Top 5 Movies to Watch over Christmas

Posted on 17 Nov 2013 Posted in  Christmas
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Iron Man 3

Christmas, for a lot of people, offers the chance see all the family, eat mountains of wonderful food and catch up on much needed TV watching time. There’s nothing quite like sitting in a cosy, warm living room, watching a Christmas movie while the weather outside is so cold and miserable. It’s almost become a tradition to sit round the telly with a great Christmas movie, so we’ve selected our Top 10 flick’s to watch over Christmas...

Arthur Christmas – On Sky Movies from 6th December

Arthur Christmas
Do you believe in Santa? Wonder how it’s possible to deliver presents to Millions or even Billions of children around the world all in one night?

Well, we won’t give the game away, but trust us; it’s more than just a few carrots and mince pies that keep this operation running!

Arthur Christmas takes the classic story of Santa and brings a modern twist to the tale. You may feel that this genre has been run into the ground, completely saturated with good and bad films alike. But trust us, this brings an original and new idea to Santa Claus while keeping all the charm that we know and love about the jolly, northern fellow; this is definitely one of the good ones!

If you love a good Christmas tale you’ll love this film, it’s one for all the family, catch it on Sky from the 6th December!

Oz The Great and Powerful – On Sky Movies from the 20th December

Oz the Great and Powerful

The Wizard of Oz always seems to be on around Christmas and it’s not surprising, it’s a classic! It has everything you need in a film, a heroin, fantastic music; brilliant colours and most importantly, a magnificently menacing villain (just don’t expect to see her out in the rain).

It’s a magical story, brought to life in film and theatre but it was originally one of a series of books; there’s more to Oz and the Yellow Brick road runs further. If you want to delve deeper in to the story, Oz the Great and Powerful is one to watch.

This film takes advantage of the wonderful technology we now have access to and develop all of the magical creatures and landscapes of Oz with fantastic detail.

Nothing can compare to the 1939 charm of Judy Garland or wickedness of the Witch of the West but don’t write this off, there’s definitely more to Oz. Catch Oz The Great and Powerful from the 20th December on Sky Movies.

New Year’s Eve – On Sky Movies from the 20th December

New Years Eve

New York and New Year’s Eve seem to go together like birthdays and cake, it would be on most people’s lists of places to celebrate the end of a year and welcome a new one. So, if you’re eagerly anticipating New Year’s celebrations this will get you in the mood.

The film follows a whole host of Hollywood stars, playing a whole host of roles within the city of New York.

The whole movie twists and turns through each character’s lives, building up to a big crescendo at 12pm. There’s unexpected romance, will-they won’t-they’s and heart-warming stories, not to mention a cameo from Jon Bon Jovi as Rock Artist Jensen.

Wreck it Ralph – On Sky Movies from the 24th December

Wreck it Ralph

Video games have slowly become a part of Christmas, as a child they offer hours of fun when the weathers too cold to stay outside for long.

Wreck it Ralph is a big, gorilla-esque looking video game antagonist in the arcade game Fix-it Felix. Smashing and bashing things as he goes, the job of Fix-it Felix is to clean up after the damage and destruction, a pretty standard video game concept.

But Wreck-it Ralph is getting tired of being the blundering bad guy.

The film follows Ralph’s journey through the arcade to become the hero he desires to be however, it’s not quite that simple and he encounters problems, nearly Wreck-ing the whole arcade along the way.

The film is a fantastic story in itself, but where it really comes into its own is its nostalgic references and video game cameo’s.  Everyone from Sonic the Hedgehog to M.Bison is there, so if you’ve ever played video games as a kid, you will love this movie.

That doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for the rest of the family, if your kids are keen to watch it, you might just find yourself enjoying this too, the story is fantastic and the characters are voiced fantastically by Sarah Silverman and John C. Reily.

Iron Man 3 – On Sky Movies from 25th December

Iron Man 3

If you’ve seen the previous Iron Man films, you’ll know that Tony Stark AKA Iron Man is a completely unique brand of super hero. At some point in everyone’s life you think, “Wouldn’t it be cool to be a superhero”, Tony Stark had the same thoughts and turns out – it’s pretty cool.

Iron Man 3 knocks Tony down a peg or two, already reeling from one of the most epic battles in The Avengers film, Tony’s world is flipped upside down by a mysterious terrorist named “The Mandarin”.

It’s a fantastic action film to watch over Christmas whether you have a kid or you’re just a big kid yourself, Iron Man 3 brings all of the cool effects, explosions and wit of the previous films, with a new foe and a cunning twist. Catch this one from Christmas Day onwards.

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