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Posted on 21 Aug 2015 Posted in  'How To' Articles
Home and Garden DIY

Looking to update your home or garden? Hopefully these inexpensive home hacks will help to spruce up and add a little style into your home and garden without costing a table and a leg (excuse the pun)! Looking at current trends it’s quite clear that the homely vibes of a rustic and vintage theme are the most popular choice. Whether you prefer collecting pieces or want a more inspiring blank canvas, hopefully each one of our ideas can provide you with a littleinspirationto add a touch of style. If you need any materials for the below projects they can all be found via us – don’t forget to include your cashback for some truly unique and savvy savings. http://www.topcashback.co.uk/home-and-garden/cashback/

Out with the old and not so in with the new, let’s get started ….

Apple Crate Planter – A great accessory that can be used inside and out. Add a touch of vintage chic inside the home and create a side table for a lamp of a coffee table to rest rural reads and cute coffee cups. Another option is to turn it on its side (these crates often already have separators which can be used for shelving) and this can be used to display eye catching accessories. Lastly you can also opt to take the crate outside, add a touch of soil, a sprinkle of seeds and create a pretty paradise filled with your favourite flowers and shrubs.


Wooden Shelf Ladders – Most households already contain ladders for doing those ‘hard to reach’ jobs but over the years, especially if they’re wooden they can deteriorate and due to health and safety would no longer be suitable to withhold body weight (no matter how much of a skinny minnie you are it’s just not worth the risk). To rescue these ladders and put them to good use why not separate them into 2 halves? The half made for steps can be fixed or lent against the wall and the platform for your feet can be transformed into rustic looking shelves for you to display your accessories on or to use as a bookcase to store your favourite reads.


Gallery Wall Mirrors/Frames– For this design persistence is key. As you hang the first few items of your choice you may start questioning the look but stick at it as it all comes together. For this we would recommend using no less than 5 different pieces. They can be similar in colour but it’s good to add a mixture of size, patterns, textures and shapes for a dramatic finish. The rules can be thrown out of the window as the more different pieces you add the better the finished effect will look. Ideally this works best on either an exposed brick wall or a rustic looking wallpaper but if you haven’t got either don’t despair we’ve seen some pretty incredible examples on a painted wall too!


Wicker baskets - From the old unusable laundry/ironing baskets to fruit and vegetable containers, wicker baskets are great accessories to use within the home to add a rustic feel to the inside or a contemporary talking point to the garden. If used inside you can use them to store logs for a fire burner or blankets for those cold and chilly nights. Alternatively add this classic storage solution  outside and fill with soil to plant your favourite buds and shrubs in ready for the springseason?


Bird Cages – If you had a feathered friend who’s sadly no longer around then make use of their previous home and celebrate their time with you by filling their cage with beautiful blooms and gorgeous greens. They can be hung outside or placed on a garden table as a talking point for BBQ’s and family get-togethers. To complete your home with a touch of warmth, your old birdcage can also be cleaned out and filled with a collection of pillar candles to add a modern finish.


 Driftwood Garland– If you’re lucky enough to live by the beach these can be collected by hand but if not you can also pick them up at local D.I.Y stores or online. Ideally they need to be similar in length, it’s not imperative but it is ideal for the finished look otherwise you may run the risk or walking in to one of the larger pieces as you brisk past where it’s hung. First take your pieces of drift wood and drill a hold in the centre of each piece (we would recommend at least 10 pieces onwards) then take a piece of rope and tie a knot or two at one end. After that simply thread through your pieces of drift wood and then you’re ready to hang this inside or outside the home for an accessory with a difference!


Tealight Top Tip – If you have vanilla scented tea lights hanging around in your cupboard and they excite you as much as the morning posts then we have the solution for you! Simply place then in a bowl full of coffee with beans and you’ll soon be in the presence of a French vanilla coffee aroma.

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