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About OnCard

6.       How will OnCard benefit me?

OnCard allows you to earn cashback on your in-store purchases with minimal effort on your behalf.

7.       Is there a fee when using OnCard?

There is no fee when using OnCard, it is completely free. It is available to both Plus and Classic members.

8.       What cards are eligible for OnCard?

The following cards are eligible for our OnCard Scheme:

Mastercard and Visa

9.       Can I unregister my card?

Yes, you can unregister your card directly from your account. This can be done by going to 'Features', 'OnCard Cashback' then 'Register & Manage Cards'. To the right of your card details there will be an option to remove your card from your account. By clicking the '[X]' button your card will be removed from your account.

10.       What should I do? My cashback hasn’t tracked?

There should be no issues with cashback not tracking to your account. However, if a problem does occur, please wait 7 days until you contact us. If after this time period your cashback has still not tracked to your account, please go to our Customer Care section and follow the instructions 'To Lodge an OnCard / In-store Claim'. Please note your claim must be submitted to us within 100 days of the purchase date on your receipt. Having received your cashback claim, we will then chase up your cashback on your behalf with the merchants, this can take 30-60 days from receiving your receipt.

11.      How long does it take for my cashback to appear as pending in my account?

Transactions may take a good few days to show up within your account pages.

If you have, however, already waited more than, say, 7 - 14 days and there is still no sign of your transaction, then the best thing to do is to lodge a Missing Cashback Claim.

12.       Can I register more than one card to my TopCashback account?

Yes. You can register as many cards as you would like to your TopCashback account, as long as these cards are eligible for the OnCard Scheme (please see Q8). However please be aware that any credit or debit card can only be applied to one TopCashback account so you would not be able to register the same details on another account, eg that of a partner or family member.

13.   Where can I find the Terms and conditions for the OnCard scheme?

To view full Terms and Conditions please click here.

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