I want to claim for my missing cashback but my claim is over 100 days old

If it is over 100 days since your transaction, then I’m afraid that we can’t normally chase up your claim. This is a rule imposed on us by the affiliate networks, who frequently won’t handle claims much older than this.

If, however, you wish to claim because your transaction has recently been rejected by the merchant (i.e. your cashback has been crossed out and replaced with zero) – but your transaction is now over 100 days old, then we realize that there was nothing else which you could have done – so we will be able to over-ride the system on your behalf and accept your claim.

We are sorry that it is a little long-winded to lodge your claim in this case, but please send us a Support Ticket requesting that we over-ride the system on your behalf, enabling you to lodge a claim over 100 days old. Thanks.

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