Save Money And Get Cheap Car Insurance

Posted on 27 May 2011 Posted in  Deals & Competitions
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Save Money And Get Cheap Car Insurance

No one likes paying for it, but if you drive a car then you have to have it, no questions asked! There are many factors to consider when it comes to car insurance. We hope this guide provides a useful summary to help you get the right car insurance at a discount price!

Your details (the basics)

As simple as it sounds, a small mistake in your address, date of birth, contact details or even your name can be costly. Many insurers charge an administration fee for an amendment to your policy, or even worse, it could invalidate your policy, which means your insurer won't pay up if you have an accident.

Your car

Be truthful about your car and make sure you tell them the exact model, even if it is a SuperFast640GTIM15-1 Special Edition that doesn't appear in the drop down list on their website! Also, if you're 18 and have just passed your test, it is advisable not to be hankering after anything that has a turbo or a large engine! To the mum's and dad's reading this, we are sure they will be coming to you for a loan if they do!

Insurance groups - Do you know which insurance group your car is in? There are 50 of them! With group 1 being the cheapest and group 50 the most expensive. Which insurance group your car is in depends on many factors, including engine size, and value.

Mileage - Many insurers quote you for driving approximately 10,000 miles a year. You can often reduce this amount if you do indeed travel less miles (DON'T LIE!) This can reduce your insurance quote as theoretically if you drive fewer miles then you are less likely to have an accident.

Modifications - This qualifies as ANYTHING that was not factory fitted when the car was originally sold. Guys, you may think that a wide arched body kit will impress the ladies, but it sure enough won't impress your insurers! If you want the cheapest car insurance, then modifications are a no go!

Types of Cover

There are three types of cover, these being third party only, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive.

Third party only - This just covers the expense of any third parties involved so your car will not be covered with this type of policy. You will have to either fund the repairs yourself or buy a new car if the worst happens!

Third Party fire and theft - This is the same as above, but YOUR car is insured against theft and damage by fire.

Fully comprehensive - This offers maximum protection. Yourself, and your car and any third parties involved will be covered.

It may be tempting to just go for third party cover, but do remember that you will be totally liable for ALL repairs to be carried out on YOUR car should you have an accident.

Your licence

If you have just passed your test then you need to be careful. If you accumulate 6 points in your first two years then you could find yourself having to take your driving licence again! It is crucial to declare any points on your license to your insurer. Points i.e. for speeding last 3 years ('active', which means they count towards the totting up procedure) and for another 12 months after that (inactive). However, you MUST declare any points you have received in the past 5 years to your insurer.

Additional drivers

If you are a young driver, then you can usually add a (responsible) second driver, i.e. your mum or dad to the policy as a NAMED driver to reduce your premium (these MUST actually drive the car) However, you MUST NOT say that someone else is the MAIN driver when they are not, with the intention for you to be the main driver, but get an experienced driver's no claims. This is known as 'fronting' AND IS ILLEGAL!! If you are found out (and they will make sure they do their research), then you will be liable for prosecution as it is FRAUD! They also won't pay out...GUARANTEED!

No Claims Discount (NCD)

You can accumulate NCD over years of safe and careful driving. The more no claims you have, then the more discount you can get when you renew your insurance. NCD can only usually be earned by MAIN drivers. However, some insurance companies sometimes allow NAMED drivers to earn their own NCD. Named driver discount though is not always transferable between insurance companies like MAIN driver discount.

How to pay

You are most likely to be given a choice of paying monthly or annually. Paying annually (one lump sum) is better value, as you're usually charged interest if you pay monthly. Some people however prefer the convenience of paying a bit off each month, and you should look out for Interest FREE offers!

How to find the best price

The cheapest isn't always the best value. Think about excesses! Both voluntary, and involuntary. A comparison will help to give a summary of the different excesses among insurers. Use one of our comparison sites to get a quote and earn cashback in the process...

Lastly, do not forget your cashback!

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We regularly have car insurance offers from many insurance companies, including Aviva Car Insurance, Hastings Car Insurance, More Th>n Car Insurance, RAC Car Insurance and many others! Cashback can help drive down the cost of your car insurance even more! (No pun intended!)

We hope you have found our guide to be useful. You may wish to keep it in a safe place or pass it onto a friend. Alternatively, if you wish to add your own helpful tips or advice on this topic then please feel free so to do so at the bottom.

Thanks and happy motoring!

The Top Cashback Team.

Please Note: This blog was written as an informal guide and is not financial advice. This blog was written to the best of our knowledge, but this information may be subject to change. Please check the information written here yourself before taking any action.

briskem128 May 2011, 16:04 I have the cheapest car,and 13 years ncb i'm in my early 60's do less than 7000 miles a year no points no convictions and guess what aviva and axa both want £800 plus ,so i'm sticking with lv at £211 fully comp protected , what planet do these other firms live on and the comparison sites take their cut so try this get what they offer then call ins company and ask for similar with discount!
boyabouttown28 May 2011, 11:59 I would be a bit wary - I am due £35 cash back re Budget car insurance dating back from October 2010. I went with budget because after the cash back it was the cheapest option, on reflection I think it was the wrong option.
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