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AA Home Insurance Reviews
friend icon **Beware** went through topcashback in novemeber to purchase my home contents insurance tracked quickly & was pending now declined after 3 month absolute con **avoid**
  | 27 Feb 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon Received nothing after taking home and contents insurance, avoid if only reason its cheaper is due to cashback
  Adp250986 | 02 Oct 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon I totally agree with debmeyrick, absolutely waste of time, did not track, put a claim into tcb, the same with them, complete waste of time, both of them, I did everything proper, never again
  Protein77 | 18 Sep 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Awful, declined my cash back. Joke of a company
  Kizza123 | 22 Aug 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Its been 11 months and no cash back despite monthly nudges, feeling let down by tc and aa insurance and given up on my £38 ever turning up.
  dakesaddress | 10 May 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Waited months at 'pending' and then amount just disappeared altogether. Waste of time, certainly wont use the aa again, if you say that you will pay cashback then do it!
  twobobandaconker | 18 Apr 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Avoid aa at all costs if cashback is your need. I can assure you 100% that you wont get your cashback. I have had a terrible experience with them and so do my friends. Avoid at all costs.
  mr76 | 20 Mar 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Yet another unpaid cashback claim - I purchased buildings and contents insurance in march 2012 and cashback showed as only £19.19. This should have been £38.38 So I lodged a claim for the full amount. Having sent several nudges I now find that the amount payable is 0.00!! Topcashback really should not be dealing with this company - in most cases they are not honouring their cashback offer.
  Supergranma | 15 Feb 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Do not take cashback into account when deciding to get aa insurance - you are unlikely to ever see it! i bought home insurance in jan 2011 and fulfilled all the criteria to get £38.38 Cashback. As with everyone else, however, my cashback never appeared. After chasing it up I eventually was informed in may 2012 that the aa had refused my claim. There is no reason for this that I can see. Avoid aa insurance if you are hoping for cashback. I would only take insurance from them if they provide the best quote, without taking cashback into account.
  CP_FLMS | 16 Dec 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon They do not pay their cashbacks. Please avoid this company at all costs if you are looking for cashback.
  mr76 | 06 Dec 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Possibly the worst "cashback" offer ever, might as well say no cashback coz no one seems to have got a penny
  richig123 | 31 Oct 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Glad to see i'm not alone in finding the aa's home insurance cashback offer to be a complete sham. If you're considering buying home insurance through this route, don't bother. You will spend months chasing up the claim, only to have the aa wash their hands of you by claiming that you have failed to comply with their ts & cs in some way, or that the transaction failed to track properly. I would take great enjoyment from watching trading standards give them a poke in the eye; the only thing i'll be giving them in future is a wide berth. Jon trueman.
  Jon_T | 19 Aug 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Same as most recent comments,,tracked at zero for months now. Opened a ticket but still waiting. Do not buy aa if expecting cashback.
  shortie1205 | 18 Jul 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Do not use the cashback incentive to sway your decision to buy aa insurance - they do not pay-up
  | 26 Jun 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon I have had exactly the same problems as many others on this site. I was due £38.38 Cash back for the combined home and contents policy, only for this to be reduced to £0.00, For no apparent reason. I think it is a scandle that the cash back about is displayed as an incentive but not honoured. I think topcashback should remove this aa deal from the site as it is completely misleading.
  kazzaren | 18 Jun 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon I add my vote to those of many others on this comment thread, and con do no more than quote tcb's explanation (nearly a year after buying this aa product) of why there's no cashback forthcoming: hi there, we are currently working through resolving and updating all older open claims. With regards to this, it does appear that unfortunately your claim has been unsuccessful. I’m afraid that the merchant has taken the decision to decline your missing commission claim, no information in helping to clarify as to why this decision has been reached has been provided but we would like to provide some possible reasons… • the merchant could not prove that your queried transaction has been the result of a top cashback referral, and therefore is not eligible for a commission (or cashback) payment. • The merchant does not feel that you have met their terms for qualifying for cashback. • There may have been another entity involved prior to or during your transaction that your commission may have been awarded to, as they may have been marked as the referrer to this. • The merchant is not happy with the validity of your transaction. • The merchant believes that you have already received the correct amount of cashback in response to this transaction. • The merchant may not have been able to locate your queried transaction, based on the information that you have supplied (especially that in which you have provided as your main ‘order number’). Whilst no reason has been communicated on this occasion, when a claim is declined there is invariably a solid reason for this. We are sorry that we have not been able to recover anything for you on this occasion. I’m afraid that the simple nature of claims (in the way that the matter has had to come this far) means that the odds are always against us in getting anything recovered for you, and a lot of the time we are unsuccessful in doing so. I hope that any transactions you go on to make in the future go a lot more smoothly for you. Kin
  cfdonaldson | 08 Jun 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon What can I say apart from a total con. I bought the home insurance on the strength of the cash back offer which was declined several times with no reason given. Tbc should remove this offer from the website as it is damaging there reputation.
  skins | 01 Apr 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon My aa insurance purchase ticked all the boxes to qualify for cashback - they've refused to pay up. I'm not going here again!!! total fraudsters.
  pnacman | 29 Mar 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Please be warned, if you are taking the cashback into account for weighing up whether it's cheaper to go with the aa, then go with another insurer. After 18 months battling to get my £38 cashback and the repeated zero replacement as described by many other reviewers here, I have now been told 'following my chasing of your claim with the merchants network I can confirm that they have confirmed your claim will not be paid as the aa have confirmed this is not an affiliate sale and therefore will not be paid.' I have no idea what they mean by this as I purchased my insurance after clicking the link from top cashback as with all my other sucessful transactions with decent companies. Topcashback please look at how many awful reviews the aa have had and how many payouts they've dodged.
  Becrrw | 27 Mar 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Its about time topcashback removed this merchant for false advertising! purchased home insurance, cashback tracked at £38.00, Then changed to payable at zero!! submitted a missing claim, received reply that they had checked and I was reawarded the £38.00. Now the reaward has become payable at, yes, you guessed it, zero again!!! absolute joke.... Topcashback really needs to look into this major mis selling scam the aa are running!
  markm9036 | 23 Mar 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon I took out the insurance, the cashback didn't track so I made a claim. Just found out after a year of waiting that they have refused my claim with no reason given. Would have gone with somebody else if it wasn't for the cashback.
  jsj | 11 Feb 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Initially my cashback tracked ok. I have never had home & contents insurance via the aa before. Today I received a note from topcaskback that my cashback is now zero instead of £38.38 - Why, what a load of rubbish. Now i've got to log a missing cashback claim & do all the chasing
  Bhupinder_Chera | 08 Feb 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Like the previous reviews, I also did not get any cashback. In fact aa has denied a valid sale even though I have proof that an insurance was taken out. I only went for aa becasue the cashback makes it cheaper than other companies. I suggest topcashback take aa off the site and everyone write to office of fair trading. This is mis-selling.
  jjy2k7 | 05 Aug 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Beware....See links below http://www.Sundaysun.Co.Uk/news/mr-justice-consumer-advice/2011/02/06/at-boiling-point-with-aa-79310-28116655/ http://www.Bbc.Co.Uk/blogs/watchdog/2011/04/aa_recovery.Html will try to charge £195 on top for a callout if the boiler is not totally operational......Absolute disgrace.
  IggyT | 04 May 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Exactly the same as everyone else! tracked at £0 and now can't claim because it's over 100 days. Take my advice (and everyone else's) and stay well clear as you will not get a penny!
  moose1978 | 02 Mar 2011 Report Abuse
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