This Voucher Alternative is Saving Mums Hundreds Each Year

Posted on 17 May 2022 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates
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This Voucher Alternative is Helping Mums Save Hundreds Each Year

Whether you are an extreme-couponer, discount hunter, or just a casual club card swiper, you’ve likely used a voucher or two in your lifetime.

We have all held that voucher in our hand like little Charlie who’d just won his golden ticket, only to be disappointed when we arrive at the till and our purchase is not eligible.

Ah yes, the good old T&Cs that state that the voucher only works on one product, during one minute, if the earth is in alignment with mars on the solstice blah blah blah…

The point is, as mums we all know the benefits of vouchers, discount codes, and coupons -  as well as the nuisance that comes along with them.

It’s for these reasons that we will not go into it here, that thousands of smart shoppers and mums are deciding to switch to cashback!

In short, cashback can allow for bigger earnings, more choice of where it is used, and can even be paid to you with a bonus in gift card options!



So what is cashback?

Putting aside boring logistics about affiliate networks, commission, and the loch ness monster - brands pay us when we send you their way.

So put simply, cashback is money paid to you in exchange for shopping at your favourite brands via our website.

It is really that simple.

So how are mums, and specifically yourself earning money on what they spend? Something that is increasingly important as the cost of living rises and many of us are having to cut back, and reduce spending. Here’s how…


Weekly Shops

Cut back all you want, but there’s no escaping the weekly shop!

This is something all mums are trying to save on, looking for the best deals whenever and wherever they can; and in the hangover of lockdown, more of us than ever are ordering shops online to save on splurging in the confectionery aisle (yum).

It’s this online grocery shopping that is the perfect time for you to regularly use cashback to earn some extra dough when you buy your bread - TopCashback has a long list of supermarket brands including all of your favourites so this is certainly one to try on your next shop.

(Psst, a little insider tip for you, you can still collect clubcard, nectar, and other points when you earn your cashback!)


Household Bills

The B-word is something we all are sick and tired of hearing about lately let alone paying them! That’s right, we’re talking about bills. Surely there’s no way to make paying them more enjoyable…

*X-Factor buzzer sound* WRONG!

Another benefit of cashback (and specifically TopCashback) over vouchers is the ridiculously wide range of things it can be used on including your household bills.

Cashback can be earned on everything from utilities and internet, to phone bills and insurance! With the cost of these things being pretty hefty too, combined with some pretty outstanding cashback rates on our site at TopCashback, some massive earnings can be made here. On average TopCashback members earned over £100 cashback on Broadband and TV, and over £40 cashback on mobile phones last year.

… and if you’re shopping around and making comparisons on utilities, broadband, etc., you can even get cashback when comparing using TopCashback Compare -  a little birdy told me up to £197 😉.


Days out and holidays

As much as bills and weekly shops are a necessary evil, there are those other expenses that cashback can help with too. If you’re booking a holiday, weekend trip, or family meal - cashback is something you should definitely consider.

Unlike a voucher or discount, which may only be available on one part of your trip, cashback can be used across every part of a holiday from tickets, to experiences, to hotels. So when booking one family getaway, you can actually put money aside in your cashback wallet for the next one.

Our more savvy shoppers also receive bonuses on the cashback they earn by paying out their cashback via Reward Wallet in the form of gift cards - so give that a go too!


That’s all Folks…

Does cashback sound good? Ready to break up with voucher codes, or at least start seeing other people? Why not give it a try, click here to access great cashback deals today. See you over there!



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