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friend icon Just wanted to thank Topcashback for dealing with my cashback claim. You contacted the merchant, and kept me informed about what was going on and we've hopefully just completed the payment part. So thanks again, I'll be coming back.
  snapper10 | 26 Jul 2012
friend icon This is a great site that Ive used for over a year now and I have earned a lot of cashback on purchases that I would have made anyway. Every penny helps and at this rate, I wont have much to pay towards my wedding!
  sophia1986 | 22 Jul 2012
friend icon would just like to say how brilliant 'top cash back' is !!! have always been paid out and never any problems. it really is as great and simple as it sounds,..... money for purchasing goods you would have anyway!!! now, i always check to see if i can see the store on the site before i shop ! would recommend to anybody !! thanks Top cash back !
  joanneleeds79 | 5 Jun 2012
friend icon Wanted to say what a brilliant site topcashback is - I've saved loads of money- also they chase any claims that haven't come through. Thank you topcashback! :)
  fitzy83 | 21 May 2012
friend icon I've used Top Cashback for only a few months and have already earned loads from various purchases. I haven't bought anything I didn't before, just got cashback on everything I buy normally and saved myself £100s!
  wman2 | 19 May 2012
friend icon TopCashback is the best cash-back site around. I highly recommend to everyone ,especially with today's economic problems it all helps.
  TashaWoodward | 6 May 2012
friend icon This site Topcashback is great and the response is very fast. I would like to recommend this site to my friends.
  yutianhenry | 26 Apr 2012
friend icon I love this site! Was a bit sceptical as seemed to good to be true, spent a lot over Xmas and was surprised that I had my cashback had mounted up to £100, claimed £30 already and looking forward to the rest. More people should sign up and I've recommended it to all my friends.
  whonickedmyhalo | 21 Feb 2012
friend icon Fantastic site, amazing customer support. I am full of nothing but love for the people that work here. It truly is amazing to get paid to shop as usual. Thank you guys so much :-)
  leinadnosliw | 8 Feb 2012
friend icon Like most people I too was sceptical - money for nothing? Never...but yes, I've earned over £250 since I joined, just for buying things I would have bought anyway - just clicking through topcashback - can't be bad
  Happy_Valley | 26 Jan 2012
friend icon great site, genuinely money for nothing.
  11295140035 | 16 Jan 2012
friend icon This is a fantastic site. I am always telling my friends to use this site but half the time people cannot be bothered or forget. DON’T!! Since joining Topcashback I have made over £400 and this amount is not to be sneezed at. Now, when I think about buying anything I always go to TCB first to see if the company is registered. The price is always cheaper buying on the internet and to get money back as well !!! what can I say. I have nothing but praise for the Topcashback staff who always respond very quickly to any queries and keep me updated. Thank you TCB and I look forward to 2012 and earning more money. A truly EXCELLENT company.
  11312691504 | 3 Jan 2012
friend icon To be honest was a bit cynical about the whole thing but thought what the hell give it a go!! So I booked a holiday & a few weeks later £170+ BACS transfer into my account. Good service keep up the good work
  chelseaok | 2 Jan 2012
friend icon Ever since I joined Topcashback I have never gone through another cashback site. I have nothing but praise for the topcashback and their staff. Majority of my transaction track and the ones that don't are quickly addressed and we are kept uptodate on the progress of all queries. Excellent company, who pay you more than 100% of the cashback, not only that they even match the other cashback sites if, on the off chance their cashback is higher. Thank you Topcashback---------and no I don't work for them
  cashbackonshopping | 30 Dec 2011
friend icon excellent - what else can i say. with xmas on line shopping me and the wife have saved about £50 on what we would have purchased anyway. also topcaskback's system/process for following up non tracking claims or incorrect value of claims, which we've had both, is excellent. considering topcashback is free; topcashback's support staff actually come back to you via claim/support call updates on line. sometimes takes 2-3 days but hey it's free, but the responses are helpful, accurate and peronal (not bland system generated useless calls which we suffer to much from sellers/proivders were we are paying customers). and no junk mail from topcashback either - just wonderful for once an organisation thast cares for it's customers.......
  colbags | 23 Dec 2011