Everything You Need for a Healthy, Happy New Year

Posted on 24 Jan 2022 Posted in  How To Articles & Handy Tips
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The new year is in full swing, and we don’t know about you but it’s still hard to get back into our daily routine. Instead of making new year’s resolutions, which 99% of the time fail one month in, we wanted more permanent solutions for our mental health and wellbeing. Small changes throughout the whole year, no big daunting tasks, and a more balanced lifestyle.

Staying hydrated and maintaining a healthy relationship with food

Were you left feeling a little bloated and lethargic after binging over the festive period? Firstly, please don’t go on a strict diet. We speak from experience here it makes you miserable and isn’t effective.

Secondly staying hydrated is important for a healthy mind. It can be fairly simple to drink at least two litres a day following these rules. One in the morning, one before each meal (which helps with digestion) and one to sip throughout the day.

Top tip - get a bottle that allows you to flavour the water with refreshing lemon or cucumber to mix it up. Remember to grab some cashback on that bottle too.

Thirdly eat when you are hungry. Hanger gets to us all. Opt for healthier alternatives, this way you will have more energy and won’t get a huge sugar crash as soon as you finish work.

For more information on healthy food swaps the NHS Website has some great tips. Plus cashback on that food shop will allow you an extra treat on top.

Sorting that sleeping routine

We know it’s difficult for some to drift off but getting in those 7 to 8 hours a night

  • Go to bed at the same time each night - don’t worry we all mess this up over the weekends too.
  • Strictly no phones or scrolling the socials before bedtime - the blue light from your phone and stimulating content is never going to help you switch off.
  • Set a timer on Audio books - plus get cashback on audio books.
  • Write down your bedtime routine - this helps you spot what to do differently to promote a good night’s sleep.
  • Write down three pages of thoughts a day - this has been known to help creative juices flow and help free the mind up for another activity.
  • Invest in what you are sleeping on - good, comfy bed is essential to keep the bounce under your bonce.

Check out the cashback offers to help find the perfect night-time snooze.

Exercise your limbs to exercise your mind

We know you have heard it 100 times but, now we have tried and tested it and exercise really does help your mental wellbeing. Moving around releases those endorphins and helps with stress, anxiety and boosts your self-esteem. Start small and work your way up to doing more.

  • Get out for a walk each day is a start. Take a ten-minute break a couple of times a day for a short walk or go on one straight after work to refresh your mind.
  • Try an exercise class with a friend or to make new friends are always a great way to keep fit without realising that is what you are doing.
  • Don’t take it too seriously and let yourself laugh.

Trust us, once you find that type of movement you love, you’ll find that it will help after a stressful day more than you know. If you need any home equipment or workout gear, there is always cashback to give you a helping hand too.

Schedule some light social interaction

This brings us onto our next point socialising doesn’t need to be difficult. Talking and sharing is always a key to keeping our brain gremlins in check. A trip to a coffee shop, a walk or exercise class, relive your youth in an arcade or even just watching a film can help.

Try to limit the amount of news intake and social scrolling you do each day because let’s face it, it can get a bit morbid and hopeless.

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Now it's time to unwind

Finally, it is important you get some much needed you time. Set aside just a little time each week and give yourself time to actually enjoy relaxing.

Have a bubble bath, use the fancy hot chocolate, listen to your favourite music. You could start up writing or get lost in a good book.

There’s a lot to think about in this list. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a goal, it happens, try again tomorrow. Pick one or two things to slowly introduce at first, so as not to overwhelm yourself. Before you know it, this will become second nature.

Hopefully with a new lifestyle you’ll have more energy and therefore more time to do the things you enjoy. Plus, cashback will also give you a little more money for that time too.

We hope this helps you, as it has helped our team. Feel free to make any more suggestions in the comments for our TopCashback community to browse.

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