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Posted on 11 Sep 2023 Posted in  Fashion, TopCashback Tips & Updates, Home & Garden
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Muddy Puddles Brand Spotlight blog

Muddy Puddles: no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong kit


Do you want to encourage your little ones to embrace the natural environment around them without spending hours scrubbing mud out of their clothes? Then maybe you need to kit your kids out with some outdoor gear from Muddy Puddles.

Muddy Puddles are passionate about helping children experience the great outdoors to the fullest.

Their clothing provides a protective outer layer to keep your little ones warm and dry, which means they’re free to keep running, jumping and playing until they tire themselves out (if you’re lucky).

Designed to protect children in all weathers, their products are made from high-quality, sustainable materials.

There are options for children of all ages, from newborns up to 12-year-old preteens, and each of their designs has been rigorously tested and perfected over the years. Along the way, clever features such as yank-proof zips and adjustable straps have been added, to ensure the clothing lasts longer than it takes for your child to outgrow it.

And if you’re hoping to get your kids rainy-day-ready this September, we’re offering TopCashback members an exclusive 12%* cashback when they shop with Muddy Puddles via our site.

Muddy Puddles: no such thing as bad weather

The Muddy Puddles story


The Muddy Puddles brand was founded by a UK mum who knew her kids needed the right gear if they were going to be able to truly enjoy playing outside without ruining their clothes in the process.

And so, the first Muddy Puddles all-in-one waterproof suit was born.

What began with a simple splash suit has evolved into a one-stop shop for sustainable, long-lasting children’s outerwear. Their range of products includes rain jackets, winter coats, waterproof dungarees, wellies and more, with a range of colourful unisex designs to bring a smile to your child’s face.

You can also buy a range of winter warmers, from bobble hats to neck warmers and ski gloves. When summer rolls around, Muddy Puddles have a selection of UV-protective swimwear and sun hats to choose from.

The Muddy Puddles story

Find the right products for your family’s needs


From running around the school playground to climbing trees in the back garden, Muddy Puddles products help broaden their possibilities when it comes to exploration and play.

Whether your child needs a fleece-lined waterproof jacket that’s both warm and breathable or a pair of insulated dungarees they can wear over their everyday clothes, you’ll have plenty of options.

Every product is bright and eye-catching, which will help you keep an eye on your little ones from a distance while they’re off adventuring.

Designs include lightning bolts, rainbows, moon and stars and puffins, in a variety of colourways. With this much choice, we’re sure your child will fall in love with their new waterproofs.

Muddy Puddles outdoor clothing that’s sustainable and practical

Outer clothing that’s as sustainable as it is practical


As one of only 20 Certified B Corporation fashion and footwear companies in the whole of the UK, Muddy Puddles are waving the flag for sustainable, eco-friendly clothing. Every aspect of their business, including the materials they use and the factories they work with, has been rigorously assessed in order to receive this recognition.

They’re also a pioneer in recycled fabrics and innovative technology. In fact, 73% of Muddy Puddles’ clothing collection is made from recycled fabrics that have been certified by Global Recycled Standard.

Each item is designed to be loved, grown out of, and then passed on to someone smaller. The aim? To keep each product out of landfill for as long as possible.

As one of the first adopters of recycled fabrics, many of their products are made from post-consumer plastic bottles. Their ever-popular PuddleFlex puddle suit is made from 64 recycled plastic bottles, while their EcoSplash jacket is made from 45, and their Rainy Day dungarees are made from 23.

To keep your children safe, Muddy Puddles use special coatings to ensure their products are toxic-free, as well as UV fabrics that protects against the sun’s rays.

So, for environmentally friendly outer clothing and accessories that’ll help your kids enjoy playing outside, check out the range at Muddy Puddles. Don’t forget we’re offering exclusive 12%* cashback at Muddy Puddles for TopCashback members.

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Photograph of the blog author, Becca Moody.

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