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Posted on 13 Jul 2020 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates, Deals & Competitions
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If you’re looking to get your hands on great tasting, effective sports nutrition and performance supplements we’ve got a deal which will blow you away.

We’ve teamed up exclusively with global lifestyle brand Grenade to offer our members cashback on their amazing range of products.

Their healthier snacks, which offer maximum flavour, ensure there’s no need to compromise on taste while getting the results you need.

We’re offering you an exclusive 8% cashback* on all purchases. However, on July 14th, we’re bumping this up to 10%* for one day only, meaning you can save even more on their Active, Grenade Energy, Sports and Grenade Wear products.

Grenade Brand

The Grenade brand

Grenade are serious about creating the very best products they can for those who are serious about getting more out of life.

It’s a brand for those who don’t mind getting their hands dirty and their socks even dirtier — the type of people who don’t believe training should replace living and vice versa. The people who see the bigger picture and who are a life athlete.

Grenade’s mission is to inspire everyone to get more out of life.

Life athletes have more going on than just their gym timetable. They see fitness as a means to an end, not the end itself.

They come in all shapes and sizes but are united by their desire to make the most of who they are and to fill their lives with amazing, life-affirming experiences which come from feeling good in body and mind.

Grenade care about doing things properly and the consumers they do it for, whatever their goals might be.

As a result, they refuse to compromise on the ingredients and materials they use — or the attention to detail which sets them apart.

They also refuse to compromise on the attitude which makes them who they are. They do it their way, no anyone else’s.

Every product they make is made for their consumers’ whole life, not just the part which lives in the gym.

They don’t put fun before fitness, but never forget to enjoy themselves.

Now we’ve told you a bit about who Grenade are, let’s take a closer look at the products they offer.

Grenade Active


Grenade is the go-to brand in the active nutrition/healthy snacking market.

Thanks to their full range of high protein, low sugar products, they lead the way with a range of great tasting, healthy snacking products, such as Carb Killa protein bars, shakes and spreads.

Grenade Energy

You can take your everyday to the extreme with Grenade Energy, the sugar-free, functional energy drink which is naturally caffeinated with Coffeine.

It’s packed with natural caffeine and added electrolytes, BCAAs and vitamins to help fuel you through your day.

Whatever the day’s got in store, you can make sure you’ve got enough in your tank with Grenade Energy.

Grenade Sports


Grenade’s range of high-performance sports nutrition products support the needs of hard-training individuals.

You can Arm Yourself with trusted and innovative supplements for weight management, energy, recovery and wellness to help you achieve your training goals.

Grenade Wear

If you’re in need of some new gear to work out in, Grenade have you covered with their collection of classic wardrobe staples.

Whether you’re planning on smashing a morning HIIT session or just chilling on the sofa after a workout, they have everything you need — from men’s training shirts and shorts to women’s seamless leggings and crop tops.

Whatever you’re looking to get your hands on, you can earn yourself some exclusive Grenade cashback with us.

* these are the cashback rates for Plus members.


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