Highest Cashback Guarantee

Highest Cashback Guarantee

Did you know?

TopCashback offers its members a fantastic way to earn more cashback than they would have earned on any other cashback site! A lot of members are not aware that we offer a "Highest Cashback Guarantee", where we will beat any of our competitors cashback rates.

We have a simple link that you can use from our customer care section on site. From there you can simply provide us with the relevant information, and within a few days your cashback will be updated on each valid claim.

Not only that, we will beat any valid cashback rate you can find. Classic members receive up to 1% cashback top-up and Plus members receive a up to 5% extra cashback bonus - one of many benefits to using TopCashback that we're proud of. 

Why would you want to use TopCashback?

You can then move on to worrying about more important things in life, like how you would spend the cashback you have earned! Receive your cashback through  a choice of over 20 pay out methods including Amazon.uk.uk gift cards!


twominutemonkey21 Mar 21 - 07:47 Do you match the cashback price of Quidco plus membership offers? (Not just Quidco standard)

Yes providing you are a Plus member on TopCashback as well :) We do not match offers exclusive to Quidco however.

Best wishes,
cashback77i22 Aug 17 - 19:05 Hey Guys,
Can you clarify "Not only that, we will beat any valid cashback rate you can find. Classic members receive up to 1% Cashback top-up and Plus members receive a up to 5% Extra cashback bonus - one of many benefits to using TopCashback that we're proud of. "?

Is the topup bonus a bonus on the original purchase price, or only on the cashback amount? I.E. If the better cashback rate was 10% And you were matching it with a 1% Bonus, would you offer 10.1% Or 11% Cashback?
Hey cashback77i,

We are always working hard to get our members the best rates. Therefore for rates that are already unbeatable or with merchants where we have exclusive rates top up may not apply.

However, even when this is the case we will match the rates of the competiror and you can enjoy the bonus payout rates we have and all the other benefits of using our site :)

Best wishes,
Baldy_Man21 May 16 - 08:48 Why are there better rates from non-100% Cashback sites for ebay purchases?
Hey Baldy_Man,

We always pass on 100% Of the cashback rate we receive for each merchant. Sometimes sites (including us) can agree on exclusive rates but this does come under our Highest Cashback guarantee. In addition to this small cashback sites are not always seen by the merchants as a cashback site and so are part of a different commission rate. I do hope this clarifies everything.

Best wishes,
TopCashback Support
peters292913 May 16 - 18:51 One of your competitors offers cash back with ihg it would be good if you could offer cashback too. Also i've noticed you've stopped offering cashback with Hilton hotels.
Hannahruth13 May 16 - 17:41 Other sites offer Etsy cashback, would be good to see it offered on TCB too.
NormHowe21 Feb 16 - 13:58 I get a better rate of cashback from Utility warehouse their eBay cashback is 1.5% Where yours is 1.01%
Liz_Clark27 Jun 15 - 15:32 Hi i'm looking on the payout page to see about getting clubcard points but I can't find it. Please advise.

Kind regards

Mrs Clark
Hi Mrs Clark, it sounds like you will need to add your Clubcard number to your account and you will be able to do this via the following link:


I hope this helps and you can always get in touch with any further questions on a support ticket.

Best wishes,