Shoop VS. TopCashback

Compare the popular French cashback site Shoop to TopCashback, find out how you can earn money back when you shop online with both sites, as well as which site will make you the biggest savings on your online shopping. The Shoop cashback site is owned by Maple Syrup Media who also run our largest competitor, Quidco, here in the UK. The website launched in January 2016 and now offers the best deals in France at over 1,500 merchants.

How does Shoop work?

Just like TopCashback, you earn a portion of your spend with selected merchants when you go through the website. Join and create an account, then simply browse the site for the merchant you want to make a purchase at, then click on the "Accéder au cashback" button to visit the merchant's website. Once there, you can just continue with your purchase as normal, use approved coupon codes and complete the checkout. Shoop suggest that it can take one to three months before the cashback bonus is paid to members, depending on the merchant.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing at all. Both sites have a free option that allows each member to join their community and save money on purchases from their favourite retailers. However, with TopCashback we also have our very popular Plus membership option, which retains just £5 of earnings every 12 months in exchange for a 5% bonus on top of your earnings, extra earnings when you refer a friend, exclusive offers and an extra bonus when you request a payout on selected gift cards.

How much can you earn?

On both sites you will earn either a percentage or flat monetary rate. This completely depends on how much the merchant will pay either site to refer a paying customer to them, so it can be as little as 1.05% for an eBay purchase or as much as £100 (or more) for some insurance services. While TopCashback is a 100% cashback site (meaning every penny we earn from a purchase is passed back to our members), it does appear that Shoop may not be (meaning that they may take a portion of this earning as a fee). Both sites make money through advertising, which allows us to run a better service and (for ourselves at least) to give away 100% of our commission.

What can you earn money on?

Both sites offer thousands of brands where you can order clothing, beauty treatments, electronics, financial services, food & grocery and many other items, while receiving cashback on every purchase. TopCashback offer over 4,300 sites, while Shoop offer more than 1,500 stores to choose from and earn rewards. Choose from popular merchants such as La Redoute, Conforama, Groupon, Orange, Voyages SNCF, Zalando,, Yves Rocher and Rue Du Commerce.

How do you get paid?

At TopCashback we allow you to withdraw your earnings through PayPal, as a bank transfer, as Avios points or as a gift card from a choice of more than 20 options. Currently, cashback earned at Shoop can be withdrawn only as a bank transfer. All information on this page was correct as of 15/08/2016.