Valentine’s roses which last for years, not days

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Roses are perfect for giving on Valentine’s Day as they’re considered to be the ultimate declaration of love.

However, while your romantic gesture might go down well with your loved one, they won’t be able to cherish your flowers for long before they wilt.

If only there were flowers available which lasted much longer than the usual bouquets.

Well, there are. If you want to give your special someone roses which will last for years — yes, years — rather than days, we’ve got a treat you’re sure to fall in love with.

Amaranté London’s Infinity roses do just that, and you can save on the perfect Valentine’s Day gesture thanks to us.

We’re offering members an exclusive 25% cashback* on online purchases from Amaranté, meaning you can spoil the special someone in your life for less this February 14th.

Are you intrigued? Well, let’s tell you a bit more about their flowers.

Infinity Explanaition

Infinity roses

Amaranté London deliver stunning and responsibly sourced roses which last for years, not days.

While their Infinity roses make ideal gifts for all occasions, they’re perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Their arrangements are everlasting as their beauty has been preserved to last as long as three years, with no maintenance or watering required.

You can choose an extra large, large or medium round hat box, which are available in grey, black, royal blue, red, pink and beige suede containers, plus black or white (non-suede).

These arrangements exude sophistication and are a perfect way to show a special someone just how much you care about them.

They consist of a breathtaking display of exquisite large Fairtrade roses, set in a hand-made brushed suede hat box.

Amarante Colours

They’ll make the ideal centrepiece to add a burst of colour to any room and the perfect reminder of someone special. Just select your favourite shade of bloom and Amaranté will do the rest.

A 12” x 12” box contains 30-38 large roses, a 9” x 7” box holds 20-24 large roses and a 7” x 5” hat box features 12-15 roses. Roses are also available in extra large, large, medium and small square boxes.

Some of the best things come in small packages, which is the case with their Acrylic Box collection. Inside a sleek acrylic box, they place an enchanting, extra large forever rose.

The stunning crystal clear medium, small and sole acrylic boxes provide an attention-grabbing backdrop for Amaranté’s eternal roses. Either perfectly formed rows or a large single Fairtrade rose create an exquisite display which will be a joy to give and receive.

What Are Infinity

What are Infinity roses?

Amaranté’s roses are real, fresh roses. Each rose is picked fresh from their Fairtrade farm in Ecuador and goes through a preservation process whereby the sap is replaced by a natural wax-based substance, which ensures each rose maintains its original texture and appearance. This makes them always appear fresh and smell incredible.

They create roses which retain all of their wonderful qualities so you can enjoy them for years, not days.

They really do last the whole year with proper care and maintenance. You don’t need to water them and they only need a bit of dusting to keep their beautiful colour.

Flower Care

How to care for your Infinity roses

To keep Infinity roses looking fabulous, you should avoid direct exposure to light — especially sunlight — and keep them in a room temperature environment.

The flowers should not come into contact with water, steam or any other substance, while you should avoid frequently touching them as oils from your hands can wear the preserved petals.

Keep the roses in their box and occasionally brush them with a soft brush to remove any dust which may accumulate over time.

Finally, avoid tilting or rotating the box, and don’t place near strong air conditioning fans or air vents.

Amarante Dried Flowers

Dried flowers

If roses aren’t their thing, there’s no need to worry as Amaranté London have the perfect solution.

Their collection of dried flowers is exclusively designed with seasonal and ethically sourced flowers straight from the grower, leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint.

Just like their roses, these dried flower bouquets last for years, making them the perfect sustainable alternative to fresh flowers.

Each arrangement is beautifully gift wrapped, ready to place in a favourite vase.

Arrangements include Starry Night Jam Jars, Rustic Meadow, Fallen Leaves and Noir et Blanc.

Whether you’re thinking of treating your loved one to Infinity roses or Amaranté London dried flowers this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to take advantage of our exclusive 25% cashback* offer.

* The cashback rate displayed is what Plus members will receive. Classic rate may vary.

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