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friend icon I have just won £500 cash from a TopCashback competition, thank you Topcashback... I am over the moon!!! I have been a member of Topcashback for nearly a year now, and it is by far the best site on the web... it actually pays to shop!!!
  HeatherMillie | 31 Aug 2011
friend icon I've been using TCB for a while now and I have to say it has been worth using them rather than a search engine. TCB has always provided a very quick customer support and I've had a pretty steadly stream of income that exceeded 4 figures, so I am a happy man. Paul
  AquaCycle | 16 Aug 2011
friend icon I have had over one thousand pound in two years for nothing. I search my insurance needs and then go through cash back and earn litterally hundreds of pounds...nearly everything gives you money back and even gives you additional voucher codes for money off...totally awesome and i could go on and on because where else in this world do you really get something for nothing!
  soniakingscott | 14 Aug 2011
friend icon TCB Rocks!
  DannyTopCashBack | 5 Aug 2011
friend icon I joined about a 18 months ago after reading about TCB on a money-saving site/review of cashback sites. Not having used one of these ever before my initial feeling was one of mistrust and apathy. After all why should I bother with TCB for little purchases and the bigger purchases were easier to complete in store/over the phone/ use promotions which conflicted with TCB. However I signed up, firstly because it was free and secondly unlike quidco and others there was no yearly membership charge/minimum amounts etc. My first cashback was via Sainsburys for online groceries which I was about to purchase anyway and I thought what the heck might as well use this new website, what was there to loose? Surprisingly everything tracked and about a month later there was £7.50 waiting for me to collect via BACS. Eventually I started using it for other sites where I would not even think about cashback (Tescos/Asda/Sky) and I was hooked. Now 18 months later and I have claimed £762.75. This is with absolutely no extra effort other than reminding myself to use TCB to click through when I am ready to make my purchase. I was a little stunned myself when I looked at my total claimed. I am not an avid shopper. In fact most of my larger CB are from broadband/TV/phone/insurance purchases which were essential. The only large CB from an item purchased online was a Macbook pro that I saved nearly 400 pounds on by purchasing via TCB. All I can say is well done TCB, keep up the great work. Thoroughly recommended
  indyjukebox | 24 Jul 2011
friend icon My mate told me about this site and I thought it sounded like a scam - cash paid for buying online!! How wrong I was, it is a fantastic resource and we have earned nearly £1,000 in about 18 months. I would tell anybody just get on and buy as there are no catches.
  burkia | 21 Jun 2011
friend icon I can shop on e bay & get cash back to wow thats quite good.i spend cash & revive cash back nowt can be better than that. Phill
  Member62293173617 | 20 Jun 2011
friend icon TopCashBack is the best site I have come across in a long time! I do a lot of shopping online and so its great that I get money back for doing so. Now my teenage daughter wants to buy off the internet so now I can make even more money! Just had my first payment clear in my bank and believe me it came in very handy! I have posted the link on my Facebook page so hopefully I will get lots of referrals and my friends can start making money whilst shopping online too! Anyone not using this site START NOW!!
  toniemma | 10 May 2011
friend icon Just wanted to say thanks for setting up the amazon payment feature. Lovely bonus and works really well!
  graham | 5 May 2011
friend icon TCB is the internet's best kept secret! Its FREE money for doing NOTHING but simply shoping like you would anyway!!! Todate I have no problems will any tracking, or payments. I used a similar site a number of years back and had a bad experience and put such sites down as scam sites - TCB has restored my faith. If you shop online, and dont use TCB then you are LOSING YOUR money - simple!
  ASpink | 16 Apr 2011
friend icon I have been a member of TopCashback for over a year and am very pleased with their service. It is great to receive cashback from shopping for insurances (car and home) and major appliance purchases like TV's, washing machines, fridge freezers etc not to mention clothes and shoes!! I would thoroughly recommend TopCashback to everybody who shops online and likes to save money whilst they shop without costing themselves any extra in the process. I look forward to many more years of saving cashback with them!!
  sherrytrifle | 25 Mar 2011
friend icon Trust Topcashback, once again you are as good as your word. I claimed my third lot of earning just a few days ago and already it is in my bank. Thank you. Magsie
  Magsie | 18 Mar 2011
friend icon Thank you so much for your help Topcashback. You have made a family holiday possible for us this year, just by us shopping through your site first as we would ordinarily do. I wish everyone knew about you, I will be promoting you to my family and friends.
  jrgcross | 14 Feb 2011
friend icon Just to say Thank You! I originally started with 'Another CashBack Provider' but after a few years I started getting intermittent missing transactions; originally I thought I''d done something wrong. I took corrective action but was still getting problems, I know people shouldn''t rely on Cashback when making purchases but you can''t help it. Anyways I had one instance which broke the proverbial Camel''s back and I left them for TopCashBack. My expectations of yourselves wasn''t that high as I thought I was leaving the best for ''the other One recommended by a well known money saving site". How wrong can one be! It''s true what people say; ''...all that glitters isn''t always gold...''; TopCashBack is genuine Gold. Before this email starts looking like the minutes of '' The TopCashBack appreciation society meeting'', it just remains for me to say a Heartfelt Thank You!
  BalSangeezer | 4 Feb 2011
friend icon Did all my christmas shopping and saved money at the same timw. I'm going to let it build up then treat myself!!
  charlotte_grainge | 26 Jan 2011