AA Reward Card Reviews

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AA Reward Card Reviews
I took out this card in march 2011 and have not received any cashback - despite topcashbacks best efforts - and the aa gave them no reason for declining the payment to them and on to me. Very poor customer service on behalf of the aa. I shall not be doing any further business with them because of this.
  abode | 31 May 2012 Report Abuse
I applied for the aa credit card in march 2011 with £15 cashback offered. It initially tracked ok but then changed to £0 payable a few weeks later. After putting in a missing commision claim with topcashback and sending frequent nudges I have eventually received my £15 this week ... At the end of august 2012! 17 months is not the timescale i'd expect, but perseverence has paid off.
  hcp2607 | 29 Aug 2012 Report Abuse
Avoid like the plague ..... 12 Months later still no cashback . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  mike1030 | 01 Aug 2013 Report Abuse
Awful service from the aa- dont bother taking the credit card out as I got no cashback, after recieving the credit card in february, 5 months later I have nothing only an aa comments of -not met terms and conditions? top cashback cant do anything about this so I get nothing, dont use aa service-its not worth the hassle for nothing.
  leelily | 01 Jul 2013 Report Abuse
Got the card, never tracked and they declined to pay despite raising a claim with tcb. !!Avoid!!
  roryj | 16 Mar 2013 Report Abuse
Poor service - followed all the instructions to the letter and no sign on the account - after 4 nudges since march have now had conformation the cashback has been declined. Would suggest all members try elswhere.
  pwp123 | 24 Sep 2012 Report Abuse
Accepted for this credit card several months ago, but heard nothing re cashback from aa...Not registered on my account. Put a claim in with top cashback over a month ago, but have heard absolutely nothing from them either. Not at all happy with aa, as im in my 4 month of waiting for my aa breakdown cashback too !! will use rac or nat. Breakdown next time.
  covbot | 12 Jun 2012 Report Abuse
Seems hard to get accepted.
  Harryspotter | 02 May 2012 Report Abuse
Took the card out in nov 2012, and cashback did not track. Submitted a manual claim which has now been accepted (march 2013), and is currently sitting in 'confirmed'. Now waiting for it to become payable.
  690315034 | 15 Mar 2013 Report Abuse


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