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We just wanted to keep our members updated on their transactions following the blog on 19th July stating that one of our major tracking networks had been put into administration which could have significantly impacted our members.

In line with our Fair Play Policy and our passion for putting our members first, we made the decision to pay out this cashback, totalling many thousands of pounds from our own pockets. After all, why should our members miss out?

We wanted to let you know that since this announcement, we have been working hard to progress all of the transactions from the affected tracking network (DGM) as normal and all of these valid transactions should now be payable on member's accounts - in fact you probably didn't notice any difference from your other transactions!

At Top CashBack, we really do value our members and we are committed to being the UK's Most Generous Cashback Site. We hope that this gesture goes some way to confirming this, especially after receiving feedback from some of our new members who confirmed that we were the only large cashback site to protect our members in this way.

Since the announcement, we have kept in contact with the administrators and it appears that the majority of this commission will not be forthcoming via the network. We would also like to send out our thanks to those retailers who have already paid us their shortfall in commissions. This means that they have actually had to pay up twice - once to the administrators and once to us. They agreed with us that our member's shouldn't miss out through no fault of their own!

As mentioned in our initial blog post, these transactions were paid by reallocating money from our marketing budget, so we have one real favour to ask on the back of these payments...

We would love it if our members could pull together and tell anybody who will listen about the benefits of Top CashBack, perhaps via Facebook, Twitter, forums etc. In the run up to Christmas, I'm sure you all know somebody who could benefit from the savings available at Top CashBack! After all, some of our competitors whose members have lost out due to this may instead be investing this money in large marketing campaigns! As a result, your help would be extremely important to making sure that Top CashBack remains the UK's Most Generous Cashback site and so we can continue to put our members (as opposed to our short-term profit) at the forefront of everything that we do!

We hope that you enjoy your cashback payments and thanks to all of our members for your loyalty and for continuing to recommend Top Cashback.

Best wishes
The Top Cashback Team
Posted on 07 Oct 2010  |  Posted in  Tips & Updates
Hi I have earned so much cash back! I have recommended the site to virtually everyone I know!! But people are soooooooooooo suspicious!! My daughter eventually saw the light but what is wrong with people??? Their loss im afraid! Keep up the good work! Maz
  01 Nov 10 - 23:02
Look after the customers, and the customers look after you,
  11 Oct 10 - 00:41
Just the best! I keep on telling everyone about this site. Keep up the good work!
  10 Oct 10 - 11:02
This is a deeply refreshing approach for a company to have.... Thanks for looking out for your members, despite what a faff it must be!
  09 Oct 10 - 08:11

Hello is my cash back available yet, you said end of sept.
  08 Oct 10 - 15:22
Not affected personally, but a fantastic call from TCB and the retailers! Really impressive given that it could have been easy to weasel out under the "cashback isn't guaranteed" t&C. I've recently brought several friends on as active members and will continue to spread the word :)

Do No Evil has worked well for Google - may the business karma work well for TCB too! :]
  08 Oct 10 - 11:44
I've placed the site details on a couple of parenting websites x
  08 Oct 10 - 10:53
Well done TCB for looking after members. It is a shame others do not do the same. It is rare to find such service these days.
  08 Oct 10 - 10:50
It is sites like yours which make people come back again and again. Lots of companies would think twice about their profits before passing anything down to us mere mortals. Thank you Topcashback. Here is one person who won't defect from your site whatsoever.
  08 Oct 10 - 09:52
Can you name and praise the companies that have agreed to pay the cashback twice?
  08 Oct 10 - 09:42
In an era where companies often hide behind any excuse how refreshing to be a member of a company that immiediately does does the right thing. I have already recommended Top Cash to my daughter (who ironically could be caught up in this situation) but I will go out of my way to further recemmend Top Cash Back. Ironman83 certainly chose the right title with such a hard comments.
  08 Oct 10 - 09:25
Lets not forget making this little gesture is in effect your "large marketing campaign!"

Nice work though.
  08 Oct 10 - 08:50
Fantastic ... Thank you :)
  08 Oct 10 - 08:19
Great performance on you...So I will deffo be spreading the word around!!!...Work in a huge shop part-time. They provide no incentives to staffs nor customers other than value prices...But like you said in the run-up to xmas I know its gonna get busy and I reach a lot of the customers...So I will be spreading the info by word of mouth to spread the joy of TopCashback to as many people as I can!!! Keep up the good work guys!!!...I mean the awesome work rather cuz this is a blessing!!!
  08 Oct 10 - 08:05
Not affected personally......But a big thumbs up for your actions (which as ever speak louder than words).
  08 Oct 10 - 07:10
Props to TopCashback, that's cool to hear - most members probably would have expected their cashback anyway and kicked off if/When they didn't get it, but the fact that you went straight ahead and made sure it got paid... Well that's neat :) i'll be spreading the word! Cheers!
  08 Oct 10 - 02:23

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