Important Changes at Top CashBack

Posted on 27 Oct 2009 Posted in  Tips & Updates
Hello All,

We hope you're all still enjoying our new look website and are managing to find yourselves plenty of cashback bargains! We just wanted to keep you up to date with some important changes to our site and systems.

Missing Cashback Claims
First of all from yesterday, you can now submit Missing Cashback Claims for any amount of missing cashback - even for as little as 1p. Historically, due to the administration time involved on the part of ourselves, our merchants and their agencies, we couldn't accept Missing Cashback Claims for cashback values of less than £1.00. (Way back in the past, we actually weren't allowed to accept claims for less than £1 by some agencies). Systems have improved however, and we do realise that any amount of cashback is important, so if you now have a declined or untracked valid transaction for any amount, from 1p upwards, we will happily process a Missing Cashback Claim for you. The only exception to this will be certain 'No Purchase Necessary' offers.

We hope that this will help a great deal of our members - we have already brought in extra staffing support for our Missing Cashback Claims area so we're ready to process all of those extra small claims whilst not taking our eye off the existing larger claims we are already chasing!

Top-Ups Christmas Bonus
We have some more good news for you too - Top CashBack are getting into the Christmas spirit, with the run up to the Festive Season fast approaching. To mark the occasion, we thought we could try and help you all with the daunting prospect of Christmas Shopping by offering ALL of our member's bonus cashback on ALL of their online purchases.

Instead of having to earn a minimum of £10 cashback to benefit from a 1% Top-Up the following month, we will now be giving EVERYONE at least an extra 1% Top-Up. This means that instead of passing 100% commission back to you, we are now passing a minimum of 101% back instead! Of course, it still holds that the more cashback you earn in any month, the greater the Top-Up you will get in the next month, so if you are a big cashback shopper, you can still earn up to 110% cashback with Top-Ups from Top Cashback. The new Top-Up bonus will be running from yesterday (26th October 09) and for all of November and December, so we hope this will help with all of your Christmas Shopping! This is just a little gesture to help you enjoy Christmas and to say thank you for using Top CashBack!

For further information on these bonuses, please Click Here

Referral Scheme
Now for something slightly different. We are really happy to bring in the two improvements mentioned above, and we really hope they are appreciated - but we do have to watch the pennies ourselves. Therefore, we have changed the mix a little and decided to review our Referral Scheme.

Starting from 1st November, we will be changing the amount offered for each friend referred to £1.00. Of course, we really do value your friend referrals and we are definitely happy to continue to reward you for these, but we did feel it was time to review the amount we pay for referrals. Of course, anyone who is referred and joins before 1st November 09 will continue to track at £2.50 - so now is the time to invite your friends before the rate changes. Of course, we hope that you feel our service is good enough to tell your friends about - whatever the referral rate ! To refer your friends now, Click Here

Let us Know What you Think
We would appreciate your opinions on these changes and welcome your feedback on how these will benefit you during the Christmas period, or otherwise. We do take our members' feedback in to account, so if you feel we could have gone about these changes any differently, or if you don't feel the new benefits outweigh the reduction in the referral fee, then please let us know.

Thanks - we're looking forward to reading your comments.

The Top CashBack Team
Magpiecorner14 Dec 09 - 10:18Sadly my experience at TCB has been very poor - not a single thing bar a little 5p thing has tracked - and yes, my tracking is fine. I submitted a claim 3 months ago and have had zero response - just the waiting for retailer bit. It's nice to hear improvements are being made, but if my experience is this bad, what was it like before? I for one can't risk using or recommending TCB.....Sorry.
Worm06 Dec 09 - 09:20Isnt it about time these were expanded to include some new ones.. There are many sites with large numbers.
cashbackexpert14 Nov 09 - 23:26Great service - always prompt in replying to queries. Great deals, no admin fee, no minimum threshold to reach before one can claim cashback, basically, none of the nasty cons that other cashback websites use. And to top it all off, a very user-friendly website that is also easy on the eyes. In today's Britain, it's very hard to find good service where staff take personal responsibility - TCB is definitely Tops! Keep up the great work.
dentedporsche14 Nov 09 - 19:05Why change this to include lesser amounts when existing queries from the beginning of this year are still outstanding?
Surely it would make more sense to make the existing system work before expanding it. !!
elainenash200611 Nov 09 - 11:56Just how long do Littlewoods take!! I bought a tv about 4 days ago, and a rug from Next. When I checked my cashback Next was there but no Littlewoods!!!
GoalPostHead03 Nov 09 - 13:29Once again TCB offer a service thats second to none!
caseUnauth102 Nov 09 - 15:52Hi All,

Thanks for all of your feedback on these changes.

We value your opinions and will take them on board as we look to further improve the service offered to our members.

Enjoy the Christmas bonus!



Top CashBack
mackers31 Oct 09 - 22:30Have been using site for purchases for 2 years and love it, recommending to everyone - think they're barmy not to use it. Looking forward to making some extra money with my Christmas shopping but cannot at present contact you with an enquiry about missing payment, am unable to submit an enquiry successfully - please help!
rmh99929 Oct 09 - 22:45I have never had an issue needing intervention from the team but this just increases my confidence and just increases peoples awareness and potential and shows the commitment from TCB to making sure we get a fair deal and see all the available deals.... Thanks !!! ****** Rob
ejean929 Oct 09 - 00:32Great site..I earn lots through online shopping..But been waiting since April on missing cashback..:-(
28 Oct 09 - 11:38I buy most things online, even small items, so for cashback amounts under £1 I can now claim. Only had the odd one not track but this is great news for me. Thanks !
28 Oct 09 - 11:35You really are the most generous and for a free service really appreciate the effort you put in - so long as old claims don't slide, quite happy for you to keep chasing them, and improving these areas to speed things up.
Happy with the other changes you're making... Upwards and Onwards ! - Have a very happy christmas and thanks to all the staff !
cooloasis28 Oct 09 - 08:11The changes all sound fair but please don't lose sight of those of us who have been chasing cashback claims for months and months. Every penny counts, but please concentrate your new staff on the backlog, before chasing the 1p and upwards claims. It would be greatly appeciated. Also an ongoing log would be fantastic. I try and keep a record of purchases and tick them off as they appear or don't! A log would save me having to keep track seperately and would be most helpful.
Keep up the good work and we will keep spreading the word about how brilliant TCB is!
a96dbfreak28 Oct 09 - 08:10I agree with Magpyr:
"I have claims taking an age to process, enquiries left hanging with a 'waiting for retailer' and no way to bump the thread without adding a new one".

On another cashback site 'enquiries always validate or decline within 60 days. So no more "sent to merchant" status or enquiries in limbo'. I've had them pay when the merchant failed to.

As TCB are happy to leave you hang for 18 months (and counting), I regretfully now shop elsewhere. Make time limits the priority. Not claims for 1p.
jaypea28 Oct 09 - 06:48All sounds good to me thank you
saranda28 Oct 09 - 00:24Anything this website does sounds good
bertiebear27 Oct 09 - 22:49So easy and so many things to choose from a nice little earner. I don't mind the wait it always comes through in the end and this year I have saved a fortune
ourladandthetoon27 Oct 09 - 21:14Great little earner allways something to get cash back on.
Just click and go and wait for the cashback to show
What an earner for an online learner
I'm a poet and I don't know it!!!!!!!!!

Truthfully a great site.
AKS35627 Oct 09 - 20:13I always use TCB and find them very good but please could you look into the delays in all the claims that have not been paid I have some from months and months ago and no sign of payment. Thanks.
27 Oct 09 - 20:07No probs from me, I like the fact that you've given us a wee while to send some referrals without making it immediate. Claims from 1p - good move, and TopUps, well already on a higher percent from my purchases last month but thanks anyway!
Queencinders ... If it's in you're account as pending, just sit back and in a couple of months it will become payable automatically (the delay is to make sure you don't cancel and then for TopCashBack to get the money) - you can then cash it out, happy days !

Thanks TopCashback for keeping thinking of us - much appreciated.
27 Oct 09 - 19:58Sorry but this is new to me. Bought the aa breakdown and am waiting for the cashback. Can anyone please let me know does this happen automatically or do I have to do something as nothing is happening to the pending part? Thanks
LyndaJ27 Oct 09 - 19:04I can live with the referral fee being reduced as it is such a bonus that we can chase any outstanding cashback/Transactions. Thank you TCB
nalin27 Oct 09 - 18:37Within a year, I have saved few hundred pounds and have no hesitation in strongly recommending TCB!

And on top of this, the purchses I made were at the best prices I could get anywhiere and did not lose out on the best bargains either!!

Keep up the good work!!!
everyman1327 Oct 09 - 18:26Thanks for your updated article, just think this site is brilliant and it is all a bonus as no doubt we would have purchased without this site anyway!!
Magpyr27 Oct 09 - 18:22I really don't want this to be negative...I have had a lot of good experiences with TCB. However, over the last few months things have started to slide noticeably: I have claims taking an age to process, enquiries left hanging with a 'waiting for retailer' and no way to bump the thread without adding a new one and a fair few untracked claims for under a pound.

Now this new change is a start - and a pretty substantial one - but would be more useful with a full log of our activity...Because the idea of going through all my email receipts and logs for online stores where I don't think that the cashback has tracked and then having to submit a ticket for each one doesn't fill me with joy.

All that said, I still continue to use - and recommend - TCB because I have faith that it will be business as normal soon enough, and it still is the best of the cashback sites out there at the moment...Really hope these changes are the start of this...
geelee27 Oct 09 - 17:53Hi Good news about all missing cashback being looked into. Every penny counts these days.
I dont suppose that you could add a reminder section so that we can log all our transactions that we put through Topcashback when we make them, so that we dont have to remember what we ordered and when, and to keep double checking that things are showing up (especially as cashback doesnt always appear very quickly). It might make it easier to create claims too.

Love Topcashback though and have been recommending it for years - best cashback site available!! Thank You
booksandthat27 Oct 09 - 17:45All these changes are completely fair - keep up the good work!
roosterpotatoes27 Oct 09 - 17:41Im not that really bothered about the referral of friends dropping to £1 if it means we can put in for missing cashback below £1 as the small amounts really do add up, well for me they do anyway lol.
Ill still be refering friends aswell so ths way everyones a winner :)
Thanks so much for all the hardwork that goes into the site and for all of the extra pennies you place in our pockets, its much appreciated
Skillz2PayDaBillz27 Oct 09 - 17:33Still the best cashback site out there because of the level of service, quality and range of merchants. Still no admin fees and great referral scheme! Can't get better than TCB! Thanks guys and keep it up!
hellopixel27 Oct 09 - 17:32Very handy, especially as I do most of my shopping on ebay where it's usually under £1.

Christmas bonus doesn't affect me, but it's a lovely idea.

I don't have that many friends anyway lol, so the referral bonus is just that- a bonus, £1 or £2.50, i'd tell everyone I did/Do anyway, just to spread the word.

Thank you for all your hard work xxx
Flins27 Oct 09 - 17:14To be honest, any cashback I get is an unexpected bonus on something I was going to buy anyway, so the fact that you guys are a) generous b) give such great service and c) pay out super-speedily is above and beyond, as far as i'm concerned. More power to your elbow!
mattvaughan27 Oct 09 - 17:08Shame the referral bonus is going down but I guess it was open to abuse a bit. Hard to complain when the service is this good, anyway. Keep it up!