CHEAP vs Sleek – The alternatives to the new iPhone

Posted on 16 Sep 2013 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates
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CHEAP vs Sleek – The alternatives to the new iPhone

This week the new iPhone 5s and 5c were released, you can find out more about them here. However, some of you may want a more affordable option or perhaps just dislike Apple's iOS? So, we've found the best deals on the top alternatives, all with the aim of knocking down the cost of your monthly phone bill!

Best iPhone 5 Deals

iPhone 5

If you’re after an iPhone 5, you’ll have to act fast as this model is being phased out by Apple in favour of the iPhone 5c & 5s. Here’s our top deals:

Best all deal for dataT-Mobile
£29.99 for the phone, £37 per month tariff including 2000 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data. Total cost £917.99

This is a fantastic deal if you want a top phone; you’ve got unlimited data, meaning you can use your apps and internet as much as you like plus unless you’re on the phone 24/7, plenty of minutes. If you’re in a good location, with friends with a Skype app you could Skype call them and save your minutes!

Best deal with cashback: O2
FREE iPhone 5, £37 per month tariff including unlimited minutes & texts plus 1GB Data. Plus O2 refresh option. Total Cost £888 - £73.50 cashback = £814.50

Arguably the best deal out there, this deal gives you unlimited minutes and texts plus 1GB data, which isn’t too shabby. The total cost is £888 over the 24 months and with £73.50 cashback it makes it a cheaper deal. Plus, don’t forget, with O2 refresh you can end your contract early without such heavy penalties, so if you love to have the latest tech, this is your deal.

If you prefer shopping in store, don’t worry we’ve also got £50 cashback via Snap and save.

Best iPhone 4s Deals

iPhone 4S


If you’re more worried about keeping your monthly phone bill down than being on the pulse with the latest phone, the iPhone 4s is definitely worth considering. It’s still a slick looking phone; you’ll have access to Apple’s new iOS7 operating system and save yourself some money along the way.

Best deal with cashback: Chitter Chatter (T-Mobile)
FREE iPhone 4s, £27 per month tariff including unlimited texts & data + 500mins. Total Cost £648 - £42 cashback = £606

Again a pretty cheap option if you use a lot of data from T-Mobile, this price on Chitter Chatter is slightly better than you would get going to T-Mobile directly.

Best deal with minutes: Orange
FREE iPhone 4s, £32 per month tariff including unlimited minutes & texts plus 500mb. Total Cost £768 + £115.50 cashback = £652.50

This deal is not quite as good as T-Mobiles deal but if you’re a bit of a chatter box, then you’ll be able to talk all day and all night with unlimited minutes. £11.50 cashback isn’t too shabby either! Currently out of stock

Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Deals

Samsung Galaxy S4


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a top competitor to all iPhones, including the recently released iPhone 5s. If you love a big screen and want a top performing phone, the S4 is great. It comes in around about the same price as an iPhone 5 but is a lot more powerful.

Best all round deal: Vodafone
FREE Samsung Galaxy S4, £33 per month tariff including unlimited minutes & texts plus 1GB data. Total Cost £792 + £157.50 cashback = £634.50

This is the stand out offer for a Samsung Galaxy S4, you’re getting a FREE phone unlimited minutes and texts all for under £33 per month. BARGAIN

Best deal for Data: T-Mobile
£129.99 Samsung Galaxy S4, £32 per month on a 12 month contract - tariff includes 1000 minutes and unlimited data & text. Total Cost £897.99 - £52.50 cashback = £845.59

Are you noticing a pattern yet? T-Mobile is always worth a look if you’re after a good value tariff with lots of data. They’re one of the only networks to offer unlimited data and they throw in a good number of minutes too.

Best Deal including redemption: Mobile Phones Direct (T-Mobile)
£64.99 Samsung Galaxy S4, £27 per month tariff including 500mins, unlimited texts and data. Total Cost £712.99 + £30 cashback = £682.99.

If you shop through a retailer such as Mobile Phones Direct you can quite often save on your monthly bill by redeeming cashback from them. This deal is very similar to the T-Mobile deal, yet you're saving more than £162.

Best HTC One Deals


The HTC One is another alternative to the new iPhone which could really turn your head. It has a premium finish to rival the new iPhone 5s with the specs to match. The screen is actually better in terms of ppi than the new iPhone and the processor is very quick too. If you prefer Android to iOS then this could be the phone for you.

Best cost per month deal: Affordable Mobiles (T-Mobile)
Free HTC One, £31 per month (effectively £21.31) tariff including unlimited texts, 600 minutes and 1GB data. Total Cost £511.50 (With ½ price line rental - £744 without) - £42 cashback = £469.50

In terms of sheer value for money this is the best deal out there, even at £744 total cost this is very reasonable, add in Affordable Mobiles 15 month ½ price line rental and you’re getting a bargain by all accounts.

Best deal for data: T-Mobile
£69.99 HTC One, £37 per month tariff including unlimited data and texts plus 2000 minutes. Total Cost £957.99 - £52.50 cashback = £905.49

This is by far the best deal if you’re a big user of 3G on your phone, just remember that although data is unlimited this doesn’t apply to tethering.

Best Sony Xperia Z1 deals
Sony Xperia Z1

Sony is back in the smart phone game with its new flagship device, the Xperia Z1. It’s waterproof, has an impressive 20mp camera and it’s design is glass with a metal rim. It’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking for something different.

Best Deal for Data: Mobile Phones Direct (T-Mobile)
£99.99 Sony Xperia Z1, £27 per month tariff including 500 minutes and unlimited texts & data. Total Cost = £747.99 - £31.50 cashback = £716.49

If you’re happy to pay for the phone, this is a really great deal. You’re getting unlimited minutes and data all for under £27 per month.

Best deal with FREE phone: Mobile Phones Direct (Vodafone)
Free Song Xperia Z21, £29 per month tariff including 600 minutes, 500mb data & unlimited texts plus 1GB BT Openzone. Total Cost = £696 - £31.50 cashback = £664.50

If you’re not a huge user of your phone and can get by with 600 minutes and 500mb data then this is an absolute bargain for £664.50 after cashback. Remember, it’s worth checking your current usage on your current plan. If you’re not a heavy user then why not go for a cheaper tariff like this.



Sim Only Deals


If you want a top phone it will normally be cheaper to get your phone included in the tariff, however there are advantages to going SIM FREE. The flexibility is much better as you can choose competitive 12 month deals, meaning you’re not locked in to a contract for a whole 2 years. It also means you can keep your monthly costs to a minimum. Of course, the downside to this is having to fork out for a top phone upfront.

Our best SIMO deal

T-Mobile £16 Per month - 12 month contract, 1000 mins, Unlimited texts and 3GB data and £47.25 cashback!

This is our favourite deal, the monthly fee is seriously cheap and the usage allowance is really quite high if you compare this to other deals.

*Please note that all deals were correct at the time of adding to the blog. The blog will be updated where possible however, please ensure before making any purchases you check cashback and tariff rates as these will be subject to change.*

O2 Refresh

The middle ground between a phone included contract and SIMO, is O2 refresh. We love the idea of this as it gives you the best of both worlds plus we offer cashback both online and instore.

What O2 refresh does, is give you in effect, two monthly costs. The first is your line rental, which you set yourself depending on how much you want to spend vs your usage. You will pay this as long as you’re on O2. The second cost is for the phone, which means should you want to change earlier; because the deal has been split you won’t have to pay such a high penalty for upgrading in the middle of your contract. It also means that should you come to the end of your contract and you don’t want to upgrade yet (maybe your waiting for the next new phone), you can just pay the network fee as you will have by this point, purchased the phone.

It’s a fantastic solution to a very common problem, so if you like to keep up to date with the latest phone, give it a try and get £50 cashback on all O2 Refresh tariffs of £17 or over!

Mobile Phone Recycling

If you are buying a new phone, why not recycle you're old one? If you're upgrading to a new iPhone 5s and have an iPhone 5, you could get as much as £245 for recyling your phone. It really makes sense, especially if you're just going to have an old phone sitting in your draw.

You can earn as much £6.30 cashback too, so if you are recycling your phone, remember to get cashback!

*Please note that all deals were correct at the time of adding to the blog. The blog will be updated where possible however, please ensure before making any purchases you check cashback and tariff rates as these will be subject to change.*

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