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Posted on 10 Aug 2020 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates
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Did you know, you can make your cashback go even further? Not only do you get the bonus of cashback on your purchase, we’re also giving you A+ bonuses of up to 11% on Back to School brands, when you payout through Reward Wallet.

Going back to school is still full of uncertainity but being prepared doesn't have to be. Get the kids ready to go back to school with our payout bonuses avaliable until 4th September!

Our Back to School bonuses include:

  • M&S with an 7% bonus for Plus Members, and 3.5% for Classic Members.
  • Clarks with a 11% bonus for Plus Members, and 5.5% for Classic Members.
  • Primark with a 11% bonus for Plus Members, and 5.5% for Classic Members.
  • Nike with a 6% bonus for Plus Members, and 3% for Classic Members.
  • Adidas with a 6% bonus for Plus Members, and 3% for Classic Members.

More about Reward Wallet

As well as the brands above, there are also over 50+ other options to payout through on Reward Wallet, with bonuses of up to 20% - so make sure to check them out if you find something else you want to get.

Every week thousands of members are paying their cashback out through Reward Wallet and getting big bonuses for free. We have paid out over £20 million to members through Reward Wallet and they have enjoyed an extra £1.5 million in additional payouts. It's time to join them!

If you are a Plus Member, then your bonus is at least double that of Classic Members - the bonuses shown here are Plus Member rates. If you’re not on Plus Membership don't worry, you can upgrade to take advantage of the extra bonuses.

Don't forget you can also come back through us to spend your Reward Wallet voucher, meaning you get even more cashback.

Why not head over to Reward Wallet & give it a try now!

This promotion starts at 9am on the 10th August and ends at 5pm on the 4th September.

fluffymango28 August 2020, 07:46 Would like to use the reward wallet with Clark's, however you can only use the voucher in store which is a little disappointing

We would mention restrcitons that some e-giftcards have before confirmation to payout.

I am sorry you may have missed this and if you would like our team to look into seeing if we can get this changed for you please reach out via support ticket.

Best wishes

Scotty187614 August 2020, 16:22 Nice that you don't seem to care much about Scottish customers since they had already bought what they needed and returned to school by the time you even started this promotion.

I can assure you we care about all of our members who are based all around the world. We have different offers at different times and I am sorry that this offer has caused any frustration.

Best wishes

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