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We’ve all been there and had the dilemma “what do you buy the person who has everything?” and the conclusion we always seem to reach is a e-gift card - they’re a great instant gift. So, whether you’re shopping for those fussy friends, the person who has everything or you’ve forgotten about your distant aunt’s birthday, they’re the perfect gift.

But have you ever thought about gifting yourself one?

A gift card doesn’t have to be a gift and we know savvy savers buy discounted e-gift card so they can spend more on the things they need at a lower price. But did you know, you can save yourself a heap of money by following our circle of cashback when you buy from TopGiftCards?

The process really is as simple as it looks and you can save even more when you follow it. Head over to TopGiftCards to give it a go.

Step 1: Pick your e-gift card from 50+ brands

Step 2: Buy your e-gift card & earn cashback

Step 3: Come back to site & check we offer cashback on your chosen brand

Step 4: Shop through us to earn even more cashback when you spend your e-gift card

For example, if you purchase a £100 buyagift e-gift card you’ll receive £9 (9% cashback). You can then spend this via TopCashback and earn a further £18 (18% cashback) when you spend your £100 digital gift card. That means you’ll have saved £27.

TopGiftCards has a great choice of brands and we always have a stock of the gift cards we advertise, so you don’t have to wait for your chosen brand to become available - you can shop and save straight away.

Did you know you can buy a digital gift card on loads of different categories? Such as fashion, restaurants, entertainment and DIY. And loads of great brands too including iTunes gift cards, Topshop gift cards and Ticketmaster gift cards. Check out our full stock over at TopGiftCards

Not only do we always have a stock of your favourite gift cards but we have fully flexible gift amounts, you can choose any amount between £5 and £200.

Spreading the e-gift card word and sharing your saving tips with friends is easy with our Tell-a-Friend bonuses. Did you know that we’ll give you a bonus when you shout about cashback and TopGiftCards? As standard we offer £7.50 to our Plus Members and £5 to our Classic Members who refer their friends, but we regularly run increased promotions and have, in the past, offered as much as £20.19!

So, what are you waiting for give TopGiftCards a go and make sure you tell your friends about the savings you've made, so you can save even more!

Posted on 15 May 2019  |  Posted in  Tips & Updates
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