How cashback can pay for a honeymoon

Posted on 10 May 2021 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates
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Mark & Iain used their cashback to pay for their honeymoon

Meet the couple who used cashback to pay for their honeymoon.

The dream honeymoon often comes with a hefty price tag. As wonderful as all the extras to make it a ‘once in a lifetime’ trip may seem, costs pile up and it can begin to feel just that – a dream.

Yet, with a bit of planning and shopping in ways that maximise your spending, you may just be able to do it. Much like our well organised and savvy member, Marc, and his husband Iain.

Mark & Iain

For our savvy couple, their dream holiday cost a staggering £0 for a two-week honeymoon to Orlando worth £3,600 – including flights, accommodation and entertainment. You might be wondering how they did it; by booking all their wedding and previous holidays through TopCashback.

Marc and his husband Iain, have been members of TopCashback since 2008 and at the time of the wedding had earned nearly £7,000 in cashback. All it took was some clever booking which Marc admits did take extra time and effort while planning, but it really paid off. Marc stored up some of his cashback earnings and ensured he booked as much of the wedding as he could through TopCashback.

When asked if he has any tips for anyone else out there wanting to get the most of saving while spending Marc said “As for tips, subscribe for emails to be alerted to top deals. Install the mobile phone app and ALWAYS make it a point to check if you can find a product or service from a retailer that offers cashback with TopCashback”

“When shopping around we often go by a combination of higher-paying retailers that offer good service versus those that just offer good service.”

He estimates that the flight and accommodation in Orlando would have cost them £2,100 alone before cashback, with another additional £1,500 for food and entertainment.

The trip was well worth the effort and the couple feel it would have been difficult to pay for the honeymoon without the cashback. They now tend to convert most of their cashback into Avios points as it is much easier to get great flights at a lower cost with BA by doing so.

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