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Brand Spotlight - Start-Rite Shoes

If your child's shoes have only just made it to half term, or you’re looking to buy some warm and sturdy footwear perfect for winter, you can be sure their little feet will be in safe hands with a pair of Start-Rite shoes.


Whatever your child gets up to at school, their footwear is tried and tested to be gentle on feet and tough on playgrounds. In fact, they have made fitted shoes engineered for comfort, support and confidence since 1792.


School days are a world of adventure and Start-Rite’s shoes give children the comfort and confidence to make the most of every minute, allowing them to move their own way and be who they want to be.


This half term is the perfect time to buy as Start-Rite are offering 30% off Skip black plimsolls and Meteor school trainers — plus free delivery — when you buy full price school shoes*.


You can also save with your favourite cashback site as we’re offering an exclusive 10% on full price items until midnight on October 27th.


Start-Rite are there to give children the freedom to go where they want, how they want — to stride, skip or scoot into uncharted territory.


Take a look at our Start-Rite Shoes reviews page and you’ll find comments like: “Really excellent service, fast delivery and wonderful shoes at a fantastic price. I am delighted and will definitely use again.”


Choose from their iconic Classics range, which combines everyday elegance with heritage cues; their Kicks collection for relaxed, go-anywhere cool; or their Pioneers range with performance features and precision detailing.


Start-Rite Shoes Materials


Experts in little feet


Start-Rite continue to conduct pioneering research into how children move. Through this, they’ve been developing their shoes so they work seamlessly with the foot and the rest of the body as children grow.


“Great shoes, speedy delivery and fast cashback.” This is how one of our members described their experience of shopping with Start-Rite.


You’ll find elements of their biomechanics research and findings right across their collection — from softer leathers to more flexible soles.


They do this so Start-Rite shoes are still the best choice for your child.


Start-Rite  Shoes Adventure


Testing which goes above and beyond


Start-Rite put their shoes through a lot, and go beyond industry standards. This includes:


Seeking stronger: from double the recommended stitch strength to super strong nylon bonded threads, their shoes are made of tough stuff.


Focus on flex: if a prototype shoe doesn’t look as good as new after the equivalent of 500,000 steps, it doesn’t make it into their collection.


Going for grip: they think children should be able to move with confidence wherever they go, so they test how grippy their shoes are on multiple surfaces.


“Great quality footwear. Prompt cashback.” This is just one example of the positive feedback posted by our members.


Worry free waterproofing: they ensure waterproof shoes will stand up to the soggiest of days — flexing them 30,000 times while immersed in a water tank.


Tested by kids: every new shoe is trialled in real life for more than three months by their stellar crew of kids.


Fixated on fastenings: they use riptapes which are opened and closed again and again until they hit 5,000 openings, plus D-rings which don’t just meet industry standards, but double them.


Start-Rite Shoes Footwear


Expertly designed school shoes


Start-Rite school shoes for boys and girls have been expertly designed to offer a combination of contemporary styling and long-lasting comfort and protection.


Whether you’re looking for formal brogues or sports-influenced shoes, their collection is made from the highest quality materials.


Their shoes promise feel-good styling to suit every taste, deliver feel-good comfort from first bell to last and provide feel-good features for performance when it matters.


Their kids’ black shoes are just what you want them to be — hardwearing, tough and built to withstand a hectic school life. Whatever they get up to, you’re sure to find the perfect pair to get your child through the day in style.


You can also be sure their collection grows and adapts as children get older.


Their primary school shoes have been designed to protect feet as they explore, while offering freedom of movement via flexible rubber soles. Cushioned footbeds add superior comfort, while some styles come with reflective detailing for night time visibility.


When describing shopping at Start-Rite with us, one TopCashback member said: “Tracked quickly and became payable quickly too.”


Start-Rite Shoes Children


As children grow older and their feet become more active, their physical development will continue to be supported.


Their senior range keeps trends and fashion in mind, offering stylish footwear without compromising on all-day comfort and fit.


Start-Rite’s children’s shoes come in a variety of width fittings, plus whole and half sizes. They also have growing room built in, providing ultimate support throughout the day.


With their school shoes, you’re sure to find the right fit for your child, whatever the size of their feet. When shoes fit properly, they last longer.


Narrow fit school shoes are perfectly designed for children who have narrower feet than the classic ‘f fit’ shoe, and can prevent your child from having sore feet throughout the day.


Wide and extra wide school shoes are designed especially with children with broad feet in mind. Having extra space in the shoe can help avoid niggles like blisters rubbing.


Start-Rite Shoes Scooter


Quick tips for looking after school shoes


Make sure they fit properly. Ill-fitting shoes will show signs of wear sooner, plus they could negatively affect your child’s foot development.


Protect leather shoes from splashes and stains by using spray protectors.


Dry school shoes carefully. Fill wet shoes with crumpled paper and allow them to dry naturally. Never dry them on a radiator or by the fire as this could damage them further or cause them to shrink.


Remove mud and grit whenever possible. This will prevent build-up and increase the longevity of the shoes, while helping them look good for longer.


Clean and polish regularly to keep the leather supple. This will protect and conceal scuffs and scratches.


Encourage your child to take off their shoes properly. This will help them keep their shape and last longer. A riptape fastening is great for kids who are always in a rush.

If you want to get your hands on kids’ shoes made from carefully selected materials and engineered for excellence, Start-Rite have the perfect pair for you.

Don’t forget, shop through TopCashback until midnight on October 27th and you’ll get an exclusive 10% cashback on full price footwear.

* Until November 3rd, add a pair of Skip black plimsolls or Meteor school trainers to your basket along with your selected school shoes and the discount will be automatically applied.

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