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Renewable energy doesn’t have to drain your savings

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When we say the words ‘renewable energy’, are you picturing the entire contents of your bank account being poured down the drain? Well, actually, green energy these days isn’t nearly as expensive as you might think. In fact, with ScottishPower, a 100% renewable energy tariff doesn’t cost much more than a regular tariff, and it has the extra bonus of being beneficial for the environment too.

The UK’s target date for achieving net zero emissions is 2050, and ScottishPower are committed to being part of the efforts to achieve this. With their 100% green energy tariffs powered by their very own UK wind farms, ScottishPower are helping their customers reduce their impact on the planet without breaking the bank. What’s more, if you shop through TopCashback, you can earn cashback on your purchases with ScottishPower, so you’ll save yourself money too.

ScottishPower UK electricity and gas tariffs are available as one or two-year contracts, and in just a few clicks you’ll find an estimated monthly and yearly cost for your chosen tariff (depending on your location, property size, number of occupants and general energy usage). As part of your illustrative tariff, ScottishPower will give you a separate breakdown of both your gas and electricity monthly bills, so you’ll be able to see a prediction of where your money will be going, and how much you’ll be spending.

As well as energy tariffs, ScottishPower supply their customers with a variety of home services, including boiler maintenance and kitchen appliance care, as well as plumbing and drains emergency insurance. Whether you need a warranty for your freezer, washing machine or oven, or you’re looking for ScottishPower Boiler Care, they have a range of well-priced appliance cover packages.

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Why choose ScottishPower?

ScottishPower are incredibly passionate about helping their customers to reduce their emissions in order to protect our planet from further climate damage. As a result, the company invests heavily in genuinely sustainable energy solutions. They are the first energy company in the UK to offer 100% green energy tariffs, which means customers can keep their homes running with reliable energy, without damaging the environment.

As a company with an ethical conscience, ScottishPower are extremely vocal about their opposition to ‘greenwashing’ (which is where suppliers unfairly exaggerate how green their practises truly are). They stand out from other pseudo-green companies because not only do ScottishPower supply homes with renewable energy; they actually produce this renewable energy themselves too.

In fact, they’re the only end-to-end energy provider out there. This has huge advantages for environmentally-conscious customers because by producing 100% renewable energy in the first place, they limit their emissions at the source, rather than attempting to offset them after the fact.

Their work with the Cancer Research UK charity is another thing that sets them apart from other energy providers. ScottishPower and their customers have raised over £30 million for Cancer Research UK since 2012 and their two-year fixed price green energy tariff is a big part of this. If you choose this tariff, ScottishPower will make a regular donation to Cancer Research UK on your behalf. So, why not join the 375,000+ other customers who are doing their bit for charity and the environment simultaneously through their chosen energy tariffs?

ScottishPower Gas and Electricity Features

  • Passionate about our planet (and saving you some pennies)
  • Convenience is key
  • The future is bright with ScottishPower

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About ScottishPower Gas and Electricity

We're proud that all our domestic green tariffs are backed by 100% green electricity. They’re not greenish, they’re truly green - we generate the electricity right here from our UK windfarms. Sign up to one of our green tariffs today and help fight climate change.


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