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Hastings Direct Car Insurance Reviews
Didnt track so had to submit manual claim. After 7 months and a nudge a month finally got the full amount. Top cashback were great though keeping me informed of what was happening.
  summerthyme | 20 Jun 2011 Report Abuse
It took over a year for cash back. Never needed to claim from them so don't know what they were like. Ok I guess
  rebecca_80 | 11 Jun 2011 Report Abuse
Did 2 car insurance policies - one in april 2010 and 1 in may 2010 - cashback offered for each one was £58 - the may one tracked and paid up but the 1st one never tracked at all and it took a whole year - all but 2 weeks - to get tcb to pay me- numerous nudges and comments to which few got replies - but eventually after persistance I finally got paid out a week ago - now im about to do the 2 cars again and hastings come up cheaper - not sure whether to use em again though.
  beechbabe | 25 Apr 2011 Report Abuse
Still waiting for payment three months after taking up policy.
  iainrushin | 25 Mar 2011 Report Abuse
I have been plagued by 'cold calls' from this company!
  blaidd | 24 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
Tracked quickly, just have to wait now
  GoldenMoneySaver | 23 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
Not the cheapest I could get, but very near, good cashback just hope they pay up.
  Pumas | 21 Nov 2010 Report Abuse
Tracked very quickly at £53 but shows as payable at the end of february. Had to phone them to change an item on my policy - took ages to get through (even for an insurance company !). However, the service was very efficient when I eventually got to speak to someone.
  TheSkutter | 29 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
Cashback tracked very quickly but will only become payable in 4 or 5 months. Had to ring them to change an item on the policy - took ages to get through (even for an insurance company !) but dealt with efficiently when I eventually got to speak to someone.
  TheSkutter | 29 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
Tracked within 2 hrs good cashback, plus saved on car insurance, lets hope its pays out. Will update
  shadowshots | 21 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
Very quick to track
  sadej | 14 Oct 2010 Report Abuse
Excellent customer service. Cant wait for my cashback to arrive
  grant_somerville | 16 Sep 2010 Report Abuse
Good amount of cashback but takes an absolute eternity for it to turn into actual cash. Hastings will not pay until after something like 6 months into your policy.
  steve_d | 27 Jul 2010 Report Abuse
Takes forever. 4 Months "hold" period, and then sit around and one day they may accept your cashback. Still waiting after more than 6 months
  persistability | 12 May 2016 Report Abuse
Had to raise a claim as the transaction didn't appear on my account. Had to wait for over 3 months before claim was addressed, but at least I got the money in the end.
  MrPointy3854 | 26 Apr 2016 Report Abuse
Don't bother with this if you want cashback - 50 weeks I have waited for my cashback - nearly a year time to renew again won't go through hastings cashback...Very poor
  roly_33 | 22 Feb 2016 Report Abuse
  Hey, I am sorry to hear we are still waiting for this claim to be resolved. Sometimes it can require more in-depth investigations that normal which can lead to a longer time being required for a claim to be resolved. Our Team will try their best to get an outcome for you as soon as possible. Best wishes, TopCashback Support  
Cashback doesn't track automatically. 120 Days after purchase sent to retailer then I chased monthly, took 6 months for cashback
  jewhittaker | 10 Feb 2016 Report Abuse
Meant to be a 'quality insurer' - rubbish service and declined cashback with no reason given. Renewal came through and they doubled my premium so will never use again.
  mattedwards1987 | 10 Nov 2014 Report Abuse
  Hi there, I am sorry that your claim went on to be declined, I can confirm that your transaction has been attributed to another marketing channel which can occur if a similar site or search engine has been visited prior to making your purchase, but to help to prevent this from occurring in the future, please be sure to clear your cookies just before you click through to purchase. Best wishes, TopCashback  
Transaction did not initially track and I put in a missing cashback claim for £38 which had to go 'on-ice' for 90 days due to hastings validation period. After over 6 months my cashback was declined as it “did not meet the terms and conditions set by merchant”. Asked topcashback to further query this as my policy was still in force and as far as I could tell, i'd abided by all their terms and conditions. However as of october 2014, still no response or cashback forthcoming. Avoid if you expect a cashback payment!
  alge_alge | 29 Oct 2014 Report Abuse
Purchased hastings car insurance on 4th oct still not tracked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! having same problem with other purchases waiting for tcb to sort all all out, wont be purchasing anymore unless sorted .
  PANDYPOO | 22 Oct 2014 Report Abuse
  Hi there, if a transaction has not gone on to track for you within 7 days of purchase, then we do suggest lodging a claim via the Customer Care section of your account so that we can look into getting this tracking as expected. If you have found that this has occurred with several transactions, then I would suggest clearing your cookies and ensuring that any ad-blockers that you have installed are turned off. Also be sure to purchase directly after clearing your cookies so that your transaction does not go on to be attributed to another marketing channel. Best wishes, TopCashback  
Tracked fine, insurance bought however over 100 days later was declined - have raise support ticket but don't hold out much hope. Not happy will not trust again!
  foofard | 21 Oct 2014 Report Abuse
I has been five months and no sign of any cashback. Tracking was fine but five months it is way to long. Quick to charge you for extras but extremely slow to pay out.
  kris78 | 25 Aug 2014 Report Abuse
Does not even give you a quote after entering your details. I have now entered my information about 10 times using the top cashback link and changed my browsers but upon entering my final details for the quote the page just crashes and gives no quote information. In the end I just ended up buying the insurance from their direct page. Very disappointed with the inconvenience caused.
  Kitster | 22 Aug 2014 Report Abuse
  Hi there, if you do find that this occurs when trying to complete your quote, please so contact our Customer Care Team on a support ticket and we can get this looked into for you. I am afraid though that in this instance, as the purchase was not made through us, we would not be able to honour the cashback. Best wishes, TopCashback  
Got through the whole quote process, accepted to buy and can't buy online, so will not get cashback, tried 3 times and got the same problem, when I phone hastings they say there is no reason why I shouldn't have been able to buy online as all my details are correct and checks came back fine so I feel its obviously a way of avoiding payment of cashback as i've had to buy over phone which took me 40 minuntes on hold even to get through
  caz72me | 14 Mar 2013 Report Abuse
Not very happy with this one. I purchased my car insurance through them because of the cashback on offer. Initially, it said that the cashback would be payable once you'd held the policy for 3 months - fair enough, they want to be sure that you don't cancel. However, 4 months down the line & they are now saying that it won't become payable for at least 21 weeks. They have moved the goalposts which I don't think is right. I dread to think what will happen if I need to claim. No doubt there will be 'get out' clauses for everything. I also found that the quote was changing each time you log in so beware if you want to compare & come back as it is likely to have increased. I won't be using this company again.
  greycatsmum | 14 Dec 2012 Report Abuse
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