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O2 Recycle Reviews
Awesome service
  abueesa | 15 Jan 2017 Report Abuse
It was really easy. Definitely recommend it.
  debsgribbon66 | 20 Sep 2016 Report Abuse
Very quick and easy to deal with
  zillvin | 24 Aug 2016 Report Abuse
The entire experience was smooth, and had my cashback within a few days. Excellent!!
  ElisabethP | 25 Jul 2016 Report Abuse
Quick payment and excellent service!
  jonathan6184 | 09 Dec 2015 Report Abuse
Best rate I could get for iphone 5s recycling.
  markstaples | 09 Nov 2015 Report Abuse
Very fast payers!
  Huuggs | 25 Oct 2015 Report Abuse
Excellent service. The price given for my phone was the best I found. Cash back payable very fast, would definitely recommend
  Janey1967 | 26 Oct 2013 Report Abuse
Great service, I printed out the labels on the saturday, posted recorded 1st class monday, they received my phone tuesday morning, had email confirming receipt mid morning tuesday, then email shortly after to confirm payment of phone was being made. When I checked my bank account that evening the money for the phone was in my account, so service just as fast as the likes of mazuma. Cashback pretty quick too, took a few weeks to become payable.
  DISKIN31 | 25 Aug 2013 Report Abuse
Good price paid for old mobile. Received email telling me they had received the mobile, the following day I received the money due to me via an amazon gift voucher. Cashback cleared quickly and within two weeks of posting the mobile cash back is in my account and payable. Excellent work o2, will certainly use again.
  krnthmsn | 21 Apr 2013 Report Abuse
Sent phone in on a sat, email received at 1pm on monday to say they had accepted it. Very impressed. Also price matched to a competitor price so worth checking out their price guarantee.
  chistery | 13 Aug 2012 Report Abuse
Good communication from o2 by email . Tracked and paid out on time !!
  groucho | 24 Jul 2012 Report Abuse
Nae problems and a smooth easy transaction. Well recommended to all.
  kelvbob | 23 Jun 2012 Report Abuse
Quickest, ive ever seen a cashback go from being recognised to payable. The recycling was superb. Customer service was swift. Ill definately recommend & use again.
  CKing1 | 08 May 2012 Report Abuse
Accepted a slightly lower offer to recycle my mobile phone to go with a reputable company. I did not regret this as communication was brilliant and the price offered was exactly what I received. Cash was placed into my bank account within hours. A five star service.
  mbensley | 03 May 2012 Report Abuse
Constantly kept up to date with my phones progress. An excellent service all round!
  Daz_200 | 06 Mar 2012 Report Abuse
No problem with getting this cashback. Nice little amount to add too the recycle price.
  Subsuter | 10 Jan 2012 Report Abuse
Excellent service.Got a good quote. Sent my phone on friday. Get paid on wednesday. Sure will use it later.
  sunbay | 17 Nov 2011 Report Abuse
Worked perfect with no problems and got a good price for my old phone. Good rate of cashback too. Recommended
  madj1muk | 18 Oct 2011 Report Abuse
Sent an unwanted ipod touch to o2 recycle as they offered the best price. Took a while for them to receive it as it was sent with their return freepost label,contacted their customer service department as concerned the time it took for the item to be received by o2. They replied just over a week after sending stating that they had received the item that morning,and the offer price was slightly higher than previously quoted. Cheque arrived the next morning and well pleased,would not hesitate to use again.
  royalanhirst | 20 Aug 2013 Report Abuse
First envelope did not arrive but received an email from them a couple of weeks later and so requested another envelope. Sent phone off as soon as envelope arrived. Was originally offered £28.75 For the phone which was camparable to other sites. A week after I sent the phone I received another email telling me that due to the phone being received after the quoted offer price had expired and the fact that the pgone had cosmetic wear and tear (it didn't) they were reducing the offer price by £9.71 - A significant reduction. I replied to the email and requested the phone be sent back to me as I was not prepared to accept this offer. I received an email back within the hour offering me the full asking price.So the moral of the story is don't just accept their first offer !
  evamitchell | 07 Feb 2013 Report Abuse
Cashback tracked but o2 declined for no reason. Everything about my claim was valid but no cashback in the end.
  rmcowling1976 | 13 Jan 2013 Report Abuse
As with everyone else, I had 10% docked for "visible cosmetic damage", despite the fact that the phone had never been outside of a protective case. As long as you accept the 02 take 10% off of the price, regardless of condition, and factor that in to your decision, you won't get stung, but be aware that they definitely will deduct 10%, even if you sent a brand new, unopened phone to them.
  Chris1014 | 29 Nov 2012 Report Abuse
Changed the amount they offered for the phone then declined my cashback claim. I suggest you use a different phone recycling company.
  TonyW123 | 18 Jun 2015 Report Abuse
Do not use. I sold a well used but not scruffy iphone 4s to them for £45. They then wrote to me saying the lcd display was discoloured and changed their offer to £3.50!!!! Even broken iphone 4 s phones can be sold for £20. I am flabbergasted. It has put me off ever using o2 ever again for anything.
  Member119801524302 | 19 Jan 2015 Report Abuse
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