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PartyGaming Reviews
Everyone - be careful! first, read up on the condition that you need 5 'party points' for this cashback... Then, take a look at how much you need to wager to get 5 of those... If you like roulette it's $250!! avoid! they have out of date info on their website showing that you could get 1 party point for wagering $5 on virtual racing... Only problem... They don't have that game anymore!!! dodgy company!!!
  matt848 | 09 Apr 2014 Report Abuse
Had to raise a claim. Took months to appear, and still not payable.
  alexsas | 03 Mar 2014 Report Abuse
What can I say-this was hard work deposited my £16 and a live advisor popped up offering bonuses I declined only to find they added it anyway so I got that removed them read up on the points and hot to get them turns out it would take £££££s to just get the 5 points req ,then I read in one of the reviews about bingo being the best so I put 3 quid on bingo and hey ho won £20 so I promptly withrew the lot and forgot about trying to get the cashback!!! lol the moral is dont bother I got lucky p.S they charged me £1.50 To withdraw liberty
  scottydoobuy | 10 Sep 2012 Report Abuse
Given a bonus when I didnt want or ask for it, had a nightmare trying to download the software required to play the games and they charge £1.50 To withdraw your money!
  tomc23 | 25 Jan 2012 Report Abuse
Nightmare!! I too deposited £16 and declined bonuses only to find they added it anyway but not only did I have a balance of 32 that was 'restricted' and could not play with, I could not find games in which to earn cheaper party points on even after downloading software. I have emailed twice regarding games and restrictions and regardless of unearned cashback I wish to get a refund of initial deposit seen as I cannot play but I have not and probably will not hear back of them. Seems all sly and too much like trickery! not happy :(
  kymjane86 | 03 Apr 2014 Report Abuse
Exactly the same has happened to me I played through hundreds of pounds I too said no to a bonus but they put it on anyway and I just kept playing for ages and ages they told me I had not gone through my bonus no way all I wanted was £60 I played through £100 on casino alone and over 100 on fruit machine I only deposited £20 but they told me the bonus bar was not even half way and I got no cashback steer clear.
  daz1969 | 30 Jun 2010 Report Abuse
Be very careful - I deliberately did not select any of the sign in options which offered a free bonus, as I didn't want to jeopardise my cashback or prevent myself cashing out. Once I was playing I then realised they'd added a bonus anyway. And now all my winnings are deemed to be off the back of the bonus and I can't cash out without forfeiting my £120 that i've won. If you sign in and get given a bonus you didn't ask for, go straight to my account > bonuses and forfeit the bonus before you start to gamble.
  illusio | 18 Jun 2010 Report Abuse
Scumbags who never pay out
  wacko10 | 14 Jul 2009 Report Abuse
Very poor tracking. I registered, played through thousands of pounds and still waiting to hear from them: the merchant has appeared in my list but without an amount. Furthermore, I have submitted a claim and still wait to hear from them (almost a year now).
  doublejeopardy | 28 Jan 2009 Report Abuse
Took a while to track but got there in the end
  Sharpy79 | 27 Jan 2009 Report Abuse
Did not track - have had to submit enquiry
  Lau_S | 15 Jan 2009 Report Abuse
Not too bad
  londonclanger | 02 Dec 2008 Report Abuse
Had to carry out manual claim but has appeared now, hope it goes through ok now
  Charl1990 | 15 Nov 2008 Report Abuse
Tracked well
  monocube | 30 Oct 2008 Report Abuse
Didnt show up at first for a while so I submitted a missing vlaim and 20 pounds shown up with no problem, reccomended
  lauradale07 | 20 Aug 2008 Report Abuse
Would really recommend that no one bothers trying to get cashback through any of the partybets owned websites. Never seems to track. Still waiting on gamebookers from february.
  lindy212 | 05 Aug 2008 Report Abuse
Came through eventually after chasing it
  Medman | 13 Jul 2008 Report Abuse
Not great. If you make a second deposit, a $50 minimum transfer is required. 5 Party points are hard to get, easiest is playing bingo, and you get 1 point per $4 wager. I wagered thousands on roulette, and got 1 point, before switching to bingo...My account has been tracked, but the amount is still £0.00, And I am not holding my breath!
  Bestbitter | 28 Jun 2008 Report Abuse
Had to wait ages for this only just got it up on manual claim been about 3 months already on top of that dont rate the site I credited 13.50 It didnt double for 1st time deposit instead I was told by cs that min deposit for 1st time bonus was 15pound and to get it I would have to put another 15 on did not have pleasent time on there site good for cashback if you can get it lol
  missukluvsu | 22 May 2008 Report Abuse
Didn't track but was added quickly on query
  chadders1966 | 22 May 2008 Report Abuse
Had to make a manual claim but is now tracking, so hopefully will confirm soon. Good poker if you are into that.
  kingyboy | 21 May 2008 Report Abuse
I had to submit claim but is now pending please be aware you have to wager about £100 to get 5 party points to receive your cashback
  bugle | 02 May 2008 Report Abuse
Didnt track for a month and had to chase it up, its still pending but hopefully will pay out eventually, but I really enjoy the site.
  kat123 | 21 Apr 2008 Report Abuse
Had to chase them up for cashback but it did come
  zallin | 25 Feb 2008 Report Abuse


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