Back to School Bargains

Posted on 14 Aug 2015 Posted in  Tips & Updates
Back to School Bargains

After a 6 week summer break filled with fun and excitement it’s time to get the kids ready to go back to school. Whether they’re going up a year or changing schools it’s hard to know what they’ll need in their day to day life.

Let’s start with the basics... we know that kids are natural growers (meaning they’ll need a new uniform or pair of shoes at least once during term time) and this can become quite an expensive task! With essentials from ties to jumpers and sports kits, the list for clothing seems to be never ending but with these cashback offers you can boost your savings (whilst they boost their growth)!

Recommended Shops:

F&F Clothing: (earn up to 9.45% cashback) -

George Schoolwear: (earn up to 7.35% cashback) -

Clarks: (earn up to 11.55% cashback) –

Deichmann: (earn up to 14.7% cashback) -


Moving onto the practicalities of lessons, the kids will be learning life skills to help them become successful in any career. Whether it’s a pen for English, a crayon for Art or a ruler for Maths ensure they have all of these useful accessories to be prepared throughout their classes.

Recommended Shops:

Staples: (earn up to 8.4% cashback) -

Ryman: (earn up to 8.4% cashback) -


As they move around the school from rooms to the playground ensure their belongings stay tidy and safe at all times. Whether they’re carrying around their books or lunch boxes they’re sure to need a little help throughout their busy day. This is where a touch of style and personality can be added without compromising the daily tasks, and now it’s time for the fun stuff, bags, lunch boxes and accessories!

Recommended Shops:

Argos: (earn up to 4.2% cashback) -

BHS: (earn up to 5.25% cashback) -

Taking your kids from the A, B, C’s to their degrees we have a wide variety of online shops catered especially to keep them happy no matter what their age or learning stage! Whether they become the next Einstein or Isaac Newton make sure they start their day off right with these back to school bargains!

p.s as a handy tool for you to print off please see the checklist of daily school essentials below


Back to School Checklist

 *All cashback prices were checked correct at time of posting (14/08/2015 - 17:06pm) and maybe subject to change at any point.

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