June Plus Members 10% Cashback Bonus Event

Posted on 01 Jun 2016 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates
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June Plus Members 10% Cashback Bonus Event

Until 30th June 2016, TopCashback are topping up all cashback rates by 10% for Plus members. This means that we've added an extra 10% (normally 5% for Plus members) on top of the cashback we receive from retailers.

If you’re a bit rusty on your percentages, don’t worry; we’ve already added these to the cashback rates on the site! So, if you check the merchant page before making your transaction, you can easily find the right rate.

Here’s an example of how it works:

Plus members will get an extra 10%  cashback on all purchases!
(5% normal Plus member top-up + 5% Extra Bonus = 10% top-up)
Eg. 10% cashback becomes 11% for Plus members.

Not a Plus member yet? Why not take a look at our membership comparison.

The extra 5% bonus ends 30/06/2016 23:59

Terms and Conditions for more details.

orloffagus26 June 2016, 10:30 Hi there!

I'm curious about exactly which cookies one needs to clear to ensure everything tracks, is it only for the retailer before you visit?

Because clearing all cookies from my computer everytime would be quite a mess and delete all of my website data for over 1,000 sites.

However, I note that whenever I visit a retailer, I do get notification that TCB has recorded my visit. But then sometimes it still doesn't track.

Do I really need to wait seven days before issuing a claim, if it's supposed to track within 24 hours?

Thank you
Hey orloffagus,

We would advise you to delete cookies before logging in to purchase to help the tracking or alternative just use one web browser for TopCashback and everything else on another one.

You can lodge a claim before 7 days but we would advise against it and it will mean the claim goes ‘On ice’ For 7 days.

Best wishes,
markryder21 June 2016, 20:35 Not sure why so many people are posting negative comments on here when TCB are boosting rates in their June campaign? It's perfectly clear what 10% Means. Imagine if a 1.1% Cashback was really boosted to 11.1% Haha! Tcb servers and website would be in meltdown! Thank you TCB, i'm very happy with the service you offer.
jackthemonkey19 June 2016, 20:37 Dear Matt

Thank you for your hard work and attitude in dealing with all the questions. You have done yourself proud for the way you have responded. Yes, the way it is written may be confusing, mostly because it doesn't clearly mention the way you have answered it, that you give us 100% Of the commission then we get 10% Of that added on - I saw it as that as I am used to the way you offer things. Seeing as we are all used to seeing the smaller amount of percentage back that we get from our purchases - not what commission you give back, the positive spin to become a plus member will raise concerns and issues. I would suggest you get it re-worded and give clear examples to not have others be confused.

I have had the same issues as many have, but the issues are always worked out with me in favour, so yes there are glitches, but I am still an avid user and I appreciate what this site offers.

I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work to get us all up to speed on this.

Greatbuys16 June 2016, 12:14 @Safiakausar (and others)..

You're misunderstanding what the "extra 10% Commission" offer is.

Of course it's not 10% Separate to the merchant commission.

TopCashBack simply could not afford to do that.

What they're offering is an extra 10% Commission on the merchant commission.

So if a merchant is offering 10% Cashback, it will be topped up by TCB to 11%.

The calculation works simply like this:

10% Commission + 10% From tcp = 11% (An extra 1% Commission from TCB).
2% Commission + 10% From tcp = 2.2% (An extra .2% Commission from TCB).

There's nothing misleading about stating "we're offering 10% Extra on all merchants" because obviously the extra commission rate TCB is offering is going to vary depending on merchant rates are. They cannot quote individual rates or say "1% Extra" because 1% Would be:

10% Commission + 1% From tcp = 10.1% (An extra 0.1% On gross commission from TCB).

That's very different to:

10% Commission + 10% From tcp = 11% (An extra 1% On gross commission from TCB).

15 June 2016, 21:03 I have recently joined TopCashback from another cashback site and have done a few purchases which have failed to track... Not sure why I moved over as I can see it being an issue as when I did a test purchase from previous provider it tracked and had an email within 10 minutes. Why is this happening although all settings on browser are correct?
Hi Jaketag,

It's down to the cookies on your device. Issues with tracking site don't fall down to the cashback site but the tracking environment on your device at the time of purchasing. It will help if you clear cookies and cache before logging in to click through to a merchant.

Best wishes,
safiakausar14 June 2016, 12:14 Ok like everyone is saying..... Why are you calling this extra 10%?

I'm purchasing from eBay, currently 1.05% So extra 10% Means 11. 05 %! Not 1.1%

This is very confusing as anything. Don't we get the top up already anyway?
Another example,,,, say Argos gave 5% So the offer you guys have should be in total 15%
Hi safiakausar,

We have tried to make this as clear as possible by creating this blog and also already including the 10% Extra in the rates.

As I am sure you know we promise our member 100% Of the commission we receive, the extra 10% Is simply 10% On top of this meaning you will receive 110% Of the total amount of cashback we receive for you making a transaction.

In the case of Ebay we get paid 1% Commission, 1 + 5% = 1.05% Which is the normal plus member rate. 1 + 10% = 1.1% Which is the rate you currently are seeing.

Best wishes,
GF13_ELDS8 June 2016, 20:05 Ebay are only offering the basic 1.1% Same as they always have, so where's the 10% Extra?
Hey apw2,

Ebay pay us 1% Commission. Normally the rate reflects as 1.05% For Plus Members as this is your standard Plus Member top up. As the top up is 10% This month it is 1.1%. I can assure you this is not Ebay’S standard rate but you may have seen it on the bonus 5% Cashback bank holiday weekends.

Best wishes,
Brockysbabe6 June 2016, 21:17 Thanks for the bonus, I look forward to topping up my earnings during June
Member4225567636326 June 2016, 19:09 Thanks
apw26 June 2016, 18:28 "We’Ve already added these to the cashback rates on the site"
I cannot see any increases in the usual sites that I visit, so does this increase only apply to certain ones?
Hey apw2,

For all transactions that we already pay top up on this applies to. To further clarify this means you receive 110% Of the commission we receive from the merchant and so if the normal rate you see on site is 1.05% This will change to 1.1% (1% From the merchant + 5% Top up + 5% Bonus)

Best wishes,
Anne_495 June 2016, 23:39 Sorry I am a little confused I use your cashback site every time I shop at Asda on line shopping but unfortunately it appears that I don't get cash back every time could you please explain why this is . Thank you
Hi Anne_49,

Asda cashback is only available to brand new customers of Asda and for their first shop. Any transactions not made under this criteria will be declined I am afraid.

Best wishes,
helmartian5 June 2016, 11:25 Keep up the brilliant work
gophski4 June 2016, 22:34 Very good service fron TopCashback
Badges4 June 2016, 22:29 Awesome, thank you
lynndodd14 June 2016, 17:37 Thank you
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