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friend icon Good cashback rates, but nearly always have to raise a claim to get it
  amazingmin | 29 Mar 2017 Report Abuse
friend icon Had to submit missing cashback claims for most items purchased.
  amazingmin | 20 Feb 2017 Report Abuse
friend icon Was happy to receive cash back eventually.
  Member35268282641 | 28 Dec 2015 Report Abuse
friend icon Deichmann gives cashback on the purchase amount less vat. So the amount of cashback you get maybe less than your were expecting. Other than that, it tracked within a couple of hours. And value is really good.
  leesanderson | 19 Jan 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon I would like to make a complaint about a female member of staff at the deichman store in sunderland . Today I made a purchase in the store and was served by a more mature female member of staff who without any kind of friendliness and using a total monotone voice and attitude served me . I am not one to write such negative reviews but I feel the need to make the point that when you are being served in any shop the sales person has a duty to be polite and reasonably friendly towards the customer just as the customer has the same obligation , its called mutual respect , something this lady has obviously not heard of . She is lucky that I was in rather a hurry otherwise I would have prefered to make my objections strongly felt to her personally and probably would have handed the purchase back asking for a refund .
  Member1180720451001 | 07 Nov 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Bought sandals in bournemouth but faulty. No quibble money back but I wanted replacement pair and size not in stock and unable to order or find alternative store with them. On deciding to settle for a larger size I asked if they could have protection spray at no charge by way of compensation. The "computer says no" was a disappointing response and enough to put me off taking the risk of shopping their again.
  Member674739100552 | 02 Jun 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon I did not get my cash back. I do not like this.
  Member170981719008 | 20 May 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Be very wary when this merchant offers high cashback deals as my experience is that the transaction doesn't,track so I had to make a missing claim and even after giving all the information they declined the cashback after nearly 3 months. This will be the first and last order!
  neryjo | 14 Dec 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Did not honour cashback. Don't be fooled by their dishonest marketing.
  geordie_exile82 | 15 Dec 2016 Report Abuse
friend icon Bought a pair of boots. They self-destructed in three months. Bought another pair. So did they. Complained, sending pictures. No refund without all the hassle of packing them and posting them from a post office (in london, that's serious hassle). Avoid.
  Bluemole231 | 25 May 2016 Report Abuse
friend icon So far dreadful! still not tracked from months ago despite raising query
  nixx1966 | 11 Sep 2015 Report Abuse
friend icon Cashback tracked fine, but a week after delivery has now been declined for no reason. I have received and kept all the order so no reason why they should decline it. I have put a claim in to try and find out what the problem is probably just a ploy to get you to order and then decline the cashback incentive. Would not order from them again even if I do eventually get the cashback as I do not agree with their under hand tatics to get orders.
  lingfield | 20 Jul 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon Ordered 2 weeks ago. Has not tracked. Still waiting.
  hollybolly44 | 12 Jul 2013 Report Abuse
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