Black Friday with Best Western


Christmas is suddenly looming. We’ve seen (and cried at) all the Christmas adverts, the shops have been playing Christmas music since the beginning of November, your annoying organised friend has everything ticked off and wrapped already but you are no closer to completing your shopping than you were in July.

Fear not, because at the end of this week comes a saviour in the form of Black Friday (which sounds more sinister than it actually is.) It’s the day when global brands and popular internet companies post their Christmas offers online, so instead of pounding the streets looking for a bargain for Aunty Marjorie, you can sit at home, put the kettle on and shop until you drop (off).

And we think why should all your friends and relatives be the only ones to benefit from your hard work (ahem) this Black Friday? Why not treat the most important person in your life too? Tick off the shopping for all your nearest and dearest, then turn the attention to yourself. 

We’re very excited to say we have a partnership with Best Western offering up to 50% off our hotels for the run up to Black Friday, and booking a Best Western hotel with us could earn you up to £10.50 cashback as well as that amazing up to 50% off!

Best Western has the largest collection of independently run hotels in the UK so there are loads of amazing places to choose from and thousands of stories to share.

So whether you dodge the packed pavements and choose to make the most of Black Friday by surfing the sales from your sofa don’t forget to reward yourself too by making the most of this exclusive offer today.


To win 1 of 5 mini-breaks away to one of our hotels in Great Britain just tell us, ‘Honestly. When do you crack on with the Christmas shop?’ Comment your answer in the comments below by Wednesday 03rd December 2014 for your chance to win!

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Posted on 26 Nov 2014  |  Posted in  Christmas Ideas, 'How To' Articles, Deals & Competitions
We usually do ours the week before Christmas, but this year we're going to do it online and do it this Saturday
  04 Dec 14 - 16:40
I usually start to panic about a week before Christmas when I realise that I haven't bought anything at all!
  03 Dec 14 - 23:43
I have been known to start in the boxing day sales. If I haven't done at least half by August I start to get a little worried.
  03 Dec 14 - 22:52
Try and start after the summer...Ends up being about october
  03 Dec 14 - 22:49
I squirrel things away throughout the year whenever I see something that friends or family like at an unbeatable price - sometimes I start in the January sales, sometimes not until June, it depends whether I spot anything ....
  03 Dec 14 - 22:36
Usually start around November to get some early deals
  03 Dec 14 - 22:17
I start in January sales and buy bits throughout the year
  03 Dec 14 - 22:14
I save from about September, but only start shopping in December.
  03 Dec 14 - 22:10
I usually start in October
  03 Dec 14 - 21:19
I'm organised this year, started early November and have more or less finished. Although I don't have many people to buy for!
  03 Dec 14 - 19:36
1st week in Deember
  03 Dec 14 - 18:32
About a week before Christmas for me, i'm not very organised.
  03 Dec 14 - 18:10
I'm usually quite good and make a start in the New Year sales (if I have enough money left over)! I then have a "gift box" which I can dip into for birthday gifts during the year too if i've forgotten someone. It's so much easier and less stressful!
  03 Dec 14 - 17:34
I normally wait until I receive money for my Christmas from aunties and uncles etc then I buy Christmas presents for the children so to win this would be a dream !!
  03 Dec 14 - 17:15
  03 Dec 14 - 16:31
AFTER my daughters birthday I begin to look which is august!
  03 Dec 14 - 16:26
Middle of December usually
  03 Dec 14 - 16:09
Middle of December
  03 Dec 14 - 15:58
I usually start mid November.
  03 Dec 14 - 15:20
I usually buy bits all through the year when I see something that I know somebody would like - that way they get something suited to them, not something bought in a last minute mad panic!
  03 Dec 14 - 13:43
Normally start 1st week of December, and aim to finish by the 15th when the tree goes up
  03 Dec 14 - 12:48
Usually between mid November and Early December
  03 Dec 14 - 12:21
With 7 kids I have to start early so the end of October is when I usually start
  03 Dec 14 - 11:54
Try to start early but never happens but the good ole pound stores always comes to the rescue !!
  03 Dec 14 - 11:50
I normally get the odd present here and there from October but I do my main buying about 1 week before christmas.. I regret it every time!
  03 Dec 14 - 11:25
Always last minute mayhem here, normally some point in december in not organised ever
  03 Dec 14 - 10:46
About now. I'll start buying things this coming weekend, and should be all done with about a week to go before the big day.
  03 Dec 14 - 10:16
The start of December, normally ending up with a stressed trip on xmas eve.
  03 Dec 14 - 10:05
I pick up bits throughout the year however this year it's been mostly since november:)
  03 Dec 14 - 09:49
From about september onwards when all th birthdays have passed and I can concentrate on what to buy for xmas.
  03 Dec 14 - 09:49
I usually start around September and aim to have it all done by the end of November. I hate the mad rush and panic of December shopping!
  03 Dec 14 - 09:42
For me I start in September - I hate the rush at the end
  03 Dec 14 - 08:26
Beginning of december
  03 Dec 14 - 07:58
I start in September, as soon as the school uniforms have been sorted, I start my christmas shop and gets bits every week.
  03 Dec 14 - 07:57
I start in the January Sales and snap up any bargains then, for eagle-eyed friends and family, I unwrap any gift sets and wrap them up again, so i'm not accused of being a cheapskate!
  03 Dec 14 - 07:30
I'll be honest, I only start in the second week of december, just after I get my pension
  03 Dec 14 - 04:02
I start normally mid September
  03 Dec 14 - 02:49
Mid November
  03 Dec 14 - 00:42
I start with good intentions - finding one amazing gift early in the year, but then enthusiasm wanes and I am never finished until late december!
  03 Dec 14 - 00:01
I start in November and then have a last minute dash in December!
  02 Dec 14 - 23:45
Start thinking about it in October ready to hit the shops November
  02 Dec 14 - 23:39
Usually first week in December
  02 Dec 14 - 23:31
A week before Christmas
  02 Dec 14 - 23:28
I start in October :)
  02 Dec 14 - 23:14
I start in the january sales and buy throughout the year to spread the cost and keep costs down
  02 Dec 14 - 23:11
I try and be prepared so I can enjoy the festive season. If I see things during the year i'll get them then and there, no matter what month, but I guess November is when I do most of my shopping.
  02 Dec 14 - 23:09
Christmas Eve!!
  02 Dec 14 - 23:07
Usually the week before Xmas
  02 Dec 14 - 23:00
Very last minute
  02 Dec 14 - 22:57
About a week before
  02 Dec 14 - 22:57
  02 Dec 14 - 22:49
I am usually very unorganised but this year I have got quite a lot done already! I started in October x
  02 Dec 14 - 22:36
I start my Christmas shopping whenever I find a bargain...As early as the Jan sales!!
  02 Dec 14 - 22:17
Shop whenever I see a bargain in the sale as I like to keep the cost low :)
  02 Dec 14 - 21:59
I start in the christmas sales and try to pick up bargains all year round
  02 Dec 14 - 21:53
About two weeks before
  02 Dec 14 - 21:46
Bits and bobs throughout the year!
  02 Dec 14 - 21:41
It's all done :) by the end of November!
  02 Dec 14 - 21:40
November/December for me. Avoid heavily advertised gifts on a point of principle
  02 Dec 14 - 21:26
26th Dec, just when the online bargins start (they get earlier every year)
  02 Dec 14 - 21:25
I'm a usually leave til the last minute kinda girl, but i'm quite proud of myself as this year I started in June and I only have one more to buy!
  02 Dec 14 - 21:22
I start in August... Got to be organised!
  02 Dec 14 - 21:04
Mid November
  02 Dec 14 - 21:02
Panic mode usually hits once December starts!
  02 Dec 14 - 21:00
I only start in December- December 1st and i'm in the shops!
  02 Dec 14 - 21:00
I start mid November. Just in time for delivery in December.
  02 Dec 14 - 20:33
Honestly, im looking for next christmas in the january sales for run of the mill stuff and then throughout the year for the bigger stuff.
  02 Dec 14 - 20:24
The wife does bits and pieces but the bulk presents are bought with the last payday of November and anything else get bought with Decembers paypacket (normally Christmas eve)
  02 Dec 14 - 20:14
I quite often get some things in January in the sales and then the rest I crack on with in mid/Late November and early December
  02 Dec 14 - 19:57
I start thinking about it early in November but usually leave it until a week or two before. However this year i'm super organised and i'm done already!
  02 Dec 14 - 19:48
I'm always looking all year round but then I still never seem to be ready.
  02 Dec 14 - 19:35
After our holiday in September , we start to look for presents and then start buying from the beginning of November
  02 Dec 14 - 19:31
I usually start early December and get on with it, and food shopping I get as much as I can from early December and then just the last bits just before Christmas.
  02 Dec 14 - 19:27
I usually start thinking about what to buy in november then crack on with it beginning of december. I have almost all my pressies bought this year already
  02 Dec 14 - 19:24
I start in January when I get wrapping paper, Christmas cards and crackers. I then start properly shopping in October and am now nearly finished just need to writing cards, wrap up the rest of the pressies
  02 Dec 14 - 19:13
Started early to get it all done! Keep forgetting things though!
  02 Dec 14 - 18:22
I do it bit by bit from about Oct and try to do most of it online
  02 Dec 14 - 17:47
Start of December
  02 Dec 14 - 17:41
Not normally until start of december
  02 Dec 14 - 17:02
Once the summer holidays are over. Pretty much done now...
  02 Dec 14 - 16:46
Have the shopping home delivery shop booked for cheistmas eve will decide what we having when I see what is available!!
  02 Dec 14 - 16:44
I usually start around mid november so that i'm prepared
  02 Dec 14 - 16:32
Intentionally in January, unintentionally if I see things throughout the year and then in November or December on a mission
  02 Dec 14 - 16:22
I started over the weekend due to all the deals on, but that's early for me
  02 Dec 14 - 15:46
Oh I am useless - I always plan to be organised with the shopping but I hate shopping and can never think what to get.
  02 Dec 14 - 15:32
Whenever i'm inspired by a pressie but normally end of Nov
  02 Dec 14 - 15:03
I start the beginning start of September
  02 Dec 14 - 14:55
I start as soon as I have an idea what to buy people!
  02 Dec 14 - 14:27
Most of mine is doing in January then I do a couple of bits in Dec
  02 Dec 14 - 14:12
Black Fridays always my starting block - then every weekend until Christmas Eve!
  02 Dec 14 - 13:49
I leave all present buying to the wife, shes normally done by end of November!!
  02 Dec 14 - 13:42
I start Christmas Shopping when I get paid in September and combined with savings, I usually get it all completed then and at October payday.
  02 Dec 14 - 12:41
Not soon enough, always panic at the last minute
  02 Dec 14 - 12:35
I am a truly terrible Christmas shopper and always put it off as long as possible. I blame my family - they're all impossible to buy for!
  02 Dec 14 - 12:29
I have just started my christmas shopping. Every year I vow to do it earlier but always end up starting too late!!
  02 Dec 14 - 11:54
I'm not very organised, but have found, to my advantage that being on the last minute has saved me £'S. I buy lots of stuff with 70% Off as the shops are trying to get last minute sales before the big day.
  02 Dec 14 - 10:51
Somehow bam! It's mid-blinking-December and I am madly running round the shops by day and with my iPad of a evening ordering all sorts of crazy.
  02 Dec 14 - 10:49
About to crack -am going later eek.
  02 Dec 14 - 10:29
Well... I say the 1st week of December, as that's when I start thinking what to buy everyone. I get the easy ones first - i.E. The people who have actually specified what they want. This is followed by much deliberation and a massive shopathon the weekend before Christmas to buy the remainder.
  02 Dec 14 - 09:51
I never start earlier than December - usually the second week or so
  02 Dec 14 - 09:08
I get bits as I see them and try to be finished for early December.
  02 Dec 14 - 09:01
November!!! As soon as! :) Else panic starts lol
  02 Dec 14 - 08:46
I pick up a few things as I see them in November, then I relax and think that i'm almost done, so I forget all about it again until the middle of December and then panic!
  02 Dec 14 - 08:24
I shop all year around for my daughter, usually grabbing bargains in sales. This means I always overspend ad she gets loads! She loved that though! ;)
For everyone else I start in November time, I like to be prepared. It should however be noted that while I have everyone's gifts now, I haven't even started dinner plans!!!
  02 Dec 14 - 03:10
Start towards end of Nov
  02 Dec 14 - 00:14
Last pay day before Christmas (20th Dec!)
  01 Dec 14 - 22:55
Always start in the Boxing day or January sales.
  01 Dec 14 - 22:54
Spend a day or two in the first week or so of December
  01 Dec 14 - 22:39
I find bargains throughout the year but start at the beginning of December so I don't have to deal with any frantic last minute shoppers!
  01 Dec 14 - 22:30
I start about two weeks before Xmas
  01 Dec 14 - 22:22
I would love to be super-organised and do my shopping early but in all truthfulness, I usually wait until a few days before Xmas day when I finally have enough money to get what I need.
  01 Dec 14 - 21:22
About September as I have a large family, I really should start in January, having 17 nieces and nephews is hard work!
  01 Dec 14 - 21:15
I start my Christmas shopping in mid December
  01 Dec 14 - 20:58
Any time there's a sale on
  01 Dec 14 - 20:54
  01 Dec 14 - 20:53
Throughout the year!
  01 Dec 14 - 20:08
I usually start about mid October.
  01 Dec 14 - 20:06
I start in September. I finish, in a panicked rush mid December
  01 Dec 14 - 20:03
I try to start by beginning of December but I am usually still at it on Christmas Eve!!!
  01 Dec 14 - 19:42
I started the last week of November
  01 Dec 14 - 19:26
Early to mid december for me. I normally have to hound people for things they want
  01 Dec 14 - 19:16
I like to start in early November but rarely actually get started before December!
  01 Dec 14 - 19:07
It's homemade Christmas for my family so shopping never needs to start.
  01 Dec 14 - 18:53
If I haven't done most of it by the end of October i'm behind! I start early, usually in the summer holidays.
  01 Dec 14 - 18:43
If I haven't done most of it by the end of October i'm behind! I start early, usually in the summer holidays.
  01 Dec 14 - 18:43
I usually start around mid november
  01 Dec 14 - 18:43
We don't really bother much with pressies. I pick up stuff from November onwards trying to make best use of supermarket vouchers. If i'm buying anything it will be end of November onwards.
  01 Dec 14 - 17:57
I start in the sales after christmas and buy gifts as I see them throughout the year. If I see something which is ideal for someone I buy it. Normally cheaper that way too
  01 Dec 14 - 17:49
Honestly, I start straight after my sons birthday at the end of july. That way I can buy presents weekly to spread the cost and he ends up with a nice pile by christmas day :)
  01 Dec 14 - 17:44
The January Sales is the best time to start. Lots of bargains.
  01 Dec 14 - 17:30
I start at the end of Oct which is the 2nd to last pay packet to Christmas for me
  01 Dec 14 - 17:28
About a week before Christmas. Panic!
  01 Dec 14 - 16:45
I don't get organised for Christmas. Mostly I pick up bits I think people will like throughout the year when I see them online or in stores, and then do a quick mop up two or three weeks before the big day.
  01 Dec 14 - 16:30
As soon as possible to get it over
  01 Dec 14 - 16:26
Try to buy through the year to save money and stress
  01 Dec 14 - 15:47
Try to get all the homemade gifts done by mid Nov and then concentrate on the bought ones. Bring it on, bit behind this year.
  01 Dec 14 - 15:15
First week of December
  01 Dec 14 - 14:55
I start in Novenber.
  01 Dec 14 - 13:59
I start thinking about it at the beginning of November but still end up rushing to get the last few.
  01 Dec 14 - 13:58
I only buy if no-one gives me a lovely prize I can pass on
  01 Dec 14 - 13:57
The week before - I do the main stuff - although if something catches my eye Ill pick it up before :)
  01 Dec 14 - 13:49
Not until December!
  01 Dec 14 - 13:32
The final week before Christmas day! I'm always on the last minute, but always seem to pull it together before the big day.
  01 Dec 14 - 12:39
I do buy a few things in January sales - but then it goes a bit to pot and about now I am running around buying.
  01 Dec 14 - 12:34
I am normally quite organised with Christmas, buying through out the year when I see bargains, but this year I have bought all but my other halfs present, and I will get that this weekend, as I am going into hospital for an operation next week and won't be able to drive etc.

All being well i'll start next years in the January sales!!!
  01 Dec 14 - 11:30
I usually start really early then it is a last minute rush to get the last bits the day before
  01 Dec 14 - 11:20
As soon as Christmas is over I start shopping for the next Christmas. Do you always see something that would have been just the ideal gift for a, b or c just when it is too late. Well I buy it for them for next year. That way by the time December arrives I have most of my shopping done.
  01 Dec 14 - 11:10
I normally start the day I get paid for Christmas (i do try and get some bits started before hand)
  01 Dec 14 - 10:54
I do all mine in September & October :)
  01 Dec 14 - 10:37
I pick things up as I see them throughout the year. It makes it easier on the wallet and means you aren't buying all the same things that are in the shops from November onwards
  01 Dec 14 - 10:33
Usually end of November I start getting really organised and start looking for bargains
  01 Dec 14 - 10:31
I'm afraid to say I leave it till the last minute, I find it's not worth worrying about till Christmas Eve.
  01 Dec 14 - 10:29
When doing the food shop- to many people panic buying, the shops are only shut for 2 days !!!
  01 Dec 14 - 10:15
I plan and ponder then panic - so week before Christmas!
  01 Dec 14 - 10:08
It's all done. I start in the sales the fgollowing year.

All wrapped and hidden in the attic. Food shop delivery slot booked. If only I was this organised with everything else!
  01 Dec 14 - 09:53
Don't hate me but I start as soon as Xmas is over! Catch the sales, and gives me a chance to find inspiration!
  01 Dec 14 - 09:50
Usually after we get paid in December. Not sure we'll even have enough for any Christmas shopping this year.
  01 Dec 14 - 09:50
I try to pick things up through the year but it still ends up as a last minute rush
  01 Dec 14 - 09:44
I start properly in November
  01 Dec 14 - 09:26
I'm disabled & There's no way I can manage to go Christmas shopping so it's all done online for me. I kind of look out for bargains throughout the year & Buy them ready for christmas. I've already done all my shopping so no last minute madness
  01 Dec 14 - 09:14
Not till about 14 Dec
  01 Dec 14 - 09:02
For the last few years I have started mid-November and finished by end of November, taking advantage of the department store flash sales - makes December much more enjoyable :-d
  01 Dec 14 - 09:00
I usually start mine in the January sales followed by the summer sales and finish off in November and early December.
  01 Dec 14 - 08:45
I ususally start end November , keeping an eye on the November bargains, when shops are making way for the Christmas displays/Toys etc
  01 Dec 14 - 08:37
  01 Dec 14 - 08:14
I started in the summer! I have a lot of family birthdays in December so I have to be organised :)
  01 Dec 14 - 08:05
Startnig today 1 Dec
  01 Dec 14 - 07:59
26 December ;-)
  01 Dec 14 - 07:52
Christmas Eve at about 4pm after work! Nothing like thinking on the spot
  01 Dec 14 - 07:51
I start in September and shop both in store and online, by December, I can chill out and not have to endure the crowds
  01 Dec 14 - 07:43
I tend to start mid-November though this year waited for Black Friday to start and this year now completed in three days!
  01 Dec 14 - 07:40
In the January sales!
  01 Dec 14 - 07:31
I normally start in october
  01 Dec 14 - 07:19
I usually start my Christmas shopping a week before Christmas.
  01 Dec 14 - 06:58
I usually start the first week of December, so i'm feeling festive while I do it - although I do buy a bargain through the year if I see one
  01 Dec 14 - 06:55
I do mine in the next week.
  01 Dec 14 - 06:45
I start when the schools go back in September, then have a final big push for the first week of December
  01 Dec 14 - 06:34
I try to pick up bits throughout the year then do my final shopping in December, but this year I haven't got much put by atall, so I have a lot of shopping to do.
  01 Dec 14 - 06:30
Beginning of Dec
  01 Dec 14 - 06:26
We always start our Christmas shopping in November, we like to be prepared and make sure we have the items on our Children's Xmas list. I like to relax a little when December comes around!
  01 Dec 14 - 05:38
I start as soon as I get the December pay packet but will have been planning what to get for months before
  01 Dec 14 - 05:32
I start mine in November and in December pick up any stocking fillers.
  01 Dec 14 - 02:27
I start right after Christmas and put away things all year long. All done except last minute food items
  01 Dec 14 - 01:55
Usually research in November and then start the present shopping after pay day with a few last minute stocking fillers the weekend before c-Day
  01 Dec 14 - 01:27
Start at the beginning of November and usually done by December
  01 Dec 14 - 01:22
I aim to get everything done by end of November. Feeling very smug right now :)
  01 Dec 14 - 00:51
Usually plan and research in November, but don't actually buy until sometime in December!
  01 Dec 14 - 00:04
With a hectic life, there is no specific time for me. Any time is good :)
  01 Dec 14 - 00:02
All the presents are done by the end of November and the food is pretty much done the 2 days before
  30 Nov 14 - 23:55
I usually start my Christmas shopping in mid October and look to finish all the major purchases before the end of November.
  30 Nov 14 - 23:45
I start on 7 November, the day after my grandson has his birthday
  30 Nov 14 - 23:45
In the January sales!
  30 Nov 14 - 23:36
I bought one present in October, done nothing since! I will be starting soon!
  30 Nov 14 - 23:27
When the sales are on during the year - spreads the cost :)
  30 Nov 14 - 23:24
My wife does most of the shopping, so I just get a few last minutes things in December
  30 Nov 14 - 23:22
I've just started (which is a lot earlier than usual) ensuring I use TCB as much as possible to optimise!
  30 Nov 14 - 23:19
I hate shopping and start buying in the week before xmas, luckily my wife does most of the shopping and enjoys it
  30 Nov 14 - 23:19
My timing really depends on whats happening that year, this year ive had more free time to think about it so I started early November and am nearly finished :) You also have to factor in some companies who only have a 30 day return policy though and those purchases will be early december.
  30 Nov 14 - 23:03
I aim to finish by early December when it's my Dad's birthday, that way I can deliver the presents to my family who all visit at the same time, without the added expense and hassle of posting them. Like archery, this is the aim, but I am not on target again this year. ; (
  30 Nov 14 - 23:01
90% Done already
  30 Nov 14 - 23:00
Start of December
  30 Nov 14 - 22:58
I will start in a few days
  30 Nov 14 - 22:55
I usually leave it really late ... Up till the last weekend before and even on Christmas Eve. I keep telling myself I should start earlier but have never done it!
  30 Nov 14 - 22:50
I usually make a start in September but the bulk of it from end of October
  30 Nov 14 - 22:49
A few bits in the sales but mostly from the beginning of December. It's usually all done a week or so before the big day.
  30 Nov 14 - 22:46
Thorough the year when sales are on :)
  30 Nov 14 - 22:44
Apart from food have got all done in November
  30 Nov 14 - 22:39
Try to get the bulk done in November
  30 Nov 14 - 22:31
I usually start in the January sales
  30 Nov 14 - 22:31
I start in the January sales.. For presents anyway! I love Christmas & Finding the perfect gifts for folk is an all-year-round activity for me! For food bits I try & Hang on as long as possible because as soon as it's in the house, I start nibbling away at it so I end up having to buy double the amount as i've eaten the first lot! :/
  30 Nov 14 - 22:30
I do mine throughout the year when I see things that I know would make great presents. This way it's not done in a mad rush and I don't have to worry about having the money to buy things.......Or scrimping until the January payday to get the basics.
  30 Nov 14 - 22:28
Early in December
  30 Nov 14 - 22:26
I usually start around this time, I do have 2 presents sorted already this year whch is an improvement.
  30 Nov 14 - 22:25
I always have good intentions. In September I think I must start! I'm still chilled in October and November, buying a few presents when I see something I like. It usually hits me on 1 December though that i've still got loads to do and why didn't I start sooner and December is usually a mad panic.
  30 Nov 14 - 22:24
I am usually finished by the 1st December
  30 Nov 14 - 22:24
I start early, sometimes in the January sales!
  30 Nov 14 - 22:23
I try & Buy throughout the year when I see bargains then finish off in September time for any I need to get to complete the shopping
  30 Nov 14 - 22:22
I usually start around mid October ...But there's always that one person every year you are running around for at 5pm on Christmas eve! :) X
  30 Nov 14 - 22:20
Usually around mid October, but it doesn't take that long not having many people to buy for
  30 Nov 14 - 22:19
2nd week in December for me!
  30 Nov 14 - 22:19
Usually about now when I start to get a panic on & Realise there's only weeks left & I've done nothing! Actually went out today & Did a little panic buying
  30 Nov 14 - 22:16
I try to get started at the beginning of November but if I see something perfect for someone any time of year i'll buy whenever :)
  30 Nov 14 - 22:14
As early as boxing day. Nothing like a half price bargain. Whilst It I buy birthday presents too! Am ar
  30 Nov 14 - 22:14
I start with the sales of January for most of the non perishable things. For food I start in November and mainly prepare things at home!
  30 Nov 14 - 22:13
I start getting bargains in the summer. A few toys in the sales, some unique gifts from local country shows and fairs. I work in retail and can't bare the thought of shopping during the December rush. I hate the queues, the noise and the crowd jostling because people won't move to let you pass.
Happy to say i'm done for this year.
  30 Nov 14 - 22:12
When we see the first bargain which someone I know might like so it could christmas day for next year or May. Who knows!
  30 Nov 14 - 22:11
As early as possible - usually start in October & Aim to have most of it sorted by end of November
  30 Nov 14 - 22:10
I try to start mine in the October half term holidays - but end up starting off well, but then stressing at the beginning of December :(
  30 Nov 14 - 22:09
A blind panic starting 2nd week in december
  30 Nov 14 - 22:07
Usually try to get the bulk of it done in November. I do tend to pick up bits & Pieces from September onwards though.
  30 Nov 14 - 22:06
I pick up things through the year, but shop seriously from October, I like to be mostly done by the 1st week of December
  30 Nov 14 - 22:05
I start mine with my September wages
  30 Nov 14 - 22:02
As soon as I get paid at the end of November, because if I dont do it then, i'll have spent my wages by mid december.
  30 Nov 14 - 22:01
In early December
  30 Nov 14 - 22:01
I start in september, looking out for any sales/Deals :)
  30 Nov 14 - 21:59
I always go last minute..Most times its even on Xmas eve Lol
  30 Nov 14 - 21:59
I am very organised getting things throughout the year at the best price. I am done and wrapped by October.
  30 Nov 14 - 21:58
Same old same old I always have to make the first gesture...Unconditional love is a lonely path.
  30 Nov 14 - 21:57
I usually leave it until late December & End up in a tizzy... This year i've started late November!
  30 Nov 14 - 21:56
Mid November
  30 Nov 14 - 21:56
Throughout the year I bookmark promising gift ideas I see online. I start buying online about mid November, and in the shops about the second week of December.
  30 Nov 14 - 21:56
I normally start in early December.
  30 Nov 14 - 21:53
I start every year straight after xmas for the following year. I also do any birthday's and father's/Mother's Day. Everyone knows when I buy them and are more than happy.
  30 Nov 14 - 21:50
Always at the last minute
  30 Nov 14 - 21:49
This year is the first year that all of mine was done by september. Typically though its always been the beginning of december.
  30 Nov 14 - 21:47
Like to think I am organised, but always seem to be rushing around at the last minute.
  30 Nov 14 - 21:46
I usually go for it right after I get my wage in November
  30 Nov 14 - 21:46
Week before Christmas if i'm lucky
  30 Nov 14 - 21:46
....Thats when all the offers are on and everything is getting reduced ;-) saves me a fortune!
  30 Nov 14 - 21:44
I finished mine today (30 November)
  30 Nov 14 - 21:44
I pick up bits and pieces as and when I see them, particularly if I spot a bargain! I'm good at storing things away for months, if necessary! It's all about bagging the best deal. Plus I don't much like the Christmas rush!
  30 Nov 14 - 21:41
No panic till 20th of Dec then try to buy them whilst go for food shoppings!
  30 Nov 14 - 21:25
With about two weeks to go. Can't think about Christmas until we're past my daughters birthday.
  30 Nov 14 - 20:59
Usually start end of October but only two presents sorted so far!
  30 Nov 14 - 20:24
Usually start end of October but only two presents sorted so far!
  30 Nov 14 - 20:20
Start in September, stall in October, search for where I put them in November, and success and chill with Sauvignon in Decemeber!
  30 Nov 14 - 19:55
December 24th - of course!
  30 Nov 14 - 18:36
Well being a man I tend to rush round on Christmas eve without a list and buy what I can. Lol
  30 Nov 14 - 17:49
I try and have it almost done by the beginning of December.
  30 Nov 14 - 17:46
Try to buy cards wrapping paper etc in jan sales but start pressie shopping any time now
  30 Nov 14 - 15:30
No earlier than the start of December.
  30 Nov 14 - 15:29
Some done Still some to go & Must get knitting!
  30 Nov 14 - 14:45
After November pay day (event before we had Black Friday)!
  30 Nov 14 - 14:13
Usually 1st or 2nd week of December. By then i've usually planned what I need to buy
  30 Nov 14 - 14:02
Started a couple of weeks ago, got nearly all of them now online. Only a couple more to go - Daughter's boyfriend - nightmare, haven't a clue!
  30 Nov 14 - 13:53
Mine was all bought, wrapped and hidden last week ??
  30 Nov 14 - 13:14
I can start as early as the January sales, but I look for any bargains throughout the year that will be suitable as gifts. I have a box where I keep all the gifts so I can easily find them when I need to.
  30 Nov 14 - 12:44
Rather than stress near Christmas and have most from either one or best 2 wage month, I tend to get Christmas presents when sales are on either in January or Easter, or at any promotion/Sale, then near Christmas it is usually only a few presents to finish off with.
  30 Nov 14 - 12:40
I usually start looking for present ideas sometime around September and might start buying then if I think they might disappear. If family want tickets for events, I buy them as they come out.

Otherwise, through November and December, depending on what it is and when i've been paid.
  30 Nov 14 - 12:34
Usually last minute but this year the presents I wanted need planning so started in September. It feels much more relaxed.
  30 Nov 14 - 12:25
I usually buy interesting things for presents through the year, and then do a little extra shopping at the beginning of December. This year I moved house and so i'm really behind and living in an area where I don't know where all the best shops are yet!
  30 Nov 14 - 12:08
I'm looking out for xmas presents from September, although this year hasn't been very successful as yet, I really need to crack on with the rest of the gifts asap.
  30 Nov 14 - 12:05
I actually begin shopping for the next Christmas in the January Sales and keep them in our loft. I also buy throughout the year when I see suitable gifts at good prices
  28 Nov 14 - 13:39
Honestly? Probably after my birthday (which is in January!) It's sad but I use any birthday money I get to crack on! I add bits and bobs then throughout the year, when I see a good deal or when I have a few extra pennies! I do the bulk though October / November time - my kids tastes change so frequently that it would be foolish to do theirs too early! I never, ever feel truly ready as my youngest has his birthday on the 20th December and it's like I can't completely focus until that's over, so the present wrapping marathon is normally all day on the 23rd!
Olivia Kirby
  27 Nov 14 - 19:47
The start of October! Plenty of time to research and buy good gifts, instead of panic buying mid December :)
  27 Nov 14 - 17:38
I think this is a brilliant time to do shopping- best for bargains.
  27 Nov 14 - 15:28
I'm certainly not an early bird; probably first week in December.
  27 Nov 14 - 14:41
The main effort gets done late novemeber and then december so I actually feel christmassy when doing it.
  27 Nov 14 - 13:57
I start August and then get the big bits beginning of December
  27 Nov 14 - 12:27
I start mine when I get my August pay packet as I work part time. August is the biggest pay packet for me as I do more overtime covering others holidays and can buy bigger items first and get them out of the way and then I still have 3 decent months to get the rest of the presents. I don't count December's pay packet as it has to last 5.5 weeks until the end of January. I like to think i'm organised and look around for bargains. :)
  27 Nov 14 - 10:31
End of October, Means I have 2 pay-days to buy stuff before the big day.
  27 Nov 14 - 10:05
Usually start in November but running behind this year, doubt i'll start for another week or two again. Argh!
  27 Nov 14 - 10:03
I normally start my Christmas shopping in the middle of November. For the past 2 years now I have done my Christmas shopping in the beginning of December
  26 Nov 14 - 22:45

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