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Marks and Spencer Payouts
After you've earned a load of cashback, and it's become Payable in your account, you want to be able to spend it! At TopCashback, we make cashback pay outs simple, quick, completely free and very flexible.

Up to now, you have been able to choose from the following methods: BACS (straight to your bank account), PayPal, an Gift Certificate, a Love2Shop high street shopping card, and Tesco Clubcard points.

And now, after listening to feedback from you, we've added another option to this growing list, (drumroll please!)...Marks & Spencer e-Gift Cards.

How will this new method work?

Once you have requested your pay-out from the Payments page of your account, our Payments Team will process it as usual, and then we'll add your M&S e-Gift Card to your TopCashback Account. Your e-Gift Card will then be ready for you to download and take shopping! You'll be able to print your card off to spend it at M&S in-store (the till staff will simply scan the barcode on it) or you can use it like a 'promotion code' and spend it online at Marks & - earning yourself even more cashback in the process!

Marks & Spencer e-Gift Cards are our most recent addition to our growing list of bonus payout methods: payable cashback requested this way will be bumped up by 5%! We really do hope you like this new payout method, or if M&S isn't quite your cup of tea then please feel free to comment on this blog and let us know what other payout methods you'd like to see instead!

What else do I need to know?

We're afraid you will need to have a minimum of £1 cashback at Payable status in order to request it as an M&S e-Gift Card....We know you love to save up your cashback for a rainy day though, so hopefully you won't mind this too much!

TopCashback Plus members now have exclusive Priority Access to this new payout method! Don't fret if you're a TopCashback Classic member though as this will be available to you in the near future as well, or if you're simply just too excited for this and can't wait any longer then it's possible to upgrade your membership to gain access. (Don't forget you earn 5% bonus cashback too!)

For further details about this new pay-out method, please see our Help pages.

And here's a bit more good news...

We are now offering even faster pay-outs via Gift Certificates as we now process these requests daily with a much quicker turnaround time. This means that you can typically expect to receive your gift certificate within around 48 hours of requesting it and we won't be delaying your shopping any longer! 

We hope you'll enjoy these recent improvements to our pay-out methods! Please feel free to let us know what you think (or even request MORE payout methods) by commenting below.

Kind Regards,
The TopCashback Team

Posted on 24 Sep 2013  |  Posted in  Tips & Updates
How long does the m&S card take? I've had no contact since requesting it over a week ago. I'd have used bacs if i'd known it was going to take ages. Thanks Wendy
  08 Dec 13 - 18:12
  Hi Wens273,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I am sorry that you have not received your m&S e-card yet.

Unfortunately, we are experiencing a slight delay with this at the moment.

Please be assured that we are working hard to get this issue resolved.

Kind regards,
Payment of m &S e certificate not showing despite email - is their a hitch ?
  25 Nov 13 - 20:45

I am sorry that you have not received your Gift Certificate yet.

I have looked at this for you, and I can see that your card is currently being processed. I expect you to receive confirmation of payment onto your Gift Certificate by the end of the week.

Kind regards,
It has been several weeks now since I requested an m&S gift card as payment for cashback and no sign of it yet. I thought it was meant to be paid within 48hours
  08 Nov 13 - 15:39
Are they valued the same pound for pound or are they a better incentive to cash?
  09 Oct 13 - 11:44
  Hi there, you'll get an extra 5% On this! Many thanks, John
Anybody know if tesco is still included?
  06 Oct 13 - 18:26
  Hi there, we do still have the Tesco Clubcard option. If you have your Clubcard number on your 'my profile' page, you'll see this when you go to 'payments'. Many thanks, John
Great idea, will help pay for the christmas food I buy in m&S. Thanks TCB
  02 Oct 13 - 05:16
I would like to see food retailers such as Asda added to cashback payouts plus bonus. Also maybe Argos and Currys so already expensive electrical items would be a bit more affordable paid for with cashback payouts.
  28 Sep 13 - 17:42
I can't wait to use this payout option to take out all of my cashback!
  27 Sep 13 - 11:54
It's great that you are adding a new option, however, a more relevant blog post might be about retailers you have removed and why? I made a weekly purchase from a particular merchant who has now suddenly disappeared and no longer offering cashback.
  26 Sep 13 - 21:55
Any chance of introducing something similar with American Golf, always nice to accrue Cashback and be able to indulge in golf equipment, without incurring my wife's wrath :-)
  26 Sep 13 - 19:11
  Hi, we're always looking for new options, so i'll pass this on. We have some good offers and discound codes for American Golf right now- Many thanks, John]
[Ed:TopCashBack-Hi, just to let you know that we're now offering American Golf Gift Cards as a payout option, along with a 5% Payout bonus for any payout requests you make via this method. Enjoy!
This is a super idea and certainly a win win situation ! Well done for thinking this one up !
  26 Sep 13 - 18:35
Fab......Anymore retailers in the pipeline - Morrison's , Boots , Sainsbury's ........../???
  26 Sep 13 - 15:40

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