What is In-Store cashback?

1.       What is In-Store cashback?

In-Store is a scheme where you as members can collect cashback from your in-store purchases, just by registering your card details with your TopCashback account.

2.       How does it work?

In-Store offers are simple to use.

Step one: Register your card details to your TopCashback account.

Step two: Have a look at all of the offers available, and activate the offers you wish to use.

Step three: Make a purchase in-store, and we will do the rest.

3.       How do I register my card?

Registering your card couldn’t be easier. Simply, go to the In-Store page and click ‘Register your card now’. Before you can earn cashback in-store you must make sure that you have saved the offers you wish to use to your TopCashback account.

4.       How long after I have registered my card do I have to wait before I can start earning cashback?

Once you have registered your card details and have activated the offers that you wish to earn cashback on, you can start earning cashback straight away by shopping in-store.

5.       Are my card details safe?

Don't worry, we look after them. TopCashback has partnered with Fidel Limited (Registered Company Number 08068829) who provide a secure PCI DSS certified environment to store your card details. For more details on PCI Compliance click here.


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