Introducing Our Increased Levels of Security

We all know how important it is to stay safe when shopping online, and at TopCashback, we have now added some additional security features to the site to give you that extra peace of mind.

At TopCashback, we understand that entering personal information such as email addresses and bank details into a website is often a necessary part of shopping online that does put some people off.  

But you don’t need to worry with TopCashback; we take your online safety very seriously. To prove this, we have built on our previous system and added some extra security features onto our site, making your account even more secure and giving you that higher level of trust and protection.

So what exactly has changed?

This will affect the few pages on our site which may contain information you wouldn’t want anyone else to stumble across, namely the My Profile Page, the Customer Care page, and the Payments page.

Most of these changes have been made behind the scenes, so your experience of the site won’t actually change that much. But we’d like to run through this with you so you don’t get any surprises!

If you come to the site and you’re logged out of your account, when you log in this will give you access to all areas of your account as normal.

However, things will work slightly differently if you come to the site and find that you’re already logged in to your account (this will happen if you’ve previously ticked the ‘remember me’ box on the log in page). You’ll be logged in, but you won’t be able to access the more sensitive parts of your account until you have entered your log in details. When you try to access the My Profile page, the Payments page, or the Customer Care pages in your account, you’ll need to enter your email address and password before being taken through to the desired page. You’ll only need to do this once each time you visit the site, so once you’ve entered your log in details you’ll be free to view all the different areas of your account as you’re browsing the site in that session.

These changes will create an extra level of protection for any personal details you have on your account. So if somebody comes to the site on a computer or device that you are still logged in on, they won’t be able to view these areas of your account and access your private information.

We think this is a fantastic new development for the site which really puts our members’ security first – and we hope you agree!

For more information, please see our Help section.

Posted on 31 Jul 2013  |  Posted in  Tips & Updates
Hi I have changed my email address and had verification email however I can no longer get into my profile etc..
I am being told password incorrect and it says error when I try to reset password.
I can not submit a "ticket" as the site keeps sending me back to the login page.
I wish to make some purchases this week through TopCashback and therefore would like my access reinstating.

Thanks user- Spacecadet_Blue

  02 Jan 19 - 13:06
  If you delete any saved log in details from within your browser for our site this should sort it out.

Best wishes,
I have changed my email address and can log in. However when I click on My Profile, I receive a screen with a message informing me I need to update my profile details and that I must confirm or revert my change to my email address and that I will have been sent an email to my old email address. Well I never received any such email and now, when I click on the button "Resend email", I get an error saying "The email failed to send to your email address. Please try again."

My old email address is, at the moment, still accepting emails, so the problem isn't at my end. However I soon won't have the old email at all. If I cannot update my profile, including requesting payments, I shall just have to stop using Topcashback altogether. If this is your increased levels of security, I am not impressed.
  02 Dec 18 - 14:28
  If you reach out during support ticket our team will assist with this. We won't be able to email you when we have replied to please keep an eye out for us replying back.

Best wishes
Why does the login page perpetually loop to the login page? Is this ever going to be fixed?
  16 Nov 18 - 13:53
Same issue as others. I cannot log into the pages that have addditonal security - says incorrect password; even although I have just successfully logged into the site with that password. I tried resetting password, same issue .... Able to log into basics sight, but I cant get to members profile pages to change anything.

  04 Nov 18 - 08:53
Same issue as others. I cannot log into the pages that have addditonal security - says incorrect password; even although I have just successfully logged into the site with that password. I tried resetting password, same issue .... Able to log into basics sight, but I cant get to members profile pages to change anything.

  04 Nov 18 - 08:53
I have changed my password, it still won't let me in, i've tried all sorts, but i'm going round in circles clicking on cars, buses, hydrants, crosswalks, each of them multiple times. And I want to sign up for a home insurance policy, but can't because there's a fault with it 'Illegal cors request', whatever that means, when I try to access the site. I have to submit a ticket to go through to somebody, but the site doesn't tell you where to get one, only where to put it. I know where i'd like to put it. I've bought something else only as a result of taking out this policy. And I can't access it. That will cost me money not save it, if I miss the opportunity.
  19 Oct 18 - 21:05

I can't log in on the 'extra security' pages.
I have reset my password and it still doesn't let me progress.

I cannot pay out my cash back or submit a ticket.
Why do you need to add extra security to asking for assistance? Is it because everyone is reporting the same problem and you don't want to deal with it?

If I get a useless response from 'Matt' I will be very displeased. I used to do complaints handling and social media management, to make awful companies looks like they care. At least do you job properly and help people, even if you hate the job or think the company is trash.
  19 Oct 18 - 15:25
I am logged into my account, yet it will not log in on these extra log-in pages! On my other computer it won't even let me log into the site at all!
  15 Oct 18 - 09:43
Keeps asking me the password, cannot access my settings page. And no, clearing cookies won't work.
  06 Oct 18 - 19:21
Im already logged in...Going to contact Customer Care/Services to query cashback won't let me login??
Seems to be a ongoing issue with this site...Can you sort it please
  19 Sep 18 - 10:25
  Hey toonarmyguy,

We'd advise you to delete saved passwords for your browser as this should help you.

Best wishes
Talk about auyomated rude responses from matt (whoever this matt is) I am logged in right now, it doesnt mean I can access my cash back, or have my email account authenticated (which I have requested about 7 times now!) Also I have done the correct procedures asked of me just to be fobbed off that I now need to do this that and the other etc. Also the same password I use to log in (which allows me to log in) doesnt work when I go to update my profile. Clearly this is a site issue if its still happening now. From what ive gathered this has been an issue for quite a long time, so I suggest you stop talking to those who use this site like we are idiots, and actually accept the blame that this site has a lot of issues that need to be fixed. You clearly earn a comission from the people using this, and from the companies that provide cash back th8roufh you. As for me its only 18p im gonna bin this site off so im last person helping to pay fro your lifestyle, il go to a company that will actually allow me to useu it for less hassle!
  27 Aug 18 - 13:21
Talk about auyomated rude responses from matt (whoever this matt is) I am logged in right now, it doesnt mean I can access my cash back, or have my email account authenticated (which I have requested about 7 times now!) Also I have done the correct procedures asked of me just to be fobbed off that I now need to do this that and the other etc. Also the same password I use to log in (which allows me to log in) doesnt work when I go to update my profile. Clearly this is a site issue if its still happening now. From what ive gathered this has been an issue for quite a long time, so I suggest you stop talking to those who use this site like we are idiots, and actually accept the blame that this site has a lot of issues that need to be fixed. You clearly earn a comission from the people using this, and from the companies that provide cash back th8roufh you. As for me its only 18p im gonna bin this site off so im last person helping to pay fro your lifestyle, il go to a company that will actually allow me to useu it for less hassle!
  27 Aug 18 - 13:21
Yes, what a fantastic development! *Sarcasm*
I was already logged in but could not go to the payout page because captcha came back with a stupid message saying I should "Try again later". Finally it allowed me to re-login, but I shouldn't have to keep trying all day :(
  25 Aug 18 - 18:57
Hi I am experiencing problems when logging in, I have been with top cash qiite a few years and my profile was complete, but now it's showing only 30% And there isn't my history showing other than my last three transactions! I have recently requested payment into my account of cash back and not received so little concerned if something is wrong with my account.
  30 Jun 18 - 11:39
I have been told I have an amazon voucher available
I cannot see it anywhere
I tried to send a help submission but I am totally unable to do so as when I click on it I return to the dashboard
Could someone please help
I need an email address I can use

  08 Jun 18 - 01:20

When you view your account there will be a link on your dashboard. If not, click on payout and then 'other vouchers' on the right hand side :)

Best wishes,
I could login , then when I clicked on "payout", there was a prompt to enter my password again. My password was rejected, again and again. Then I went into Tools -> Internet Options -> General - Browsing History, clicked on "delete", then checked (ticked) the "Passwords" (to delete all saved passwords from Browsing History). Then after a minute or two, Internet Explorer 11 returned with a message saying that all browsing history was deleted. Then I entered my password, and I log in the second time for the "payout" section.
  04 Apr 18 - 16:50
I appear to be logged in to the site, but when I click on Customer Care, it asks for my login again and then doesn't accept the password. So I do a reset and I don't get the email either.
  07 Feb 18 - 13:13
  Please do delete your saved log in detail from your browser as this will help you.

Best wishes,
Im trying to receive my payment but when I try I get this message.

To continue and amend your details, including your Payout details, or to request payment, you must first confirm or revert your recent change to your Email address. When you made this change an email will have been sent to your old email address.

However im receiving no message on my email is there some other way??
  24 Nov 17 - 18:30
  If you drop us a support ticket our team will be able to sort that for you. When you are awaiting a response please keep checking your open support tickets as our email to alert you that you have been replied to won't work.

Best wishes,
Thanks to Francina and the link, I can now login again.

I kept having to request new passwords which still didn't work. I am using an automated password keeper so I know I am using the right one and it is only with the above link that it works.

With many people saying the same thing it is like to be a site issue rather us getting it wrong again and again.
  05 Nov 17 - 12:08
Like plenty of people who have commented, i've also experienced many issues logging into your site. It's increasingly frustrating as only maybe 1 out of 10 times it allows me in, with correct username and password.

I've found the only reliable way to log in, for others who are interested to know is via this link:

Please sort it out, many thanks. (Firefox 56.0.2, Mac 10.11.6)
  01 Nov 17 - 12:59
  Hi Francina,

This is a very old blog post and a lot of the comments on it are not reflective of the site today.

I can see you have managed to post a message on this post which does suggest you have been able to log in.

Best wishes,
Tired or resetting my password - to the same password sometimes - I go to login - it lets me login, and I can see everything - I go to payout - it asks me to login again - my password is incorrect!! Come on - help is needed asap please
  23 Oct 17 - 12:05
Hi, I have changed my bank and have been having problems with TopCashback ever since. I was told I would get an email, which I didn't, so there was a link asking me to resend it. I have tried numerous times and each time I press it, it says it has failed to send. I have changed all my settings and add the various emails of TopCashback to my address book. I have sent two support tickets but have had no reply. Please help.
  19 Oct 17 - 19:25
  Hi Christine,

I have checked your account and can see each support ticket has been replied to. However, you wouldn't get the email for the same reason as the payment change email not reaching you.

In order to acess your support tickets, please click on the customer care section of your account anc click on the bit that says 'open tickets'

Best wishes,

I have logged two/Three support tickets now and knowone has come abck yo me.

The authentication email wont send and I have money that is sitting ready to be paid out but cant access it.

Please can someone help.


  10 Oct 17 - 21:57
I have a solution for people having logging in problems where it stops recognising login details. Simply logout. Then login again.
  03 Sep 17 - 11:08
I have tried to invite a friend to 4 colleagues today and the link is not getting e-mailed to them ??? None of them have signed up to TopCashback prevously so do not know why the link is not going through. ?/
  26 Jul 17 - 14:56
  i am sorry to hear you arehaving issues with this, it may be worth sending them a normal email through and copying your tell a friend link to them.

I will get your feedback about this passed on.

Best wishes,
I have been emailing Topcash back several times a day. I can't submit a ticket as Topcash back is not recognising my email or password. I have had no replies and am getting desperate as I am owed money from a transaction. Why am I being ignored? Reply to customers emails
  07 Jun 17 - 09:39
  Hello kcreegan,

I can see you have managed to post on this blog which does mean you are logged into your account.

If you are asked to log in when submitting a support ticket please delete saved password or try a different web browser as this is normally down to incorrect details being used.

Best wishes,
I have been using the site for years. I have been asked recently to authenticate my email again because apparently emails you send are not getting through to me. I raised a support ticket and was asked to add your email addresses to my safe sender list. This is still not working. I cannot authenticate and therefore cannot get my owed cashback. Really getting annoyed. My email address has not changed. I can tell you that when I log in, so I don't really give a hoot if your emails reach me or not. I simply want to be able to use TopCashback like I always have. Personally, I think the problem is on your end. I have followed every instruction you have given me and it still isn't working. "Enhanced security" is not helpful if you can no longer reasonably use a site!
  18 May 17 - 05:51
  Hey eballagh,

Our Team will be able to sort this. Please kindly submit a support ticket via your customer care section of your account and our team will advise you further.

The issue you are having is not to do with these old improvements that were blogged about a year ago.

Best wishes,
Am logged in but when my log-in details are requested again, it does not recognise my password. Have requested to reset my password but won't let me do that.
  27 Apr 17 - 19:05
Unable to log in does not recognise email address or password and will not let me reset password although I am logged in to account I did change email addresses a few weeks ago does not recognise old or new
  20 Apr 17 - 17:16
  Hey jakealsafc,

As you have been able to post her which includes your username it would suggest you are able to log in to your account.

Best wishes,

I've been trying to log in to customer care and nothing seems to happen. Just returns to log in page?
  12 Apr 17 - 23:20
  Hi there,

Could you try clearing your cookies and cache and using another browser also? If this is still not successful for you then you will be able to contact us from the logged out homepage where we can look into this in more detail for you!

Best wishes,
Topcashback Support
I can login to the site no problem but when I get to my account page I have a red banner saying "You have a transaction that requires your attention - please validate your purchase. " I try to login again and nothing - back to having to login! Round and round we go. I gave it a break for a day or two but still the same. Come on TCB - it's not just me! Others seem to be having the same problem. Different browsers are just the same.

  11 Apr 17 - 22:19
  Hi there, we did experience a few issues but I am happy to say that hese have now been resolved, if you could try accessing your account page again you should be able to click through without receiving any errors.
Apologies for the inconvenience caused though!
Best wishes,
Topcashback Support
Yet again you have asked to verify my email address and no email. I have lost count of the number of times you keep asking and I keep verifying.

Whats going on with this multiple requests when you have already verified it?
  09 Apr 17 - 22:31
Why do I have to keep verifying me email address. As you can see I am a very regular customer and it is getting really annoying everything I log in it says verification email sent please verify your email address. Why is it asking me to do this sometimes 3 times a week?

  04 Apr 17 - 07:40
  Hello weroberts,

I appreciate it’S frustrating however, this will only happen if our emails face difficultly reaching you. For further information please submit a support ticket.

Best wishes,
My original email address (O2) was shut down overnight some time ago and I cannot make or receive emails from that address anymore. You have advised me to authenticate my account by following the link on an email I cannot get. I've tried to change my email address on your site with partial success but the authentication request is still going to my old email address. I've raised a ticket on this matter but I don't feel confident that this will be resolved soon. Why can't you make it easier for customers to change their email in their profile?
Eric Abercrombie
  07 Jan 17 - 13:19
  Hi Eric,

I can assure you this is something our Team will be able to resolve for you and they will be in touch within a few days. We do need to assist with this matter as we feel it could be unsecure to ask members to use their new email to confirm an email address change.

Best wishes,
I am constantly being forced to reset my password even though it hasn't changed and I am putting in the correct password every time. This has been going on for over a year at least. When I go to help and selecte 'can't log in', before it will allow me to go any further it insists I put in my password to relogin even though I am already logged in!!! When I try to submit a 'ticket' it asks me to login again even though I am already logged in and always rejects my password even though it is correct. I am not putting in the wrong password but it makes me reset it every time I visit the page. Now it won't let me cash out as it is still rejecting my correct password.
  03 Jan 17 - 10:12
  Hey sarahgtaylor,

We do believe this is down to your browser incorrectly using the password it has saved for our site. I would therefore advise you to clear cache and also remove the saved password you have for TopCashback which you can do via your browser settings.

Best wishes,
Despite being logged in to my account when I request a payout it asks me to log in again but just keeps bumping me back to the log in page.
Having an unfortunate sense of deva vu as this happened to me earlier in the year when I requested a payout and I was assured ( finally after a very long process) that I would not have a problem again.
Please help as I can't even raise a ticket.
  30 Dec 16 - 22:02
  Hey Laura31,

Is it possible you are using the Safari browser? While we have had reports of this happening we do believe the error when logging in is down to incorrect details being used by your browser when using this page. This can normally be resolved by clearing cache and deleting saved passwords.

Best wishes,
I would like a payout from my account but it seems impossible to do so. I keep being asked to log in over an over again and when I do it simply reverts to the login page. I can't even submit a support ticket!!! Please help.

  28 Dec 16 - 11:18
  Hey sueandwho,

This is likely down to your web browser using the incorrect log in details. I would advise you to delete your cache and also remove the password you have saved for TopCashback via your browser settings. This should sort your problem out.

Best wishes,
[Ed:TopCashBack-Hey sueandwho,

This is normally down to your device's web browser using the incorrectly saved password. This is very common on the Safari browser. Clearing cache and removing the TopCashback saved password via your browser should assist you with this.

Best wishses,

I have trying since May to verify my address, I have sent 3 separate emails to the authenticate email and have raised a few support tickets, I am still yet to hear back and getting increasingly frustrated as I would like to withdraw my cashback. It has made me doubt using this site anymore and have been using alternatives.
Please can someone get back to me?

  12 Dec 16 - 20:51
  Hi there,

I can see that my colleagues on the Customer Care Team have been able to assist you and will be back in touch on your ticket in due course. Hopefully this goes on to be resolved for you soon!

Best wishes,
This constant login is so annoying and for no reason, even with the right password, just unable to login in to go through other pages, even I am still logged in as shown on the right top. Do you have a customer service number I could call?

  08 Dec 16 - 07:42
  Hey Mei66,

I am sorry you are having issues with the log in page. We do make the log in page re-appear if saved passwords are active, when you visit secure areas of your account and this is just to make sure the account holder is viewing these sections.

If you have issues with this log in page, I would advise you to delete saved passwords via your browser settings as this can help those members who encounter this issue.

Best wishes,
Been happening for awhile now & Starting to become a bit of pain. Wasn't as bad when Chrome AutoFill was activated but even that isnt working now.

  27 Nov 16 - 15:21
  Sorry about this! We are aware of an issue meaning that members are needing to log in more regularly and log in details are not being saved, we are working to resolve this as quickly as we can but did not want to disturb the system over the Cyber weekend , so it is taking a little longer than we hoped. This should be resolved for everyone soon though!
Best wishes,
In the last week or two I am being prompted to enter login details every time I access the site. Not even the vendors you are passing us to insist on this. PLease fix it.
  24 Nov 16 - 11:24
Previously I could stay logged in all the time (Chrome browser built into Chromebook) with just occasional re-login required. Now it's annoyingly several times a day that re-login is required. Surely this is security overkill for buying. I appreciate that you need to log in to request a payment, but i'm not sure why clicking through to sellers is a security issue!
  21 Nov 16 - 21:15
In the last week, the TCB website is not retaining sign-in info when the relevant box is ticked; even if I leave the page open, it is signing me out after a period of time, necessitating signing in in full again. Further temporarily over the past two days it also requested Capcha info, although this has stopped.

This not occurring on other websites, plus I did reset Chrome and clear cookies. So must be something to do with TCB - note I was forced to change my password a month or two back.
  19 Nov 16 - 22:36
  Hey robmar0se,

Our Tech Team are investigating the cause of members having to log in more regularly than usual even when 'remember me' is ticked. I am sorry in the meantime for these additional sign in requests and I can assure you the issue will be resolved asap.

Best wishes,

I can't login to the members page - despite repeated attempts to change the password (which works for joining the system but not for requesting a payout). The issue with your 'help' section, is you need to log into the members section to submit a request for help, but I can't get into that section to be able to request the help!

Topcashback - please can you help me to access my account.

  17 Nov 16 - 13:42
I have tried repeatedly to request a new password. There has been no response/Email sent to me with a link to sort out a new password. Its very frustrating, keep going round in circles! Help please...
  09 Nov 16 - 20:21
Same issue as everyone and I have cleared the setting in the browser
  24 Oct 16 - 12:46
Same issue as everyone. I am logged in to my account, but when trying to withdraw it asks me to login. But I have tried several times and it will not let me. Please can you let me know how to withdraw.
  07 Oct 16 - 12:37
I keep being asked to log in over an over again and when I do it cancels what I was doing. I can't cash out, I can't change my email address, I can't submit a support ticket!!!
  26 Jul 16 - 11:09
I have the same issue as the last poster. When I click on payout I am redirected to the login screen. I enter my details to log in and i'm redirected to the login page again and this happens over and over again.
  27 Jun 16 - 21:36
I've tried for two days to log in and sub,it a ticket, then i'm asked to login again, and again, and again, so I thought...I'll try and withdraw money..And guess what..Log in..Again and again a and again...I'm getting really really irritated. I want to check and track a purchase has been added..But I can't! So i'm beginning to wonder now if i'm actually getting anything at all?!
  25 Jun 16 - 11:33
Hi,i log in then try to withdraw funds and it takes me to log in again and I can't,ive changed password but still can't get into my account.
  14 Jun 16 - 09:53
I have had the problem of being able to log in fine, but not being allowed to view my earnings. I just keep getting, see the authentication email. No email is ever received. Getting really fed up now and no one has answered my email

Hey northwest1965,

I am sorry to hear you are having issues. We would be more than happy to help with this issue. All I need you to do is submit a support ticket which you can do via the ‘Customer Care’ Section of your account.
Best wishes,
TopCashback Support
  17 Feb 16 - 17:45
This problem has been happening since July 2013. Come on Tobcashback, it's obviously a broken system. You can't expect all customers to know how to clear their history/Cache/Whatever else, so fix your broken system. It's quite simply unacceptable.

Hey Phantomchickenz,

I am sorry you feel that way. The cashback tracking system is set in stone and is used for nearly all commission earning processes. To change such a system is impossible for us to do as we do not control the tracking. There is a process in place and we can only advise members on steps to take if they encounter tracking issues and clearing cookies and cache is one major important step. This is very easy to do and most browsers have easy step by step guides on how to do this but if you need any help please submit a Support Ticket and our team will help you as much as they can.

Best wishes,
TopCashback Support
  16 Jan 16 - 18:37
I also have tried unsuccessfully to login in order to obtain my payout. I have tried to submit a support ticket as advised, however this then leads to me being asked to login again and I can't login despite changing my password.

I have done as suggested below and adjusted my settings so the password is not remembered, I have tried logging in from a different computer. Still all without success. It is very frustrating as this seems to be the only way to contact you without being logged in. I eagerly await your response!
  29 Oct 15 - 13:33
  Hey em4123,

It will only ask you to log in again if your browser is set up to remember your log in information. The issue with this is that your browser could be remembering old log in data and so causes an error. Can you kindly clear any remembered data from your web browser and try logging in again?

Many thanks,
Topcashback please look at this. There is something wrong with accessing Payments page - Login is not successful with no error messages, the page simply refreshes
  11 Oct 15 - 21:05
  Hey fri3ndly,

This issue normally occurs if you have set your web browser up to remember your password. What normally happens is that your web browser remembers an incorrect password and so leads to you having issues. Please can you kindly clear this setting and try to log in once more? If you have any password management software can you kindly disable this also as it may help?

I do hope this helps but if you do have any further queries please do submit a support ticket which you can do through the customer care section of your account.

Best wishes,
TopCashback Support
Very annoying when I go to pay out page It keeps on asking me to login and doesn't do anything. I need help 25471253
  11 Sep 15 - 22:54
I've logged in and changed my bank account - days ago and would like to transfer my funds. No way - 72 hours. Ok, so i'd like to pay into my Paypal account, after all, i've not changed those details? No. 72 hours. What a waste of my bloody time! Very very frustrating.
  04 Sep 15 - 16:57
I have the same problems as everyone else. I can't set up my account and so can't use TopCashback. Really disappointing.
  22 Aug 15 - 18:54
I agree with the many others who have commented on this issue. When I request a payout I am taken to a new login screen. It doesn't seem to matter how long i've been logged in already. Everytime I enter my correct email and password it is rejected. Sometimes if I click the back button and then Payout again, I get through however. Most frustrating.
There must be something wrong with this login page.
  19 Aug 15 - 15:13
Try to log in but site says password incorrect. Re-set password, enter new password, says it's incorrect! Utter nonsense.

This needs sorting asap. As i'm disputing a declined cashback claim. I did exactly as the merchant requested and they've done me out of at least £50. Not impressed.
  14 Aug 15 - 08:48
When trying to add my bank details every time I select 'update' the site reverts to the log in page. When trying to submit a support ticket I am again returned straight to the log in page. In summary I cannot add my bank details or submit a support ticket.
This level of service is totally unacceptable!
  19 Jun 15 - 11:17
First of all, I have been trying to log in but did not let me, so I have changed password but still did not let me. So I have tried a couple of time, but I did not have a luck. So I have left for a while and tried again. This time I have sucessed. Guess what?! When I tried to log in to payout, it does not let me. I have tried, tried. Grrrrrrrr
  02 May 15 - 23:18
Sounds like I have the same issues as above... I am logged in, but when I click on to "payout" it asks me to log in again, but does not accept my correct password even after resetting it several times....!

Please help...!


  22 Mar 15 - 12:01
My problems are the same as everybody else, its frustrating !!!!!
  20 Mar 15 - 23:59
I have tried changing my password a number of times and tried to raise a support ticket but unable to do any, Need help asap-Gnmilne3364
  04 Mar 15 - 19:42
  Hi, I am sorry to hear this but we would be happy to help and you will be able to contact us via our contact form, which you can access whilst logged out here -
I hope this helps! Best wishes, Samantha
Although I can access most of 'my account' services when the "payout" page is forcing me to reenter my credential but it doesn't work, i've tried resetting my password 3 times and it's still a problem so please fix this.
  25 Feb 15 - 12:57
  Hi there, could you get in touch with our Team on a support ticket, we would be more than happy to take a look into this for you and advise further here. Kind regards, Samantha
Also I can't login - neither with my email address nor user name - even after I resetted my password.
  06 Jan 15 - 16:07
  Hi there, could you get in touch with us via a logged out contact form which you can access directly here -

We would be more than happy to take a look into this for you and be of assistance. Many thanks, Samantha
I log in to my account is log In again to go to customer care section because I need to check the ticket responses which I have been waiting for ages, I spent a hell lot money in December and none of the transactions were recorded, spent over £800 , none cashback, now cannot even log in to the customer care to check the response what is the problem ? Thanks very much, your useless and no even contact phone number to talk to someone ! Why the hell I cannot log in to the customer care ?????!!!!!!!! Is someone going to help me with that ? Or I need to wait another week to get a answer on that ?????
  02 Jan 15 - 16:57
  Hi there, I am sorry to hear that you have been experiencing issues accessing your account but if you could email us directly at, we would be more than happy to assist here. Please be aware though that due to the recent Bank Holidays over the New Year, it could take a few days for us to be able to get back to you.

Best wishes,
I changed my email address on your site but you sent a confirmation email to my old address, to a closed account!!! As a consequence I couldn't add bacs information to enable me to take advantage of an £82 cashback offer on home insurance. Tried every which way to make it work but the contact information is a joke. Sent the blank authenticate email but guess what, it didn't work either. Thanks a lot, won't bother to recommend a friend, not even my worst enemy!!!!!!!
  17 Nov 14 - 17:37
  Hi there, I am sorry to hear that you have not been able to authenticate your account, if you could kindly contact our Customer Care Team on a support ticket, we would be more than happy to be of assistance with this. Kind regards, Samantha
This is Beyond a Joke!! C'mon ,Can you get this fixed Please??
  07 Oct 14 - 20:56

Could you try using an incognito window to see if you can access these sections of your account? You will be able to google how to do this on your specific browser. If this allows you to access the secure sections of your account, then it means that you have a certain cookie which is preventing you from accessing certain areas of your account, but by exiting incognito mode and clearing your cookies, we do suggest ensuring this is done regularly, you should see this resolved for you.

Best wishes,
Getting really annoyed with this now, i've tried everything you have suggested to other people and I still can't log in to the other pages. This is obviously a major fault on your site, no point using your site is its this much of a hassle!
  07 Oct 14 - 13:27

I am sorry to hear of your annoyance. If this is not working for you in incognito mode or once you have cleared all cookies, could you email ourselves at with the title 'Blog' and some details of the steps you have tried already so that we can look into this further for you?

Many thanks,

I too am having the same problems. It keeps asking for my password but won't go anywhere. I have tried to reset my password but now everything seems to be messed up and I don't now know which password it has accepted as I can't use any of them and I have tried 3 times now.

Please help

  02 Oct 14 - 16:39
  Hi Trish, I am sorry to hear this, if you could send in an email to with the names of two merchants that we can expect to see on your account, we can then assist in getting you logged back in!
I am logged in but unable to go to my earnings page for payout. When I put my password in it just stays on the same page. No error message. Please advise as I want to withdraw my money.
  27 Jul 14 - 15:02
  Hi there,

Do you clear your cookies regularly? When this occurs, we usually find that it is due to a certain type of cookie stopping you from accessing the secure pages of your account. Could you proceed to clear your cookies and try accessing your earning pages again? You can view some information on how to do this on site here -

I hope that this helps but should you find that this continues to occur for you, could you get in touch via a contact us form? We can then get this looked into further for you.

Kind regards,
I am unable to log in, have reset password but still problems.I try to contact TopCashback but keep being referred to member log in which does not work for me. Help!!
  12 Jul 14 - 18:35
  Hi Anne,

I am sorry to hear that you are not able to access your account, could you get in touch with us via a 'contact us' form which you will be ableto access here -

You will not need to log in to contact us this way and hopefully, we can assist in getting this issue rectified for you.

Best wishes,
TopCashback Support
I'm having the same problem & Even though i'm logged in I can't seem to get to the earning page...Not happy, this needs sorting out!
  27 Jun 14 - 17:58
Hi, I am logged in but can't look at my profile I raised an enquiry yesterday that you have sent a response for but I cane see the response
  26 Jun 14 - 18:49
I cant get into my profile or payment. I am able to log in to my account but it wont let me go any further. Have cleared cookies and TIFs and done a defrag but it just leaves me on the same login page. I have also tried from different laptops and my android phone.
  22 Jun 14 - 16:31
Despite already being logged into my account I can't log onto my profile page or log in to contact TopCashback help someone please
  15 Jun 14 - 16:27
  Hi there,

This could be down to a cookie/Session issue. Could you try logging in using an incognito window ( If this is successful for you, it generally means that you will need to clear your cookies. If this problem persists though, you should still be able to access the 'contact us' form here -
We will then be able to take a further look into this for you.

I hope that this is of help!

Kind regards,
TopCashback Support
I logged in but wghen I attempt to view earnings I get asked again to Log in. I have requested the change password - when I try to change my password using this email, my security goes bananas saying that I should not trust this site as its certifcate does not match. When I try to override it waqrns me again that no reputable company would be doing this - you have a serious security problem.
  10 Jun 14 - 21:03
  Hi there,

We've had a look at this and don't seem to have an issue. However, we have changed some settings. Can you try again and send in a support ticket if you continue to have problems?

Many thanks,
All I want to do is to unsubscribe from your emails
  10 Jun 14 - 13:57
  Hi there, you can do this in two ways really. Click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email we send or go to the 'my profile' section of your account and click 'email preferences'. If you have any problems though, please just get in touch.
Cannot login keeps saying error0 and telling me to clear cookies. Done this and still no joy. I would like my cash back as soon as possible can someone please help?
  09 May 14 - 15:50
  Hi there, can you give this another try? You should be able to log in now, but if not please get in touch at and we can help.
Hi, I can log into my account but when I want to get to a secure page it comes up with the secondary log in but it doesn't accept my password. I have a question I want to ask about a missing cashback but can't.
  14 Apr 14 - 22:54
  Hi there,

Could you try using an incognito window on Google Chrome? If you are able to access the secure sections of your account whilst in incognito mode, then this is a sign that you will need to clear their cookies/Session data for our website. You can find some more information on how to do this on site here -

I hopethis helps, you can get in touch with us via a 'contact us' form from your logged out homepage if this issue continue to occur for you.

Kind regards,
After repeated attempts, I cannot get in to the payments section.
  12 Apr 14 - 23:35
  Hi there,

Could you try using a Google Chrome Incognito Window? This should allow you to access the secure sections of your account successfully. If so, this means that there is a certain type of cookie that has been preventing you from accessing these pages, so I would suggest ensuring that you clear your cookies. Prior to visiting.

I hope that this helps, you can get in touch via a 'contact us' form from your logged out homepage if this does not work for you though.

Kind regards,
Site refuses to allow me to log on to the secure parts ie My Profile Page, the Customer Care page, and the Payments page. Please help.
  12 Apr 14 - 13:50
  Hi there,

Could you try using an Incognito Window on Google Chrome? If this is successful for you, it means that there is a certain type of cookie preventing you from accessing the secure pages on your account. You may need to ensure that you have cleared all your cookies before re-visiting.

I hope this is of help, if you are still experiencing this issue though, could you get in touch with us via a 'contact us' form? You can access this from your logged out homepage.

Kind regards,
I always have difficulty logging on to the secure section of the website, it simply refuses time after time to recognise my password. As a result of this I have changed my password at least 20 times but the situation doesn't get better. I prefer TopCashback to Quidco, but the problem often leads to me buying through Quidco instead!
Barry Holden
  08 Apr 14 - 18:23
  Hi Barry,
I can have a look at this for you.
Couly you send in an email to marked fao John, confirming your password. We'll then be able to check and test some things for you, and hopefully get this resolved. Many thanks, John
I can only login and see the overview but not the customer support. I had to login again by this stage but it said that "oops login fail" and yet my account is still login. What is happening to my account. I cannot get in to the customer support. This is very frustrating as this is my third attempt on contacting you.
  24 Mar 14 - 23:15
  Hi there,

You can get in touch with our Support Team using the 'Contact Us' form which is available from your logged out homepage -

Could you include in your message details of the device and browser that you are using?

Hopefully we can get you back in to all the areas of your account.

Kind regards,
I wanted to raise a customer support ticket but I keep going round and round in circles. I have tried logging in and out. I have also unticked the "remember me" box but I cannot advance further. Help!!
  24 Mar 14 - 00:44
Contrary to what Samantha says below, it is now impossible to use the contact pages to complain about this if you cannot login. And, of course, logging in still doesn't work.

Since this mechanism has been basically broken for a year, isn't it time it was fixed? Why should one have to change browsers to use TCB?
  23 Mar 14 - 15:16
  Hi there,

There is a contact us form for members to use to get in touch with us in these situations which can be accessed via the logged out homepage here -

Could you include the device and browser that you are using in your message when contacting us?

Hopefully we can assist in getting this resolved for you.

Kind regards,
I can't get in to send you a spport ticket, so how on earth am I supposed to get help?????
Please email me -
  21 Mar 14 - 19:21
  Hi there,

You can use one of our contact us forms which you can access on your logged out homepage here -

Could you let us know which browser and device you are using within your message also?

Hopefully we can be of assistance.

Kind regards,
I cannot log in to these pages on Mac Chrome now - never a problem until a few days ago. Safari still works for me. Fortunately. I am a Plus member.
  21 Mar 14 - 15:29
Why does this continue to be a problem when it is clearly a Firefox incompatibility.
  19 Mar 14 - 16:40
Following my earlier comment I have now received a response asking for more details of the problem --using a link provided.
Guess what I can't do this because I can't navigate beyond the log in stage to enable me to do so !!

Almost laughable.
  18 Mar 14 - 16:35
  Hi there,

You should see an option in your email to respond to us via a 'contact us' form which you can do on your logged out homepage. You can also find this on your account following this link -

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that we are able to assist with this issue.

Kind regards,
Keeps asking me to loggin but an logged in and can't go any further please help!
  17 Mar 14 - 16:10
So infuriating --like so many can't proceed through after logging in ! Just clears my password and goes round in circles. From what I can see its been going on for months . Pathetic.
  17 Mar 14 - 15:55
Please sort out problem with signing in. My account comes up but I am unable to go any further. No payments, customer care or anything else.
  17 Mar 14 - 12:07
I can log into my account but not the payments section. Please sort.
  17 Mar 14 - 07:02
Same problem can no longer get my money
  15 Mar 14 - 11:52
I need to log on to my account to use some money,frastrating
  14 Mar 14 - 14:53
I need to log on to my account to use some money,frastrating
  14 Mar 14 - 14:52
Hi - i'm also unable to log in to Customer Care - have tried logging out fully, unchecking the remember me box etc... - Still cannot log in.
  02 Feb 14 - 16:14
  Hi there.

I am sorry to hear that you are not able to log in to the customer care section on your profile.

Have you tried using a diferent browser at all?

If you find that this issue is still occurring, could you kindly get back in touch?

Kind regards,
I cannot log in any more .My membership is not plus and I am still waiting for cashback after 6 months.
  31 Jan 14 - 16:20
  Hi there.

I can see that we have now downgraded your account to Classic Membership for you.

Are you still experiencing any difficulties logging into your account?

If so , please let me know and I will be able to advise further.

In regards to your transaction, could you contact us via a support ticket regarding this? We will then be able to look into this further for you.

Kind regards,
Can't log in to customer care to check a support ticket. Why????
  21 Jan 14 - 11:00
  Hi there.

I am sorry to hear that you cannot log in to view your support ticket.

Could you kindly try logging out of your account completely, then logging back in again.

If you have your TopCashback account set to remember me, it will ask you for your password when you try to access certain parts of your account.

If you find that you are still experiencing problems accessing your support ticket after this, then please get back in touch.

Many thanks,
Can't log in????
  14 Jan 14 - 16:11
I have tried for an hour to unsubscribe from your entire site without
Sucess. Tried changing my password but repeatedly asks me to sign in and visit my profile which I do then it all tarts over again

Please help
  11 Jan 14 - 16:32
Won't let me log in to look at my profile even though i'm logged in
  11 Jan 14 - 10:21
Have reset pasword still cant log in to customer care what is going on?? This is awful service you have made errors when updating your security. Get it sorted out!!
  10 Jan 14 - 14:37
I have had an email asking me to access 'customer care' when doing so I am asked to log in, which I do, then ends up in a loop. Unable to access customer care because of this
  08 Jan 14 - 19:56
I am logged into my account but have had an email to tell me to go to customer care and that won't let me log in ?????
  30 Dec 13 - 09:20
Can't get unsubscribed just get repeat message about need to log in how do I escape???
  29 Nov 13 - 20:46
Log in once - to get to customer care have to log in again and then I am asked to login. I must point out that this doesnt happen if I log in via Internet Explorer only when I go via Firefox. Tried unticking rememeber me box but do difference
  18 Nov 13 - 17:55
  Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch.

This sounds like a problem with your browser settings on FireFox.

Are you happy to continue using a different browser on your computer? If not I would suggest checking your security settings on FireFox.

Kind regards,
Have changed password and reset and still cant get into payments. Can you help please
  23 Oct 13 - 16:36
  Please can you try unticking the remember me button on your account if this is still a problem please email

Many thanks,
Cannot log in to secure areas. Looks like this fault was raised in July. Now mid Oct and still not sorted.
  20 Oct 13 - 09:49
  Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Please kindly submit a support ticket and we will look at this.

Many thanks,
How do I set up an account recommended by my daughter
  18 Oct 13 - 23:51
  Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Please can you click on your daughters link and then create your account.

Many thanks,
I had to change my password and still I cant get into lodge a missing payment from policydirect which is there but not the money which is now about payable
  16 Oct 13 - 17:11
  Hi there, I can't see why this isn't working for you. Can you try a different web browser and email into if you have no luck? Many thanks, John
The only way I could contact you was to use this page. I have changed my password and still cant get in to the customer care page. I need to lodge a purchase of £399 for pc World on the 13th October.

Thank you
  15 Oct 13 - 07:46
  Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Please can you email with 2 merchants in your account and we will provide account details.

Many thanks,
I'm only searching for a supplier and it asks me to log in again even though i'm already logged in. I can't search for any company without the inconvenience of logging in again when I already am.
  12 Oct 13 - 09:25
Hi everyone,

If you are still finding that you are unable to log-in, can you please email with a couple of examples of recently visited merchants?

Many thanks,
  11 Oct 13 - 08:22
Cannot log in on new system. Still waiting for cashback from more than
  08 Oct 13 - 12:11
Having left it a week, I came back to try and get my amazon gift voucher. I can stll long in fine to the website, but again cannot log into the new secure area, I know my password, it just does not work. Well done TCB for making your site so secure its unusable, I shall return to usng your well known competitor when I want to earn cashback as they have thankfully not introduced a totally unecessary double login requirement that nodoby asked for.
  05 Oct 13 - 22:25
I cannot get past the new login security check. I have tried so many times. Who can help please?
  02 Oct 13 - 21:28
And like everyones said it doesnt even work, ive just now manually typed my email and address 3x and it didnt work. Cant access that part of my account now. Please remove this silly change that nobody asked for.
  02 Oct 13 - 21:20
I dont agree, it makes the site really annoying to use now, if I was concerned I would not have set it up to remember my password in the furst place idd just untick the box and type it each time. Please TCB putit back to how it was before.
  02 Oct 13 - 21:16
Will not let me log on to customer sevice area so that I can check progress of a old claim even though im logged on as a customer on main part :/
  02 Oct 13 - 18:29
I am trying to log into your secure section but it is not accepting the password I have used to get into my account. Am I doing something no wrong ?
  29 Sep 13 - 22:25
I agree with the comment that people generally don't share computers these days, other than with immediate family perhaps. How many people would go to an internet cafe to log on to this website? Not many I bet. Yes, I think this measure is nothing short of overkill on the security front.
  25 Sep 13 - 13:13
I have tried to access my account as I know I had cash back waiting but when ii signed in it looks like I am visiting your page for the first time and my purchase history has gone
  24 Sep 13 - 21:31
Do people really share computers anymore? This change seems to have been born in the era of cyber cafes. A step backwards in my view, let me decide how secure I want my profile to be, don't force it on me.
  23 Sep 13 - 13:11
I'm already on the site to validate a purchase it asks me to sign in again then refuses me entry.
  22 Sep 13 - 15:04
I ma trying to log into your secure section for which I can't remember my password, however you system isn't send me a email to reset my password. What can I do to get back into my account etc?
  17 Sep 13 - 11:25
  Hi GWiz,

I'm sorry to hear this. Can you please send us an e-mail to Please list two merchants that we can expect to see on your account and we'll hopefully have you up and running again in no time.


I have been making purchases and the cashback I earn shows but its nearing a year now and none of the money has been paid to me yet?How long before I can have access to the money I have earned by purchasing through your site?
  15 Sep 13 - 13:49
  Hi pinkiya1,

I've had a look at this for you. You have some Payable cashback that is ready for you to request as pay-out - you just need to go to your Payments page to do this :) The rest of your transactions are all within their estimated payable speeds, which you can view by visiting your Earnings > Cashback by Date.

I hope this helps.

No idea what my login details are as were prepopulated on my (very safe) computer, so now not able to access the areas you consider secure. However, have no problem with my (two) banks who I would assume would have a much greater need for security. Will use Quidco in future as I cannot be bothered with companies who think they know better than their customers.
  13 Sep 13 - 10:39
  Hi yoshi,

Our security features have been implemented for the benefit of our members, so I am sorry that you feel they're unnecessary. If you e-mail in to listing two merchants that we can expect to find on your account we'll happily help to get you back up and running.


I would just like to say after all the moans on here keep up the good work!
  07 Sep 13 - 20:24
I would just like to say after all the moans on here keep up the good work!
  07 Sep 13 - 20:23
I book into my account and want to change an email address. Asked to reput pw in and do so to find no access to the section that allows changes whilst still able to access payment, earnings etc. What is the point? Either I have put correct password in or not. Now the old email address is dead, having sacked last provider, and changing email address on TCB if I ever manage to get that far will probably have barriers such as access to the non existant email address. Why do I bother?
  03 Sep 13 - 09:28
  Hi danger_Mouse_Deb,

I'm sorry to hear how frustrated you are. Can you kindly send us a Support Ticket in and we'll happily look into this for you?


I can't log into the secure payments or customer care part of the site. I see that this has affected many people before me. What's happening TCB???
  02 Sep 13 - 14:53
  Hi cheekyferret71,

Can you please e-mail in to detailing your issue? Most of the members that have been affected are now all up and running again so we'll hopefully be able to help you with this too.


Very disappointed with TopCashback. You advertise a cashback for morethan insurance on your front page, I click on it, I buy insurance and am now told that the amount payable is £0.00 when it should be £65.65. This is nothing but a con
  25 Aug 13 - 07:25
  Hello tilleysm,

Sometimes cashback can sadly be declined by the merchant which may well have happened here. Please lodge a Missing Cashback claim and we'll hopefully be able to investigate and challenge the merchant's decision. I can assure you that this is in no way a con and the majority of transactions made through TopCashback are tracked and paid successfully.


Why why why? It's standard procedure to be able to choose to remember log-in on computers which are in a secure and private location! Why do you think you know better than the accepted norm? It's just a nuisance which we should be able to opt out of. Please put it back as it was.
  19 Aug 13 - 22:25
  Hi there, thanks for your feedback. This is intended to prevent situations where someone may be set to 'remember me', but someone else may have access to the saem pc. Under our old system, they would have been able to access secure pages. We have tried to make this as unintrussive as possible by only requiring you to do this on secure pages and once per session. Many thanks, John
Also cannot log in to payments page, despite my login details being saved. Quite frustrating!Have now changed password three times, without success!!!!
  17 Aug 13 - 15:42
  Hi there, can you email with a few examples of recently visited merchants? We can then your password details with you. Even if you are set to 'remember me' you will now have to manually log in when you visit a secure page. This will only happen once per sessions, however.
Many thanks,
Cant log on to secure website very annoying2
  14 Aug 13 - 21:21
  Hi there,
Can you email in to We can look at this for you and will be able to discusss passord details over email. Many thanks, John
Hi guys,

I'm sorry to hear some of you are still experiencing log-in issues. From what I can see, those of you that are e-mailing in to are getting your issues resolved so for any one that's still having problems, please can you let us know at this e-mail address?

I know it probably feels like a nuisance having to log-in again when accessing more sensitive pages of your account. This extra security measure ensures that if someone comes across a computer or device where you're still logged in to your TopCashback account, they won't be able to access any of your sensitive data without providing your password first.

We look forward to your e-mails at and to hopefully resolving any errors you're encountering. Please accept apologies for any convenience caused.


  11 Aug 13 - 12:24
No longer able to access security sites with my usual password! Very frustrating. Baffled.Lilactree
  10 Aug 13 - 17:21
Been trying to log in for over a week now. Not able to authenticate my account and receive no email to do this either. Waiting on a response from TCB......So very frustrating!
  10 Aug 13 - 15:56
Been trying all week to access payments but still no luck just keep asking me to log in.
  10 Aug 13 - 12:22
Increased security... But to what level - so secure you cant log in.... What dire customer service... Didin't Top Cashback test this before implementing. Really really annoying and frustrating
  09 Aug 13 - 16:53
It's a complete waste of time, because I have my browser setup so that my email address and password fields are prepopulated, so even though there is an extra security screen to access certain pages, the details are already typed out. It's a real inconvenience that we have to click through again though and is not an improvement at all. Unless you have been experiencing lots of losses through fraud recently, would you like to clarify if you have?
  08 Aug 13 - 12:39
Locked out now for seven days. Only advice given is to use a different browser. I have used a friend's computer which operates a different system and still cannot access my account. This is totally unacceptable and I would like someone from TCB to explain when this will be fixed and how we can access our own money!
  07 Aug 13 - 11:20
  Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear how frustrated you are and that you still can't access your account. Can you please e-mail back in to explaining this and we will try our best to advise further.

The majority of our members haven't experienced an issue like this so I really hope we can get this resolved for you.


All too often people want to try and re-invent the wheel and what do they find ? I don`T need to tell you, we all know wheels are still round. Why then did TCB feel the need to tamper with the security settings? Do us all and yourselves a favour and put it back to the way it was and stop changing things just for the sake of it.
  06 Aug 13 - 20:58
  Hello ebineezer,

I'm sorry you feel this way but I can assure you that the security changes are an improvement to our site and they will benefit all of our members. There is logic behind the changes and they really are intended as a positive improvement for our members.


Hi everyone,

For the members who have posted since my last message - please can you e-mail in to Please detail exactly what is happening when you try to log in to your account/Access certain pages.

We've introduced this improvement to our site security for the benefit of all of our members. Our site now offers an extra level of protection and we can only apologise if it's causing a few of you some hiccups at the moment. We're still looking into this and your feedback by e-mail will be extremely helpful.


  06 Aug 13 - 12:09
Change it back!!
  05 Aug 13 - 23:46
I go to help, cant log in, ask to contact and it sends me back to log in, and I want to report that my cash back has been declined, am very frustrated as only went to that merchant because cashback was offered? Please help
  05 Aug 13 - 22:17
Although I can log in then when I go into my payable part tells me to log in again and then refuses me to enter again .
  05 Aug 13 - 22:12
I can't access customer care even though I enter my password.I can access the rest of the site. This is very annoying. When will I be able to log into the secure parts of the site. If I can't gain access soon. I will leave & Use another cashback site!
  05 Aug 13 - 18:58
Hi everyone,

I'm really sorry to hear how displeased you guys are with our recent security improvements. We really have tried to cause as little disruption as possible and we feel that this is a great and necessary change to our site that will help improve the experience you have with our site.

We're looking into why some of you seem to be experiencing log-in errors. We appreciate your comments and feedback and I can assure you that they will not go unheard.

For now, can any one who is experiencing log-in issues please e-mail in to

We're really sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you but please be assured that the overall security benefits of this improvement to our site really are worthwhile.


  05 Aug 13 - 11:40
I, too, dislike this new "security" feature. We were not advised about this before the change took place, were not given the chance to give our thoughts on the change or the chance to opt out of it. Its really annoying to have to keep signing in to check certain pages. If we only ever use one means of access which is owned by one person and is never used in a public place then this new "security" measure is a joke and a waste of time to have to keep doing. It also sounds like it has messed up many members' accounts (thankfully mine is ok) and this is not good enough. Tcb have loyal members and the chance to voice our opinion and being given the option of opting in/Out would have been a courtesy.
  05 Aug 13 - 08:49
Payments login enter email address and password said password wrong changed password updated still wrong.
  05 Aug 13 - 07:27
This is the most ridiculous thing i've ever came across. What is the point of logging in when i'm already logged in.

Have to say really annoyed!
  04 Aug 13 - 20:27
I don't really see the point to this as I only log on to TCB from my laptop. There should be an opt-out option because i'm finding it really annoying to have to enter my password each time I want to see selected pages!
  03 Aug 13 - 21:18
Hi, I cannot login to payments or customer care. Why is this please?
  02 Aug 13 - 21:29
Unable - despite resetting my password (although the one I put in was correct!) To access the customer care I need to do this to nudge a claim to Legal & General as now 3 months and it still is tracking at zero not happy
  02 Aug 13 - 13:26
Not loving this change by TCB....Please roll back to the original security setup.
  02 Aug 13 - 13:11
The only help via contacts that I have been given is to use another browser. Don't really want to download another browser on the off chance!
  02 Aug 13 - 09:06
Me too. Despite what John says, this problem has to be due to this new security barrier!
  02 Aug 13 - 08:31
I cannot access my payments page as it wont accept my log in details
  02 Aug 13 - 00:23
Also cannot log in to payments page, despite my login details being saved. Quite frustrating!
  01 Aug 13 - 15:47
Doesn't give an error message just resets page. Annoying!
  01 Aug 13 - 15:08
I can't log in either
  01 Aug 13 - 11:27
Wont let me log in either
  01 Aug 13 - 10:55
Hi everyone,

It sounds like your log in issues are unrelated to the new security feature, but I can help you with this.

Can you email letting us know exactly what happens when you try to log in?

Many thanks,
  01 Aug 13 - 09:43
I cant login & Have changed password but wont login??????????????
  01 Aug 13 - 08:34
I also tried to log in on this page although i'm already logged in but won't in!
  01 Aug 13 - 07:48
I also tried to log in on this page although i'm already logged in but won't in!
  01 Aug 13 - 07:48
Wont let me log in to customer care although im already logged in on my account. Whats going on???????????
  31 Jul 13 - 17:11
More often than not lately the login fails and is proving increasingly frustrating.
  31 Jul 13 - 12:19

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