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Unfortunately we can no longer offer cashback with this merchant. Please browse our alternative merchants or search above.

With T-Mobile Pay as you go, you get 100 free anytime UK minutes when you top up just £10 PLUS you get to keep the £10 credit to use on calls, texts and internet. Just top up £10 to get your free minutes the next month. As well as 100 free minutes, you also get the following benefits: 1. We'll always keep you going:

You'll get low balance alerts if your credit's running low

We'll give you five free Call Me Back texts to send if you run out of credit

 And you can top up with us in store from as little as £1

2. Easy to top up There are so many convenient ways to top up your phone.

* By logging in to your My T-Mobile account online * By E top up card (it's included with your SIM) * By E voucher, which you can purchase at over 100,000 outlets where you see the green top up sign * At selected bank cash machines displaying the green top up sign * By text on your pay as you go phone * By calling 150 from your pay as you go phone

3. Keep your old number

* Transferring your number is easy. * Contact your old provider and ask for a PAC code * Contact T-Mobile on 08454 123123 and give us a few details * Your number will be transferred in one working day.

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