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Posted on 14 Jan 2011 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates
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At Top Cashback we are dedicated to ensuring our members never miss out on a great deal! We all know how annoying that can be! This blog aims to keep you informed with great deals on a regular basis for over the weekend. Not only this, but bringing you the latest news to keep you up to speed. Keep an eye out for more blogs to come and be sure to grab the best deals whilst they're hot!


Get a 5% BONUS when you request payment by Amazon Voucher

We are now offering you payment by Amazon Vouchers in replacement of cheques (out with the old, in with the new!). If you love shopping at Amazon then this is a great choice for you, especially with a 5% BONUS when you get paid! That means if you have earned £100, you will get £105 when requesting payment by Amazon Vouchers. If Amazon is not your thing then don't worry! You can still request payment by BACS and PayPal, or you may wish to donate your earnings to a charity of your choice!


Top Cashback AMAZING Forum Offers!

If you haven't taken advantage of our forum offers then you really are missing out! This week we have on offer:

  1. Cheap Modern Family Season 1 DVD - ONLY £8.90 after a BONUS £2 cashback on top of your normal cashback.
  2. Cheap Alvin and The Chipmunks DVD - ONLY 84p after BONUS £2 cashback on top of your normal cashback. This is a great one to keep the kids entertained after school!

The concept of forum offers and BONUS cashback is as follows: 

  1. Simply check our forum for "Bonus Cashback Offers" This maybe be on a CD, DVD, Game or anything else!
  2. Get BONUS cashback when you purchase the product from the retailer (e.g. HMV) through Top Cashback, in addition to regular cashback.
  3. Lastly, just comment on the thread to let us know you have bought the item. The BONUS cashback will then be credited to your account at a later date.


Some previous offers include Take That The Circus CD for just 88p, I am Legend DVD for just 75p and Beatles Rock Band game for just £1.80!!! If you like the sound of these then make sure you check back regularly and view our weekly email newsletter to keep up to date so you don't miss out!


Hot Deals for the Weekend!

Here are a few top deals to keep you going over the weekend!

Best Buy Cashback - 10% cashback: Best Buy is great for all things electrical, including top brands such as Apple, Panasonic, Sony & many more. This is also the highest rate of cashback across all our Electrical Merchants so snap it up while you still can! Here is just a taste of what they have on offer.

  1. Toshiba 32" LCD HD Ready TV - just £229.99!* 
  2. HP Photosmart Plus All In One Printer - just £89.99!*
  3. Bosch Full Size Dishwasher - just £249.99*
  4. iPod Touch - from just £178.99 PLUS get a FREE Philips portable MP3 speaker!*


Don't forget these prices are BEFORE cashback! Check out the Best Buy website when you click through Top Cashback to see many many more fantastic offers like these. You won't be disappointed!

Coral Cashback - £20 cashback: Fancy a bet on the weekend's footy? Simply deposit £10 as a new customer with Coral and get £20 cashback! You'll get a £20 FREE Bet and you can also play Games, Poker, Bingo or try your luck in the Casino!

With comprehensive football markets and Bet In Play, as well as the best odds guaranteed on all UK and Irish racing.

Whatever your game, Coral has the knowledge and expertise to give you a great experience that reflects in the fact they are one of the world's biggest online bookmakers!

Weight Watchers Cashback - £30 cashback: Over done it at Christmas? Want to keep your New Year Resolution? Whatever your reason, here's another hot offer. Get £30 cashback when you join weight Watchers. Plus with our code you get FREE sign up too! So, you effectively get your sign up AND first 3 months membership for FREE. There are over 35,000 food options to choose from and over 1,000 delicious recipes to make sure you never get bored and don't have to eat the same thing! You can even chart your progress with the online Weight Tracker, so you can keep on top of your program!

Thanks and have a great weekend!

The Top Cashback Team.

*Prices and offers correct at time of publishing.

chatatara3 October 2019, 15:47 Dont know if this blog is still in use but if so can you please resubscribe me or emails. Have ried 4 times in the last month but nothing is happeneing


I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with emails. If you could please email and this should help.

Best wishes Phil
27 January 2011, 17:49 I agree with most points above, more options can't be all bad and at least something from Amazon is better than nothing. I would have the same questions though and as they have yet to be answered I put it to you again "TopCashBack"
Can we stipulate how much out of our moneys we'd like as vouchers ?
Is there any expiry date on the vouchers ?
Can multiple vouchers be used at once (together) ?
On a personnel note is this something "TopCashBack" have done for us as Amazon seem unresponsive to requests for cash-back or is it Amazon trying to drum up more sales ? I always click through here when going to Amazon just to let them know where my loyalties are and in the hope they would submit to at least some form of cash-back or voucher code, but if its the latter so much as I really appreciate what your doing for us i'd be hard pressed to give any of my hard-earned dosh to Amazon at all.
Anyway, sterling work as ever TopCashBack its always appreciated and you know I always give a little back so thanks again and keep up the good work.

Yours Sincerely
dongoprefabsprout19 January 2011, 07:54 How long are these amazon vouchers valid for? 6 months? A year? 10 years? Cash is valid forever and don't sit in a drawer forgot about then wasted, just missed out on an argos voucher that has run out, so if there is a time limit then cash every time!
caseUnauth117 January 2011, 12:45 Hi Debbie_P,

Cheques were phased out due to the unreliability of them being delivered and the fact that bacs payment are more efficient for sending payments as cash (as opposed to vouchers).

I understand your feedback on the fact that you may have started building up cashback to be paid out via cheque. Therefore, if you still wish to request a cheque payment - please send a general enquiry and refer to this blog post and we should be able to arrange this for you.

Apologies for the inconvenience, but we feel that in the long run, these changes should benefit members.


Top CashBack
contrary16 January 2011, 11:59 I like the addition of Amazon vouchers but like to build up my cashback and would not want a large amount in vouchers. Rather than keep submitting claims for small payouts would it be possible to just have some of the money payable out while leaving a balance.
Or for example if one had £100 payable could there be an option to have say
£20 in Amazon vouchers
£20 in Paypal
£40 bacs
£20 left in balance payable
This would give people more choice.
Having said all this Topcashback really is the tops!
15 January 2011, 16:14 I had been waiting for cash back from Legal & General for insurance that I bought last June. I made a claim for missing cash back, and you have been pursuing this for me, and letting me know by email what was happening - even if nothing! Have now just received my £50 cash back so well done for keeping going. Thank you so much
jeanix15 January 2011, 12:06 I shop a lot with Amazon and am pleased with this new idea. After all the whole thing is free so any extra is a bonus.
15 January 2011, 11:29 I am still waiting for my cashback since August 2010, e-mailed TopCashback loads of times with no feedback what so ever.
MDSDerby15 January 2011, 09:29 Please be warned some things in Best Buy are very expensive. A Nikon P100 camera which I bought recently for £249 from Jessops Cameras was £329 in Best Buy! Make sure you shop around.
Debbie_P15 January 2011, 09:05 I'm not happy that you have removed the option to be paid by cheque. There didn't even appear to be any warning that this was going to happen either?

You are presenting this change with a very positive slant, but for those of us who were building up cashback and wanting to receive a cheque in due course (as was promised when we started "saving up"), this is bad news.

I love TopCashBack and have now been a member for about 3 years, but I don't support this change. :(
speakeasy15 January 2011, 00:02 . . . Sounds good - thanks!
m1chaels14 January 2011, 23:19 ...You just offer to sell us Amazon vouchers at a 5% Discount of face value to make up for the fact that Amazon don't allow you to pass on referral commission?!
lindason14 January 2011, 22:15 Can multiple vouchers be used for a single purchase at Amazon?

I like the idea if so as I tend to bank small amounts as they become payable.

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