How is TopCashback being green and helping the environment

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Green Business Initiatives

You might be wondering what we do here at TopCashback to stay as green as we can. We have a number of initiatives to try and reduce our impact. Here are a few of the things we have in place.

We have a dedicated Green Team

Our Green Team are passionate about the environment, and they are always coming up with ways we can be greener. They provide us with a stream of new ideas, to make our current regimes as efficient as possible.

Recycle, recycle, recycle

Recycle bag

We all do it at home so why not do it in the office too! Well, that is what we thought anyway. There are a number of ways in which we go about it.

We have recycling points in every section of the office to separate out each type of waste.

When the time comes for emptying these, we use a company called Veolia. They send nothing to landfills. They transform all our waste into fertilizer and energy.

All our sanitary waste is taken by a company called PHS.

They provide us with recycled toilet rolls and have partnered with Viridor which will divert customer waste from landfills into power generation. They are also working to clean up our oceans from plastic waste.

Even our crisps packets get special treatment

Terracycle recycles the unrecyclable. All our crisp, sweet, and foil packets, which aren’t locally available to recycle, go into special bins. It is all then recycled and sold to companies who will reuse it to make something new again.

Water, water everywhere with plenty of drops to drink

Drinking Water

We have thought about the best ways to cleverly reduce our water consumption.

We use water stop timers. These are helpful to reduce wastage in case of a leak. On top of this, if any taps are accidentally left on the water will stop being wasted after the cut-off time.

Our main office is based in Stafford, which has very hard water.

To make our drinking water a viable option for some of our fussier employees, we have added water softeners to our taps. This also makes our washing-up liquid more effective at cleaning, so it lasts longer.

Even electricity is re-useable

We use a company called Drax for all our energy. They are the UK’s largest source of renewable electricity. They are also developing an option for carbon-negative electricity using bioenergy carbon capture and storage.

All of our lighting has been replaced with energy-efficient bulbs. This means we can pave a brighter future for cashback whilst keeping our energy consumption to a minimum.

We love to give new life to our old equipment

Computer and Laptop

We send all our unused office equipment such as desks and chairs to charity to be used in schools and offices or recycled.

Stone Group takes all our broken technology equipment. They then repair it and send it to places like schools and universities. They pay us a small fee for this, and we then donate this to charity.

We stay local when we can

We use local contractors and suppliers wherever possible to limit our carbon footprint and support the local economy.

Our local milkman, ADW Milk, provides us with local milk for our caffeine addictions. What is even more fantastic is that they are plastic-free. They collect our unused glass bottles, re-use them and recycle any cardboard options that we order.

We have an award-winning Green Cashback Category

Green Cashback Category

If you are wondering if you can get cashback from green companies, then the answer is … YES!

Our Green Cashback feature has also been commended in the Consumer’s Choice category at the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards. It features brands that have been rated against specific criteria using the Ethical Consumer’s Database. We hope it helps you to find brands that support sustainable or ethical choices and gain a little cashback.

Visit our Green Cashback section to see if there is anything you might like.

Watch this space for more updates. We have more ideas and projects in the works to improve our green efforts even further.

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