questionnaire about your health and lifestyle to find the treatment that works best for you.


In the UK, there are currently 5.4 million people being treated for asthma. Stabilising the condition is made particularly difficult by the need to frequently visit a doctor for your prescriptions. With Numan, you can manage your asthma from home, with all the asthma treatment you need delivered to your door and ongoing advice from a clinician. To make managing your condition even easier, clever tools such as an Asthma Spacer, and Peak Flow Meter should be incorporated into your asthma plan.

Premature ejaculation

One of the most common sexual health problems, premature ejaculation is shockingly prevalent. It’s usually caused by psychological factors but can also be a physical condition. Common psychological causes include stress, body image anxiety and relationship issues. Physically, premature ejaculation might be caused by a prostate injury, hormonal imbalance or abnormal levels of neurotransmitters. There are several ways you can treat premature ejaculation such as Delay Wipes, Delay Spray and Priligy. For a natural remedy, you can harness greater control over ejaculation by practising Kegel exercises.

Blood testing

A blood test doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. You can take a simple at-home finger prick test to measure important biomarkers and gain essential insights into your health. The blood test measures liver function, immunity, testosterone levels, cholesterol, vitamin D and your risk of diabetes. If you’re constantly feeling tired, or experiencing erectile dysfunction and don’t know why, a blood test will flag any underlying health conditions that could be the cause (for example, erectile dysfunction is sometimes caused by low levels of testosterone). After taking your test, you can book a free phone call with a clinician who will give you tailored health advice based on your results.


Supplements promote various aspects of your health. Numan has recently launched several new supplements including Sleep Deep, packed with natural ingredients that promote a sound night’s sleep, and Testosterone Support, designed to optimise levels of the hormone, testosterone. Other supplements include Vitamin D Boost and Fertility Support. If you really want to boost your health, you can design your own Personalised Supplement Spray based on your health goals. Just answer a few questions about your lifestyle, then select the areas that you want to target, such as immunity, hair and skin quality, stress, energy and bone health. Your spray will be packed with all the ingredients you need to meet your health goals.

Quit smoking

Kicking the habit isn’t easy but with proof that it’s never too late to reverse the damage done to your lungs, there’s no good reason not to try. Medication can inhibit the trigger of dopamine when you have a cigarette, which is highly effective at reducing cravings. Combined with cognitive behavioural therapy, the Quit Smoking Programme gives you all the tools you need to kick the habit once and for all.

With cashback, online orders, and access to all sorts of health care from your own home, it’s time to boost your wellbeing and truly look after your health.

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