Look and feel great with Philips

Posted on 13 Jan 2015 Posted in  Deals & Competitions

Are you looking to shift a few of the extra pounds gained from the festive celebrations? Philips have some amazing deals on juicers including the Avance Collection Juicer which currently has a massive 20% off!
This Philips juicer extracts even more juice from your fruit and vegetables. Cleaning has never been easier thanks to the innovative quick-clean sieve and integrated pulp container. Treat yourself with the joy of healthy homemade juice!

Save time every morning with Philips and their innovative shaver collection. Shave 50% more with the Philips PowerTouch dry electric shaver below which had a huge 50% off! Now with more minutes per charge, fully washable heads and TripleTrack blades - that give you a fast shave. With PowerTouch Pro you'll always fly through your morning routine.

Get Free DELIVERY on all Lumea IPL Hair Removal Products at Philips including the Lumea Precision IPL hair removal system  plus an amazing 11% off! This product provides the ideal way to prevent hair regrowth. IPL technology works by applying gentle pulses of light to the hair. As a result, the hair sheds naturally and regrowth is prevented, leaving you with silky-smooth skin.
This week get up to a massive 8.4% cashback at Philips!


rb12324 Jan 15 - 14:15I agree with the previous post, I had a Philips power adapter that fell apart on unplugging it from the wall and gave me a shock, very little help from customer support when I reported the fault.
chrishorsfall16 Jan 15 - 15:43Be careful with Philips online ordering. I ordered a steam Iron using a birthday 35% Discount voucher. Great, I thought. But it arrived with a 2 pin plug and they said changing it would invalidate the warranty.
No problem, they refunded the money and gave me a 30% Discount voucher to order again. My loss and the second iron arrived with, yes you guessed it, a 2 pin plug.
Now I am generally a patient man. Therefore I ordered a third Iron, remembering every time it is delivered someone has to wait in all day or it is an hours trip to Luton to collect it. I returned the other 2 Irons and had to find a drop off depot to do it.
4 weeks later no Iron! I asked where it was and they said they did not know and cancelled my order and asked me to order another one!!!!!!
I complained officially then and was offered a refund of what I had paid (very nice of them, and they said it like they were doing me a favour) and a 30% Discount voucher in compensation. Remember, I began with a 35% Discount voucher which was a one off use voucher and no longer valid.
After many phone calls to the Customer care department they passed the buck and said I would have to contact the online shop department. Customer care could not help me any further and would not offer any compensation for the trouble.
Customer care??? Or Customers, we don't care department???