Terms and Conditions for Credit Card Registration

In-Store Offers are cashback offers that TopCashback members can redeem by pre-registering their payment card, saving an offer, and then shopping in-store with that payment card. Cashback earned from these offers will then be credited to the TopCashback Account that the payment card is registered against.

To take advantage of the In-Store cashback offers, you must register a valid credit or debit card number, save the offer for the relevant retailer and location, and then pay at that participating retailer's store with the same credit/debit card that the offer was saved against.

Credit Card Registration

The registration of your credit/debit card is solely for tracking your purchases with the participating In-Store retailers, and subsequently awarding the cashback to your TopCashback Account. To enable you to register your card details as securely and safely as possibly, TopCashback has partnered with Fidel Limited (Registered Company Number 08068829) who provide a secure PCI DSS certified environment. You may opt out of transaction monitoring for the payment card you have registered at any time by removing your card on the "Register & Manage cards" page.

Neither TopCashback nor Fidel Limited will ever share your card number with a third party, and TopCashback employees will never ask for your card number via phone, email or support ticket.

You will only need to provide your credit/debit card number and the expiry date of your card. We will not ask you for the CSV code printed on the reverse of your card. It is the user's responsibility to ensure they enter a valid card number and there won't be any validation checks in place to verify if the number you've entered is valid or not. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that cashback can be recovered if an invalid card number is incorrectly saved to a user's account.

Your registered credit/debit card must have been issued in the United Kingdom. If you register a card that has been issued from outside of the United Kingdom, you will not be eligible for cashback.

Cashback can only be awarded to a TopCashback Account if the offer is saved to the same registered payment card that is being used to pay for the purchase at the participating retailer's store. We cannot guarantee that cashback can be recovered if a purchase is made with a registered card that did not have the In-Store offer saved against it, nor can we recover cashback for purchases made on a card that is not registered for the TopCashback In-Store service at all.

If your registered credit/debit card expires then you will need to register an alternative payment card or re-enter the new card number and expiry date for your existing card that then expired.

Saving an Offer

In order to be eligible to earn cashback for an In-Store offer, you must save an In-Store offer against your registered payment card before you pay for any purchases in the retailer's store. Only purchases made on your registered payment card after saving an offer will be eligible for cashback, therefore if you save an offer after you have made a purchase then this purchase will not be eligible for cashback.

Where a retailer has more than one In-Store offer available at a given time, you will only be eligible for cashback on the specific offer you have saved. Saving one offer for a retailer does not automatically qualify you for all In-Store offers that a retailer may have live at that time.

The time period that In-Store offers are available for may vary from retailer to retailer and offer to offer, however you will only be required to save an offer once in order to qualify for cashback on any purchases made with your registered payment card after you saved the offer and up until the day/time the offer expires. All In-Store offers are subject to change, which includes a retailer immediately withdrawing from our In-Store cashback scheme.

Some offers may also be location specific, so you will only be eligible for cashback if your purchase with your registered payment card took place in a specific store for that retailer. If this is the case, the store locations that are valid will be outlined in the offer details.

Cashback will not be paid on finance orders. Only tracked transactions paid in store will be eligible for In-Store cashback.

Returns and Refunds

The participating retailer's returns and refunds policies still apply to any purchases you make under an In-Store offer. You are therefore only eligible for cashback on purchases that have not been returned or refunded. If you do return a purchase after the cashback has tracked to your account, the cashback will subsequently be declined.