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Posted on 20 Mar 2020 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates
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We are in worrying times currently. Panic buying is stripping our stores and many of us may have had to start working from home, TopCashback included. We promise it isn’t all doom and gloom and we are here to help. Whilst it is an important time to stick to budgets when uncertainty is in the air, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a few new home comforts to help you brighten the four walls of your home.

Get the right tools sorted.

We are experiencing this first-hand here, as many of us are now toggling the heating bills and keeping the coffee stocked at home. As we are sure many of you have been feeling the effects of having to jump on a video call and realising you are still in your pyjamas, looking like your hair has been dragged through a hedge. Your beloved pet attacking your equipment like their new play toy. Maybe even a family member announcing they need a wee whilst you are debating a serious issue with the boss, believe us we have been there. There are things that can help make home feel more natural and enhance your space.

Firstly, it is important to get a space where there are less distractions so you can focus and have the right tools for the job. Consider whether you have space for a practical desk, do you have the right stationary? There are some fab cashback deals so have a little shop around our Office and Business section and get what you need for a good deal.

Why not consider grabbing some cheap but effective things to pop around your space to make it feel more human and alive. Photos of loved ones, or even the work colleagues you are missing, can really enhance your space and push you to keep that motivation high. We are definitely missing each other and trying to get on as many video calls in as possible. Have a look at printed photos or frames here.

Brighten the space with foliage.

Flowers are also a very simple trick to brighten the place you have decided to call the office for the foreseeable. They bring a fresh new smell and you can choose all your favourite colours to make you smile as you work, plus you can have them delivered straight to your door. Or you can send some to a work colleague or family member and brighten their day. Have a peek and see which bunch is your favourite.

Missing the background noise of the office?

Music is also a great way to get some background noise in without being too distracting, who knew we would miss the hum of office so much. We are still upset the Mulan movie won’t be a musical, but you can get some cashback finding the old soundtrack, subscriptions or new music.

Stay illuminated

Lighting is important in the work area, so if you don’t have a great set up then it can really set you back. It might be worth having a little think to see if you can get a bit extra lighting with cashback, if it is within your budget.

The best advice we think we can give is to stick as closely as possible to your normal routine. Create a comfortable work area, shut out distractions and remember to still take your breaks.

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